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If you can not cleary read this message, please click here. What is special about Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle?
On the occasion of a most successful strategic process, we are currently wondering again what is actually characteristic for Paracelsus Klinik – and, to be more profound: what is the uniqueness of biological-integrative medicine, as we call «our» medical science?
The human being is a dynamic organism, which continuously regenerates and permanently reacts to its environment as well as to inner changes. This «ability to react» is the foundation of healthiness. And – the idea of each single organ continuously regenerating is something that orthodox medicine does not take into account. However, we proceed from this assumption: if an organ or functional system becomes diseased, we will have to support internal cell regeneration, and provide for conditions, which ensure new cells will be of better health than the former ones were! This is a process, which will take as long as the organ cells need to regenerate – or even many times more. That means, change and cure come from within! Our
conception of the body is significantly different from and more dynamic than the static-organ-related approach found in orthodox medicine. All this seems a bit too theoretical – let us thus exemplify it: I just participated in and lectured at a Cancer Conference, which Europe’s elite met at: most recent research has proved that cancerous tissue features massive concentrations of toxic contamination – mainly heavy metals and xenohormones (hormone-like, partially cancer- causing substances found in the environment and food additives). These may – epigenetically – change the cells’ genetic substance, and make them become cancer cells, which feature a completely different cellular metabolism. Consequentially, toxic contamination may be regarded the cause of carcinogenesis. But then: where does the toxic impact come from? And what will happen if we simply attempt to eliminate cancer cells by applying chemotherapy? The result is the following: any cellular destruction (e.g. by chemo- or radiotherapy) will simply release the toxins – which will again be carcinogenic in the body or environment, and lead to the well-known and unfortunately frequently occurring relapses. However, if we (biologically-
integrative!) generally combine intensive detoxification WITH other
treatments, and thus at the same time support the regeneration of sound body cells, cancer is significantly less likely to recur. The bottom line: our therapeutic concept always integrates the treatment of an ailment’s cause with physical regeneration. This actually applies to all diseases treated by us, not only to cancer! As a result thereof, we enjoy enormous success in the treatment of «diffuse illness» and «diseases of indeterminate cause», as well as in cancer Example: breast cancer patients suffer significantly less frequent from relapse and – according to observations spreading over more than 10 years – virtually never from distant metastases if their conventional cancer therapies or their intensive initially biological cancer therapies are followed by consequential biological-integrative treatment. Another example: more than 60% of our patients suffering from ulcerative colitis (an «incurable» disease, which – according to orthodox medicine – requires life-long treatment) are free of complaints and medication Now, let’s get back to the start: What is special about Paracelsus
- As Switzerland’s only clinic, we make use of a unique method for cell regeneration: live cell full extracts. Furthermore, we offer a most consequent orthomolecular therapy, which promotes cellular regeneration – and a unique nutritional program. You can read some about on this website in English, or in my (german) books «Biologische Medizin (Biological Medicine)» and «Chronisch krank – heile Dich selbst (Chronically Ill – Heal Yourself)». - We deploy unique and intensive procedures to detoxify cells – and of course to previously check, which toxins we will have to detoxify for. Unfortunately, toxins very frequently originate from teeth and jaw, which is the reason why we are Europe’s only clinic offering a dental department, which practices in accordance with strictly biological and - We generally treat human beings as a whole, including their entire
internal world – and never treat one single organ only. And – we
strictly adhere to biologically-integrative, most advanced medicine.
We generally integrate various approaches with each other - thus the term «integrative». Consequentially, we have not specialized on single organs but on the overall human being instead! Fit for Traveling Abroad!
Travelers’ Diseases – What to do if they appear?
The tourist season is just about to begin – holidays, great! However, in order to ensure you will also feel «great» during your
vacation, biological medicine offers some suggestions, which should
be adhered to in order to significantly reduce the likeliness of travelers’ diseases – as well as their severity in case they should appear. In my german book «Biologische Medizin – die Zukunft des natürlichen Heilens (Biological Medicine – The Future of Natural Healing)» (published by Fona-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-9522918-3-2), pages 344 to 347, I explained this subject in detail. Now, here is the «abstract»: Food - and nausea: no matter if your holiday destination leads you to
the North, South or even to the tropics: eat regularly – however, rather less at a time, and be careful about foods you do not tolerate and which will stress your body. And ensure to never eat stale food (which frequently also applies to sweets and mousses). Consume mainly vegetarian foods – but ensure the vegetables to be cooked! In tropical countries, have cooked meals only, and ensure to never eat
foods, which will have to be rinsed with water such as salads etc. Remember: ice cubes are made from common tap water, too! Self- evidently, you should never drink water from the faucet – nearly
everywhere, it will contain chlorine, which destroys your intestinal flora and make you most vulnerable to infections! Self-evidently, you should exclusively drink bottled water – while you
should still be careful about water produced by deploying «reverse osmosis» (= is usually indicated on respective bottle): various people’s Against nausea, the Okoubasan drops (made by Sanum Company) described below will help just as well as «The Missionaries’ Trick». Furthermore: preventively have a little bit of pure vinegar or fresh- pressed, pure lemon juice every day. In case you should purchase a homeopathic first-aid kit from Paracelsus Klinik (e.g. made by Omida
or DHU), take the «Cocculus» or «Momordiaca» globules as anti- Malaria and malaria prophylaxis
You will probably be confronted with most different recommendations. We advice against medicamentous malaria prophylaxis, since in proportion the respective agents’ risk factors are most unfavorable compared to their highly doubtful effects. Unfortunately, the number of Central Europeans who (frequently even undiagnosed) suffer from the disease despite having undergone so-called «malaria prophylaxis» is still growing. The drug called «Lariam», which is an antibiotic administered in small dose, may cause severe long-term adverse Our recommendation on preventing insect bites:
Avoid sugared foods (sugar attracts mosquitoes) / wear long-sleeved shirts and protect your legs / take high doses of vitamin B-complexes, e.g. 2 x 50-75 mg (e.g. 2x1 multivitamin B75, Burgerstein per day), sleep under a mosquito net at night, and consequentially switch off the light in order to avoid attracting mosquitoes. As immuno-prevention: one Utilin D6 capsule per week; start taking 1 – 2 weeks before your departure, as well as one capsule of Fortakehl D4 per day regularly. This will also strengthen your immune system In the evenings as well as in daytime at stagnant waters: use mosquito spray. Please consult your pharmacist or chemist for more details. Vaccination before traveling to tropical destinations?
We explicitly advise against it. However, if you prefer to be inoculated or any country should nonsensically stipulate vaccination (which is actually only the case in South America), please ensure to obtain your vaccination at least several months prior to your departure, to obtain
individual vaccinations only, and to only do so if you feel perfectly
healthy. Ensure to never be administered combined vaccines shortly
before a trip!
All vaccines against viral diseases may cause severe complications: hepatitis B, FSME, yellow fever, even measles and polio cannot be And remember that those diseases you will «pick up» abroad are
usually not the ones you were vaccinated against but far more frequently are bacterial or completely different viral infections. Paracelsus «First-Aid Kit»
There are several remedies, we advise you to take with you: A homeopathic first-aid kit: is usually a case containing 10-20 phials
plus instruction – there are “globules” for all kinds of issues. That sounds preposterous, but we made only best experiences with it – my
wife generally carries them along for all of us!
Carbo vegatabilis (medicinal charcoal): against any kind of diarrheal
Okoubasan drops (Sanum) indeed a miracle cure: ensure to
always keep it with you, take 10-20 drops several times per
day against any kind of nausea and gastro-intestinal disorders  Notakehl D5 tablets (Sanum) against any kind of infection:
melt 3 x 1 tablets in your mouth and swallow  Utilin D6 capsules (Sanum) as described above: have one
capsule per week, preferably late at night or early in the mornings, ideally start taking them PRIOR to your departure, and continue until you return back home.  Aspegic (500mg, powder) antiphlogistic powder: is also
effective treatment against pain, headache, swellings etc.  Vitamin B and C: see above: I recommend 50-150mg vitamin
B1, B3, B6 plus one gram of vitamin C per day. «The Missionaries’ Trick»: serves to protect the bowels and to
«disinfect»: use fresh boiled, bottled pure water, to cook black tea (or alternatively strong chamomile tea) with. Instead of sugar, add half a teaspoonful of salt. Ideal is Paracelsus-Himalaya-Salt, as it contains
significantly more trace elements. On all our journeys, we generally
take 100-200 grams of Himalaya salt with us. Add another teaspoonful of fresh-pressed lemon juice to this tea. The tea has strong tanning We wish you a pleasant holiday and a beautiful summer. Thomas Rau MD and the Paracelsus Klinik Team Stinging Nettle
Springtime. A wonderful time for «wild herbs»!
In springtime, specifically our ancestors made use of wild herbs’ potency in order to stabilize their health for the coming year. Did you know, for instance, that stinging nettles are extraordinarily rich The harvest season for stinging nettles lasts from June to September. Most frequently, stinging nettles can be found at untended locations such as forests edges and waysides. They grow at sunny as well as at shady places. Stinging nettles prefer nutrient-rich, humid soil. Use of stinging nettle
Uncooked as salad or blanched like spinach, in form of soup, or as tea The young plants taste best. Apart from that, young stinging nettle The hair can be defanged by tightly wrapping the leaves up in kitchen towel and subsequently briefly blanching them. Alternatively, they might be rinsed with cold water. Salad dressing will also eliminate the hairs’ stinging properties. When harvesting stinging nettles, it is In order to always have young stinging nettle leaves at hand, repeatedly trim the nettles back (preferably, they should be cut off This proceeding will allow you to regularly harvest young stinging nettles until October. Stinging nettle blossoms are not only a neat decoration but also taste slightly sweetish. Due to their high content of enzymes, bitter constituents, chlorophyll, minerals (in particular magnesium, calcium, and silicon), vitamins A and C, as well as trace element iron, stinging nettles are much appreciated in naturopathy. There are various stinging nettle species. As medicinal drug, leaves and roots are used in the treatment of:  irritable bladder  prostate disorders  rheumatism  inflammatory joint diseases Stinging nettles feature antiphlogistic, blood-purifying, analgesic, and Nettle root tea
Take a teaspoonful of stinging nettle root and boil it up with ¼ liter of cold water. Allow to boil for one minute, then close the pot with a top and let the decotion steep for 10 minutes. Subsequently, strain the Maxim of the Month
If your days and nights can be welcomed with joy and your life smells like flowers and sweet herbs – this is your success. Quote: Henry David Thoreau, (1817-1862), American philosopher, naturalist, writer, Next issue
Fructose malabsorption (fructose intolerance) Recipe of the Month:
Maize Pasta with Stinging Nettle Pesto Preparation

Cook maize pasta as indicated on the respective package. Rinse with Stinging Nettle Pesto
Blitz a handful of washed stinging nettles with four tablespoons of cold- pressed olive oil, 3 tablespoons of pine nuts, and half a teaspoon of salt, (if requested, add a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese) in a blender. Heat pasta in a frying pan with a little water and approx. one tablespoon of butter, then mix with the pesto. Serve with Pecorino Serve this meal with a delicious spring salad. Enjoy your meal!
Yours, Eric Huber, Chef de Cuisine Restaurant Culinarium General information
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