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D. Fernández Abella 1,2, C. Bonilla Riera 2, O. Irabuena 3 and S. Sterla 3 1 Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana. Dpto de Producción Ovina. Rbla. B.Brum 3764. 11800 Montevideo,Uruguay 2 Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad de la República. R. N. 50000. Salto, Uruguay 3 Laboratorio de Inmunología. Universidad de la República. R.N. 50000. Salto, Uruguay INTRODUCTION
In our country, the sheep fertility obtained by linear-array transrectal probe). Lambing was intrauterine artificial insemination using frozen- determined by udder examination 150 days after thawed semen has been very inconsistent (30-60%). insemination and verified by the number of lambs In several especies (human, dog, equine, pig) pentoxifylline (PTX) has been used as an additive to sperm to improve sperm characteristics. The RESULTS AND DISCUSSION
mechanism of action on spermatozoa is generally No effect of GnRH administration on the pregnancy rate and lambing was detected (fertility 46.6 vs. phosphodiesterase activity, resulting in elevation of 48.3; fecundity 56.6 vs. 54.2 %, T1 and T2 complementary adenosine monophosphate levels in respectively). When PTX was used , the volume of spermatozoa. PTX enhanced post-thaw motility and the dose affected the lambing rate (46.3 vs. 62.3, membrane integrity when added after thawing (1). P<0.10, A vs. B). The PTX at 0.25 mL of dose (B) ON the other hand, GnRH administration at 35 had a tendency to improve the lambing rate (62.3 hours after pessary removal improves pregnancy vs. 51.8, B and C, respectively). There was an rates in progestagen-treaded ewes (2). GnRH interaction between PTX addition and GnRH induces ovulation in all the ewes. The aims of this administration (P<0.05) which determined the study were to compare the effects of pentoxifylline highest fertility and fecundity (41.5 vs 58.0; 53.7 vs. 73.7%, T1B vs. T2B fertility and fecundity, respectively). A significant improvement in fertilization rate was also demonstrated in human MATERIALS AND METHODS
and other animal species. The improvement of Two hundred and forty multiparous Australian sperm characteristics by PTX is most important Merino ewes of 4 to 6 years old were separated at when the female fertility is better (T2). In our case random in two groups: (T1) Progestagen- the fecundity increased because both male (PTX impregnated intravaginal pessaries containing 60 added to sperm) and female fertility (GnRH mg of medroxy progesterone acetate were inserted administration) were enhanced. These results for 14 days to synchronize estrus. At pessary indicate that pentoxifylline associate to GnRH removal eCG (350 UI.) was administered; and (T2) administration 35 hours after pessary removal the same treatment plus 10 µg GnRH administration at 35 hours after pessary removal. These treatments were later broken into three subgroups in order to REFERENCES
add PTX to the thawed semen fifteen minutes (1) Stanic, P. Sonicki, Z. &Suchanek, E. (2002). Int. before intrauterine insemination: These subgroups were: A) the addition of 2.5 mM PTX in 0.4 mL (2) Fernández Abella, D. & Villegas, N. (2002). dose volume, B) the addition of 2.5 mM PTX in 0.25 mL dose volume, C) control without PTX and 0.25 mL of dose volume, containing the same number of spermatozoa (40 x 106). Thus, the experimental design was a 2 x 3 factorial. In a concentrations were evaluated (2.0, 2.5, 3.5, 5.0, 7.0 mM). The most beneficial effect (motility) was observed when 2.5 mM of PTX was added to semen in the process of thawing. Pregnancy was diagnosed and fetuses counted by ultrasonography 30 days after insemination (Aloka SSD 500; 5MHz, SYNCHRONIZE
+ 10 µg GnRH
FECUNDITY 56,6 54,2
( thawed semen)
+ 10 µg GnRH
FECUNDITY 53,7 73,7


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Update on Daubert: What Has It Done to Affect the Right to Jury Trial? Since 1993, when the Supreme Court issued its decision in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1 federal courts have been grappling with how to properly apply the Court’s gatekeeping mandate. Now that many states have adopted Daubert as well, the affect of the Court’s decision has expanded to virtually ev

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