Experiencing Miracle II Soaps
I had surgery in June and when I didn’t get better due to infections on the scar
itself and internally, I got some soap and neutralizer from a friend who lives
around the block. I started drinking the neutralizer and bathin
g in the soap.
When I went back for a check
up two weeks later, my doctor couldn’t believe how
well I healed. I didn’t want to take any more antibiotics because that was their
only solution to my problems. Internally the infection went
it all the time, things have been much better. However, I want to add that over
the month of December, with all the hustle and bustle, I was not taking my
neutralizer in juice and low and behold, I
M2 works an
d I have started back on it and hope the infection clears up. I don’t
know what makes it work, but it works for me and that’s important since I’m sick
of medicines.
Thanks a lot for your program,
Fredericksburg, TX
We use ½ cap of the soap and
½ cap of the neutralizer to clean our
humidifier. It works perfectly, with no health problems. We put a little
water in the reservoir and rinse it well.
I have had dry scaly skin for as long as I can remember. I am 65 years old.
I bathe in 1 cap of m
oisturizing soap and 1 cap of neutralizer in the bath tub
in the bath tub and my skin is smooth and even my feet that were calloused,
cracked and bleeding are smooth.
When we get the first sign of a scratchy throat, we put M2 gel on the
and let it
dissolve. The sore throat is gone.
My mother had a white shirt that she got some grape juice stains on it. I
tried all my cleaners and then I put M2 soap and neutralizer on it and let it
dry a little and then the stain was gone.
We bought 11 twigs with
a high mortality rate. We had two that were still
alive, but one was starting to die and down to 3 inches tall. I started
pouring the cat’s water that had only a couple squirts of M2 neutralizer in it,
on this twig. Today it is very sturdy, almost 3 fe
et tall and needs no
Your Friend in Christ.
Keansburg, CO
On January 16, I received my first starter kit of Miracle II. I had a month old
carbuncle behind my ear where my glasses sit. I treated it without success. I
placed a drop
of full strength MII soap on it. The next day it was completely
gone!! I praised our Heavenly Father and then I thanked Clayton Tedeton and for
Joyce & Dave. This product is truly a miracle. I’ve been sharing it with my
and friends.
Eaton, OH
Thank you for the work you do to get the truth to the masses. My wife and I took
an electrical hit to our satellite system. Blew it out! The new one we got gave us
the possibility to hear the Genesis Network. Never heard of it b
efore, but here’s
the neat part. You guys push the Miracle II product, and no one else does.
I’m sort of messed up. 11 ruptured disks from my neck to my lower spine.
I’m a retired mason contractor. Surgery isn’t even a possibility due to several
erative conditions. I have no drugs available, as I am highly allergic to
nearly all man made drugs. My knowledge of herbs and their uses have taken the
edge off the pain. About a month ago, my wife purchased the starter pack of
Miracle II. I use it as
directed with one exception. After showering one day, I put
some of the neutralizer on my neck over the area of the first vertebra. Now I can
function near normal for 3
5 hours with little pain. I don’t know how MII works,
but I’ll tell you it does.
I’ ve had major pain from nerve damage in my neck going into my shoulders,
arms and hands. By putting the gel on the back of my neck, I get almost total
relief for about 5 hours a day, reapply and the time is extended. I’ve tried more
things than you can im
agine, but MII products get right to the nerves in my neck
and take the pain away.
We’ve got an old lap/shepherd mix dog that got himself in a fix a few years
ago, and he doesn’t walk so good anymore. I figured if it works on me, what the
heck. I’ve bee
n slipping a couple of drops in his water. He’s walking a lot better
now as well as, he’s regained most of his back quarter balance. We’re telling
everyone about Miracle II products. Hopefully they’ll get smart and use it as well.
People are very leery
about soap products around here as this is where Amway
Soap came from.
J. & K. K.
Scottville, MI
In March I ordered a gallon each of the MII soap and neutralizer and you gave me
the 8oz. gel as a bonus. I’ve really been thrilled with Mirac
le II and here is a list
of how this product has helped me.
I noticed long before MII that the air didn’t seem to be as
pure as I could remember when I was younger. Within three days
of using 1 cap in the bath water and 7 d
rops of neutralizer in a
glass of water, I noticed two distinct happenings! a) The air I
breathe seems to be more pure; b) I have more energy!!!
Within three days the stiffness in my knee went away
and has not returned. Prio
r to MII, about a year ago, I noticed a
full feeling like water behind my knee whenever I stepped over
About 15 years ago I used to raise flowers for sale to the
florist. Because my back would get fatigued, I crawl
hands and knees planting bulbs and weeding the flowers. This
activity resulted in calluses on the back of my right hand. As I
have aged (56 years) the skin on the back of my right hand had
wrinkled whenever I stretch my fingers out my
an accordion. Now when I stretch out my right hand, it looks just
like my left hand. And I believe it softens the skin.
My toenail fungus is slowly clearing. I am not cured yet,
but I believe in time the fungus w
ill disappear.
I’m saving my most exciting testimony for now. My friend hunts deer on
our farm in exchange for repair work on our equipment. He was bitten by a brown
recluse spider on a Thursday. I saw him two days later and asked how he was.
he was OK except for his right hand, which was very swollen and he had a
necrotic brown spot where the spider had bitten him. It was very apparent that
he could not use his right hand very well. I shook my head and said, “That looks
bad”. He had been t
o the doctor and been treated with antibiotics. He was still
experiencing mild discomfort. As soon as I saw his predicament, I thought of
Miracle II gel and I told him to stop by the house.
I put some gel on his bite and told him to rub it in, and withi
n two minutes
his exact words were, “it’s drawing the puss out!” He thought the gel contained
aloe because the discomfort instantly went away. Before he left the house, I gave
him some soap and neutralizer to soak the bite. He went back to his doctors a
told him what he had done. The doctor told him to keep on doing what he was
doing. His wound completely healed within a three
day period.
Strawberry Plains, TN
I have three testimonies. The first was when my adult son threw some g
on a wasp’s nest in my backyard. Some of the gas fell in his face and into his
eyes. They were bloodshot. He rinsed his eyes first with water then he put in
Miracle II neutralizer. Within one minute he was able to open his eyes and the
t condition was decreasing.
The second one or two days later, my granddaughter’s five
old brother
came to me. He was crying and couldn’t open his eyes. I put two drops of
neutralizer in his eyes and about a minute later I put two more drops into th
affected eye. About two minutes later he was able to open his eye and stop
crying. His mother told me later that evening about two hours after the incident
occurred, a small sliver of wood came out his eye. I believe the Miracle II worked
e last one happened about two weeks later when my husband was on his
back under the truck spray painting when some of the paint fell in his eye. He
rinsed his eyes with water then put some MII neutralizer in the affected eye.
Within one or two minutes th
e pain stopped and the redness decreased.
By the grace of God, in all three occurrences, the eyes returned to normal
with no apparent eye damage or loss of eyesight. I just thank the Lord for Miracle
Pasadena, MD
Last summer I started
using Miracle II soap and neutralizer and continue to
because it’s so terrific. I’ve had great time experimenting and have enjoyed great
results. It’s now my main soap, shampoo, toothpaste and the best cleaner for our
shower doors, tile and all around ba
throom cleaner. It really gets rid of the
stubborn water spots and scum that nothing else ever worked on before. I put
neutralizer in our four cats’ water and our two dogs’ food. I put neutralizer in our
juice and water. One of our dogs has had a recur
ring rash on her abdomen. After
trying various prescriptions from our vet, the round of daily antibiotics got rid of it
and the Miracle II soap and neutralizer are keeping it away, which has always
come back before. I keep a gallon of each on hand now.
God Bless You,
Recently, when I got a haircut at the beauty college, the girl kept remarking about
my “healthy hair”, and asked what shampoo I used. I explained that I was using
Miracle II moisturizing soap, and it gave me a chance to talk abou
t it. A friend
said that she burned her tongue and immediately rested it in a spoon of the
neutralizer and the pain went away like magic!
We love ‘ya,
Gladstone, MO
Here’s a Miracle II testimony that no one will believe because I still can’t
my self. It’s not even one of the list of maladies I told you about when I first
wrote you. For over three years I’ve been suffering with what I can only describe
as a “collapsed right sinus”. Even at the best times, very little air would get
through it, and the inside of the nostril felt bumpy (I guess swollen) in several
places. But the worst part about it was every time that I would lay down and tried
to sleep for any amount of time, I would have to spend up to two hours trying to
what seemed like gallons of stuff out of my head. The ratio of fluid from
my right nostril to my left one had to be 7 to 1. It just keeps coming, but would
never get it all out. Well less than a month ago, the very day that I received the
product that
you so graciously sent, the very back of my throat was feeling a little
scratchy. So I decided to put a little of the neutralizer in a mist bottle and let it
drip down the back of my throat while I laid down and tried to rest. After a
minute or two I had
to blow my nose. Nothing
unusual there. I lay there a few
more minutes and thought, “wait a minute, something’s not right here”. So I blew
my nose again, but nothing was there. And al of a sudden I realized that I could
actually breathe through my right
nostril. I couldn’t believe it, and passed out,
fully expecting to wake up dying as usual. For years I tried everything I could
possibly think of, short of deadly over the counter chemicals, from the pharmacy
to help fix the problem. Well praise our Mas
ter, the Lord Jesus Christ!! After only
two squirts of neutralizer, not only can I breathe equally out of both sides of my
nose with no problems, but also the inside actually feels smooth again.
Thank You so much,
Nashville, TN
een using Miracle II since 11/27/01 and within three days I began to
experience relief from constant fatigue and pain over the last six years. I quit the
medication doctor’s had me on for about a year. I was passed around among
them like a football. Ten
to fifteen
fatigue, and of course Prozac because I had to be nuts because the doctors had no
answers. I asked God the Father to help me, and I began using Miracle II. Mental
confusion and lack of concent
ration, now mind much clearer. Pain and fatigue
levels were a 10+, now it’s 0. Now I feel twenty years younger. I could barely
walk on the bottoms of my feet. I can now walk with ease, and I put my cane
away. My joint pain was gone within three weeks.
My problems are
to list, so I’ll stop. I wish I could buy this a take it to every nursing home and sick
Love & Blessings to all,
Newburg, MO
This letter is to let you know how much we need and use Miracle II products
told you in my previous letter, I was exposed to Ion Radiation during military
operations in the Korean Conflict and tests at desert Rock Nevada. The products
are working! You can see the difference in my skin, on my ears, nose, neck and
rts of my body. Not all has disappeared just yet, however I know it’s
helping me. This product is truly a MIRACLE!! My wife is replacing all commercial
store products with your MII products. She vows to never use anything else, and
she’s sending your c
atalog to members of our family and telling them about the
wondrous results. I’m certain she will convince them to try some of the MII
Testimony time! I burned my hand and wrist with hot, straight from the oven
apple pie syrup. My husband
squirted this gel on it, and the pain immediately
stopped. I asked him what was the “magic stuff”? He
gel. He had been talking to me for months about your product, and
go ahead and get it. He did, and no
t only did the pain go cease, but the burn
healed quickly. If you’ve ever tipped a HOT fruit pie while removing it from the
oven, you know that it can get ugly. My daughter tried soap because I insisted,
and she loves it too.
Thank you a lot,
Lin coln, AR
I used Miracle II moisturizing soap on my cat! She likes to go out and roll around
in the dirt. Then she wants me to pet her afterwards. I hate petting her when
she’s all dirty. After rolling in the dirt I put some MII soap on a washrag a
wiped her off. After she dried off, her fur was so soft and she wouldn’t leave me
alone! She hasn’t rolled in the dirt since.
to roll in the dirt is no longer a problem. She loves the soap and so do I.
araplegic (motorcycle accident) and have been in a chair since 1972.
I’ve had a lot of aches and pains in my neck and arms for the past ten years.
Every day I woke in pain and was in pain all day. It never went away. After
hearing the testimony of a MI
I user on your show telling how drinking the
neutralizer relieved his/her pain, I decided to try it. I bought the super start up
pack. Drinking the neutralizer really works!!! Most of my pains were gone in two
days!! PRAISE GOD!! Thank you very much f
or introducing me to the Miracle II
products!! I’m not taking 6 Ibuprophen tablets two or three times a day
anymore!! What I save on painkillers will pay for the MII products. Love your
show and thanks again!!
I’ve been usin
g the Miracle II products for almost 2 wks. I put the neutralizer in
an eyedropper to treat my cataracts when my eyes are burning and irritated, as
they have been for months. A couple of drops immediately stop it. I think my
vision has gotten a little bett
er, too. I ‘m using ½ oz neutralizer in juice daily for
weight loss and the moisture soap for body soap and shampoo then spraying all
over with neutralizer. My skin and hair already show big improvements. A spot on
my face that I was a little concerned abo
ut is completely gone.
Oroville, WA
had traveled with my husband to his jobs every year since 1983. We drove from
Oklahoma to Illinois, Virginia, and Indiana and even down to Florida. No matter
where the next job, I went along. Th
en in 1994, I became very sick. Every doctor
that I went to guessed at what they thought was my problem. I had so many
different diagnoses and a drug went a long with each one that I actually got
sicker. In 1994, I could hardly walk, could not push the
vacuum cleaner any
longer, and just to stand or go to sleep became very hard for me. I would sleep
most nights in my recliner. I was so miserable. Again I turned to the doctors for
help, but nothing ever happened other than I got sicker from the side af
the drugs. I no longer had a sound mind and that bothered me a lot.
That winter, we went back to Oklahoma for the winter break from work. I
told my husband that I could not stand to make that move again in the spring. So
I stayed home for the
next five years while my husband went to work wherever
his job took him next. The long trips would almost wipe me out. I would have to
stop more often to get out of the car since sitting so long in one position would
make me so stiff, I could hardly move
once we stopped the car. The pain was
really almost too great to bear. So I stayed in Oklahoma going to any doctor that
seemed to be help for a while. But I always seemed to stay sick and the pain
would just get covered up by the drugs.
One day I decid
ed to get off all drugs. I decided that I could not possibly be
sicker off drugs than on drugs. That was June of 2000 that I made my decision.
My Bible tells me that God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear, but love and a SOUND
MIND. Since I no longer h
ad a sound mind that God said He gave me, I just had to
get off drugs. I started to feel better mentally and physically. For the first time in
years I had a sound mind. I developed colon problems somewhere along the line
and could not live a normal life
because of diarrhea controlling everything I
wanted or needed to do. My husband retired in 2000, so he was home to do all of
the running to town to do things that I could not do any longer without anti
diarrhea medicine helping me. I took so many boxes
diarrhea medicine
that some times it did not work very well for me. I prayed for years that God
would send help for me and He answered that prayer in 2001.
My husband listened to a tape by Dr. Stan Monteith when he interviewed
Joyce Riley, and he
brought the tape to me and told me to listen because this
could be the answer to our prayers. Needless to say, I took action write away and
got started with Miracle II neutralizer drops (7am. to 7pm.). In about ten days, I
told my husband that there was
something happening. I couldn’t put my finger on
it, but I was starting to feel better. In about 14
16 days, my diarrhea was gone. I
could hardly believe what was happening to me, but I was finally free from this
horrible thing that had controlled for
such a very long time. I started getting
stronger and MII gave me so much energy that I was amazed. One day while I
was busy making up our bed, something seemed to be wrong. What was wrong
was I was making our bed. I hadn’t done it for so long because
I always ended up
getting back in bed.
My husband asked if I felt like going to North Carolina to see our oldest son and
his family. I said, “Yes!” and we left the next day for 2300
mile trip. I drove all
the way their and all way back. There was no pr
oblem driving and sitting that
long time. The rest is history. Thanks to answered prayer and MII, I’m now
better than I’ve been in many years and I have a lot of my family using it and they
are delighted too!
Sharing Miracle II Truths,
Frederick, OK
This summer I went blueberry picking with my 68 year old friend, and I had
brought along a couple of bottles of Miracle II moisturizing soap, neutralizer and
gel for my friend to try. I told her if she liked them she could pay me for the
bottles, if not, she could just give me back what was left in the bottles and she
owed me nothing. While we were picking blueberries, my friend was a captive
audience as I was repeating to her all the testimonials I’d heard from Clayton
Tedeton and from y
our show. My friend was extremely skeptical. I got so many
ah hahs and disbelieving looks (and even to my own ears some of them sounded
so fantastic) that even I was beginning to doubt MII. But in the end she said that
she would try the stuff. She said
, “What have I got to lose?” I laughed and said
to her that’s just what Clayton says, “You’ve got nothing to lose but your
troubles.” The next afternoon at 1:42pm, I received the following e
mail from my
I know you’re going to laugh. I have been
using Miracle II soap all
morning. I cleaned the stove, the refrigerator and the cabinets; then, I
started on the bathroom. I’m not finished yet. We had the neutralizer for
breakfast and I just took a shower with soap and washed my hair with it.
efreshing! I’ve already told some of my friends about MII. So far I
replaced Spic & Span, Comet, shower gel, anti
itch cream and laundry soap.
I’m just amazed!
Ever since her first day of using MII, my friend has been a big fan. She
takes a tablespoon
of the neutralizer every day and uses the soap for bathing and
household cleaning. Since she first started using MII, her cholesterol has dropped
49 points from 256 to 207 (and she expects it to continue dropping). My friend’s
hair is slowly turning colo
r from gray back to its original color, and her hair, which
was dry and brittle from too many permanents, is now soft and lustrous again
from using the soap as a shampoo and the gel as styling gel.
Her knees would become so excruciating painful that only c
ortisone shots
would relieve the pain. Now when the pain starts up, she smears her knees with
gel every two hours, four times in a row and the pain goes away 4 weeks at a
time. When she gets leg cramps, the gel causes the cramps to go away in a flash!
Tag warts have fallen off her neck. My friend has told all her relatives about MII,
but only one has tried it, but LOVES it!
Lansing, MI
I wanted to let you know how Miracle II has worked for me. My six
has had severe congestion
since we adopted him. Well, since he was born he as
suffered from asthma, ear infections, hearing loss, allergies, and a birth defect,
which causes him to have a speech impediment. Before we adopted him they
pumped him full of antibiotics on a regular ba
After we adopted him we refused to allow them to give him antibiotics. One
time we had to take him to the emergency room for a severe rash. They
recommended we take him to the pediatrician the next day. The doctor gave me
antibiotics and didn’t even
look at the rash. He has all the symptoms of ADD and
the school wanted us to take him to the doctor to get medicine for it. I took him to
the doctor and told him what they said but told him I would not put him on
medication for it. I ask him to check fo
r milk allergies. That resulted in them
drawing blood from his arm, which was quite distressing for him. It seemed
unusual to me.
Usually every winter he would get a cold and be congested all year from
that, until summer vacation was well under way. We li
ve in Florida. It is very
obvious that the antibiotics had destroyed his immune system.
Last year February 2001, I started using essential oils. But, because of his
short attention span, I added Valor, White Angel and, then later, Peace & Calming.
ot his first cold just before Christmas this year. I had gotten my first order of
Miracle II, and I put the moisturizing soap in the tub just like bubble bath. I am
thrilled to say that he recuperated from the cold and has not been
ng much better in school, and he is able to stay focused for longer periods of
time, and his hearing has improved.
I am thrilled with the results of MII. I had several small warts on my arm.
I was using Cinnamon Bark oil on them because it is anti
al. Most of them
went away after I added the neutralizer gel. I have a couple left, but I’m still
rubbing the gel on them.
Here is something else which amazed me. I stumbled and lost my balance
as I was walking into the house. I slammed my forearm in
to the door jam, and it
hurt really badly. I knew that I was going to have a big bruise from it. I rubbed
neutralizer gel on it and the pain went away immediately, and I never got a bruise
from it. Just recently I bumped my arm in the same place and did
n’t do anything
about it right away (I usually do). Well, it hurt and continued to hurt until I finally
put some gel on it and in about five minutes the pain stopped. When I first bought
MII, I had a cut on my finger, which I just put a band aide on. Si
nce it wasn’t a
bad cut, so when the old band aide came off, I didn’t even put on another one.
After a week it hadn’t healed and was a bit sore because I kept rubbing it with
my thumb. When I put the gel on it, the soreness went away and it healed up a
disappeared within a couple days.
I used the soap on some stains in a shirt of my six year old. I was getting
ready to use it for every day plays wear because the stains would not come out. I
rubbed in some MII soap with a scrub brush. It was a brig
ht yellow shirt. Well it
looks much better now. I think one more treatment and it will be as good as new.
I am a firm believer in Miracle II products.
J. A. Dade City, FL
I am sure you receive tons of testimonials. But my husband
and I are very
pleased with this product. We have been brushing our teeth with it and washing
our hair and everything you said it would do it does, I wanted to tell you that
brushing my teeth with it has helped me to cut down on my smoking and hopefully
will be able to quit. A cigarette tastes so awful when your mouth is so clean. I
also have very thick and course hair, and thought no way can it be soft if I don’t
use a cream rinse, wrong! I now have the softest hair I have ever had, really that
. I can’t even believe it. I’ve also been drinking it and feel great, I have
more energy and also feel happier, I don’t care what’s in it all I know is it truly
works and I can’t imagine anyone that uses it not reordering like I am doing
today, I won’t eve
r be without it.
I have never used a product that I felt compelled to write about but this is a
super soap. I am trying to get my children to try it and have given them some of
the first order I got but it is hard to get them to break the toothpaste and
hampoo and cream rinse habit. I will make them try it if I have to stand over
them. I thought just by seeing and feeling my hair would do the trick. And what a
savings it would be for everyone. Tell everyone I said get it and try it and if you
don’t like i
t, I will buy it from you!!!!
We listen to your show some times twice a day and if it’s a rerun we don’t
care we just think maybe we will catch something that we missed the first time.
Would also like to thank you for all your great info and kept it comin
Thank you and God bless you both,
B. and D. B.
Well I’m sending in my order for Miracle II. It’s just great. If you could just see
my fruit trees. They have bloomed And so much fruit I’ve never seen before on my
trees. I have pear trees that nev
er bloomed, this year they are in bloom all over
clear to the top. I just sometimes can’t believe what I’m seeing, but this sure
makes a believer out of me.
Love you both,
Benson, A
A short Miracle II testimony.My husband and I are hot pepper fana
tics and often
cook meals that have a bite to them. Last week while chopping habanera peppers,
which are the hottest peppers, my husband forgot and touched his eye, and it was
burning like crazy. I told him to grab the spray bottle of neutralizer and see
helps. Well, he sprayed neutralizer in his eye and almost immediately the burning
stopped! I am amazed because I have done the same thing and water does not
even begin to quell the burn until you have used gallons and even then you still
ait until the burn subsides. This stuff constantly amazes me!
Very Sincerely,
to tell you this. Over a month ago, my ’87 Ford had a tune
up. A short
time later when I would start it, it would cough, wheeze & spit, then die. I used
fuel injec tor cleaners, deicer fluids, etc. When I received my Miracle II starter kit,
I placed an ounce of soap & neutralizer in the tank, and my Ford has been running
just fine! I am a believer!
Your Friend,
Eaton, OH
Miracle II is unbelievable! As
you know I use it for my RSD and have received
symptom and thus pain reduction from its use.
I couldn’t resist though, when Dave told about using it in the gasoline of an
old vehicle. I have a ’78 Chevy truck and for the last four years, if I don’t star
for three days in a row in warm weather, or any day in cold weather, then I have
to open the hood and stand on a box (I’m 5’2) and pour gas through the
carburetor to get it to start! I was told a new carburetor would cost $400.00,
which I can’t affo
rd. So, I thought what the heck, It’s worth a try. So I filled the
tank, added an ounce of the neutralizer & soap. By the time I used half a tank,
cold weather hit. It went down to the teens overnight, and for four years I know
that I’m going to have t
o put gas in the carburetor. Well no more! I pumped the
gas pedal about ten times, then turned the key, and it fired right up! Not only
that, but it runs smoother! It’s like I had a tune
up! It used to shake and shimmy
so hard at a red light that you
could make a milkshake! Now it runs so smooth!
This is such a blessing, as the cold weather makes my RSD pain so much
worse. Now I can just get in and go! Thanks for sharing this use for Miracle II!
As fantastic as it may sound, it really works!
Evansville, IN
Okay, here goes. Our health has greatly improved. Sleep patterns are better, and
our mental outlook is calmer in these troublesome times. Miracle II seems to
balance the body and boost the immune system against constant bo
The taste buds are more discriminate. We drink one ounce of neutralizer in water
a day. We add it to our Big Berky and the three pots of water. We spray it in our
eyes, ears and nose, and our eyesight and hearing are better. It’s great on
hairbrushes! All of our “coats’ shine! We brush our teeth with the soap and gel.
The gel is really good for gums, sore throats and stomachaches; and I used the gel
to dissolve a troublesome mole. The gel works wonders on cuts, scrapes, bruises,
rns and sore muscles. The hands, face and feet love it!
R. & L. M.
LaPorte, CO
I used the laundry ball the other day, and the wash came out beautiful! I used 2
tablespoons of soap & neutralizer. Is this right? I have been using the Thai
for two years and they really work! I got rid of all the laundry junk and what a
God bless you,
Fredericksburg, TX
Thanks to Miracle II and 4 Today, Jan and I have been able to help my sleep
apnea, Charcot
Tooth Syndrome,
fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and my
Diabetes. My doctor took me off all my medications, even my high blood pressure,
too! MII has helped my carpal tunnel and I don’t know longer have to wear my
wrist brace. I no longer have degenerative spinal cord di
sease. One of my big
problems has been my heels, which would have led to major surgery. MII has
helped my body!
Maryville, TN
Let’s see where to start. My husband is the big Miracle II user. He has psoriasis
on his scalp. It is not a
ll cleared up, but it is better and getting better. NOTHING
else works on it…NOTHING! We have tried every thing on it, too. He has had a
cyst in his leg for over twenty years about the size of a large marble. He’s been
rubbing the neutralizer on it eve
ry day for about a month or so. The cyst is now
the size of a small pea. Now this thing is under the skin, not on the surface, but I
guess the neutralizer just goes down in there and does its thing. He has veins on
his feet that are so numerous (varicos
e veins) that it looks black. Well with the
neutralizer, they have been going away. He rubs it on his abdomen twice a day
because he says there’s some reason that his lower abdomen pulls on him and
makes his bending over worse and makes his back hurt. S
it is helping more than the chiropractor…how about that! He drinks neutralizer
every day and bathes in the soap.
As for me, I don’t have quite as many troubles, but I’ve only been using the
soap and it’s the only stuff in the wh
ole wide world that cleans my black cock top
stove and gets clean, and leaves no haze. Every thing else leaves a haze. I also
wash our hen eggs before I put them in the refrigerator, because you’re not
supposed to use hand antibacterial soap. I needed t
o order gallons because like
you said, “it keeps you from running out because you don’t want to run out.
God bless you both,
Right now we’re trying a combo of Neutralizer and soap
grain to see if it will work as a worm
we’ll let you know about that one. Also,
we’ve found that the neutralizer is the
thing that removes the incredible odor
of our goats!
Moffat, Co
Miracle II has truly been a gift from on high! He truly deserves all of the glory for
viding this to those who believe in him and in his power to heal! Good Soap
too! I think/ believe that any other Vietnam Veteran who has had the problems as
a result of Agent orange would definitely benefit from Miracle II. I am now almost
able to be physi
cally active for close to a full day as a result of using the product
for the past few months. Almost all of my symptoms and problems have either
disappeared, lessened, or are in remission! I have cut and split about eight cords
of fire wood and am going t
o try to do at least that much more before the snow
gets too deep! I would not have been able to even think about doing this 6 months
ago. Thank you both for providing the soap and neutralizer to me
it has changed
I am about out of everything ag
ain and I hope that I might be able to get
some more from you. You two are the only folks that have ever run across who
veterans who need it. Bless you both for this!
I have tried for years to give up smoking and have never been able to do so.
But with the help of neutralizer and lots of prayers it is possible!!! It really does
work! The deodorant stone works
Thanks again for all that you have done for me and all other veterans!
In Yeshua's name,
Oroville, W
I ordered your st
art up package last spring. My neighbor had surgery on her leg
and it would not heel. Her leg had a red rash and itch on the surgery cut. She was
miserable. I gave her 4 ounces of neutralizer, and told her to spray it on as often
as needed, she could not o
verdo. It cured her leg right up! I burned my hand and
grabbed the neutralizer and sprayed my hand. The pain stopped immediately and
no blister or redness. I got a spider bite from an ugly spider and I had a big red
bump and lots of pain with a red stripe
1 inch wide and 4 inches long before I took
of my shoe and sock and looked at my foot. There was a spider in my sock. I
soaked my foot in Epsom salt water, then sprayed Miracle II on it two or three
times a day. The pain left immediately and in 3 days it w
as well. My grandson has
Acne, my daughter has psoriasis, my nephew had leg surgery, and I gave all my
Miracle II soap, lotion, and neutralizer away except 4 ounces of Neutralizer. I
listen to you and Dave everyday, so I am well informed. Thank you both. I
hear Dave do voices.
Love you both; may God bless.
East Prairie, MO
One of my Cats got his paw caught in a fence and got a scrape on the paw. It
looked OK at first and then it swelled and got infected and I thought I would have
o the Vet. Well, I put the neutralizer gel on it and by the next day the
infection was gone and his paw is now healed. I have been putting neutralizer in
the drinking water for my dogs and cats. My elderly Springer Spaniel has been
more active and energeti
c (she’s 13). My nephew, who has klippel
webber syndrome, has benefited so much from this stuff. He has massive
hemangiomas on his legs and torso that tend to break and bleed or get infected.
Plus he has been in the hospital so many times over th
e years for horrible
infections and had so many antibiotics that we worry they will wind up being
ineffective in the future. Since I have had him bathing in the soap and drinking the
Neutralizer and putting the gel on the Hemangiomas and ulcers he gets, th
effects have been incredible!! He has now set a record for staying out of the
hospital!! Before Miracle II we could count on him going to the hospital or getting
an infection every couple of months. He has not been sick since May!!! There have
been a few
times when he felt he was getting sick so he drank some more
neutralizer and he would feel better in a short amount of time. I am also giving
colloidal silver along with Miracle II. What was really interesting was what the
soap is doing for his legs.
Green Lane, PA
Thank you for introducing us to Miracle II products. It’s used around our home
daily. I especially like to use the neutralizer in my eyes, which are constantly dry
and always getting something in them. The gel + moisturizer h
ave helped my dads
leg which as recently begun to have open sores
the skin is very delicate due to a
sever burn he received in 1968. My mother was started to use the soap as well.
Thank you,
Smithfield, PA
Mark [my husband] is a veteran (Marine
on his hands & feet, (so bad he’d be bleeding in his socks, & fingers would crack
open, etc…), that would keep him from being able to work. We have been to
several doctors & every time they would put him on steroi
ds & antibiotics. This
would clear it up for a few weeks and it would come right back, he also had a bad
case of shingles this summer.
This is all history now, as the miracle II has cleared this all up. Thank you
both so much.
Much love, sincerely,
St. Puryear, TN
I am a Persian Gulf veteran and I have been ill since I came back from the
Persian Gulf War. I have enjoyed your Miracle II products. It really works on the
rashes. I have since then, seen improvement in my skin. My mother whom has
irrhosis of the skin uses the product herself and was amazed at the improvement
it made. For the longest time doctors cold not find a solution on how to help her
with her skin problem. Since you sent me a booklet with Miracle Ii I noticed my
mom’s skin pro
blem in it. And she wanted to try it since she saw me using it and it
worked for her. Since then she has asked me to order some more for her.
I realize it’s not a cure but it I tell people that it lessens the impact of some
of the problems.
El Paso, TX
Just wanted to update you on how well we are doing. We have been using the
Miracle II products thanks to you and your efforts we are getting healthier all the
time. I hope you really realize how much we appreciate your efforts in m
sure the Gulf War Veterans get help and are not forgotten. If not for your help and
those that support your efforts, we would be pretty much without hope.
We have been using Miracle II and 4 Today for five to six months now and
my wife and I both ag
ree we are getting better all the time. I have not felt this
good in years. Five years ago I did not believe I could ever feel this good again. No
headaches, no intestinal problems, no kidney pains or spasms. My energy level is
much higher and my endurance
has improved. I am not 100% but I do feel 100%
better than a year ago. I can actually remember what I did a month ago. Well just
wanted to update you on our progress and to thank you once again.
God bless you and yours,
D. and H. S.
Kingston, MI
The Miracle II is truly a miracle. We’ve seen a great difference in our skin, hair,
even our German Sheppard, Petie, can’t wait to eat and he eats every bite of food.
I squirt a bit of neutralizer in his morning food. He really seems to love it!
always seemed to be flaky, especially during winter. Well, since using
Miracle Ii my scalp is clean and my hair is squeaky clean! I love it. We know this
product was created by God, you can feel it when you use it. We are so happy that
you and Dave have in
troduced us to this. Thank you so much.
God Bless you both, we love you!
John and Melissa
I was in St. Louis, Missouri about 3 months ago when the sky was filled with
chemtrails. I have been so sick for 3 months (serious respiratory problems, very
d, sleeping day and night).
Less than two weeks after taking Miracle II neutralizer (1 tbs. at morning
and 1 tbs. at night), I was almost back to normal. Now I take 1 oz in the morning
and night.
Thank you,
Andmore, AL
My hand allergies are
gone, my skin and hair look great, and I even lost a few
inches. I have been using these products for almost everything as the directions
call for. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
We are very pleased with all that the Miracle II products are doing! S
snoring problems have improved! I’ve not had to take the prescription, Flonase,
for almost 2 months. Skin conditions are clearing up, and energy levels have
definitely increased.
Thank you for all you’re doing,
G S. , McCaysville, GA
eavy smoker (2 packs per day). I am doing what Clayton said and
spraying with the neutralizer before I light up. Today I smoked 1 pack. I hope by
Tuesday the 20
I am able to throw them away for good. My wife just loves the
soap, neutralizer, & moisturize
r. They are great products.
Sharpsville, IN
The Neutralizercured a beginningsore throatin about 3 hrs. I hadjust gotten
off penicillin a month before for a severe sore strep throat. I wasvery upset to feel
it coming on again, but P
RAISE GOD, it went away afterspraying and gargling with
Stockport, OH
love these products!! I do have a testimonial about the neutralizer. About 2weeks
ago one of my chickens some how got inured and had a raw spot on her chestand
an inju red foot and I thought she would not recover
I put her in her
littlehouse&placed a dish of food and water with a good dose of neutralizeradded.
This chicken was pretty sore andmiserable and I fully expected her to die that
well, the next day, I wen
tto check on her, and she was improving. I gave
her more neutralizer and within afew more days she was walking around the hut.
Now, a week later, she is outrunning around in the yard&the injured spot is
healing very well.
God Bless you both!
iracle! Myhusband of 40+ years has been in sales most of his life. It is
near impossibleto sell him anything. He is very skeptical. When our Miracle II
starter kitarrived, he agreed to use it for 3 full months, before drawing a
negative or posit
Well, it has only been a few weeks and he is a believer! He has had ajock rash
(yeast infection) for years. He has used many prescriptions andeveryday our
bathroom has been powder filled from all the baby power he used.His rash is
completely gone!!!
incerely in Christ,
Meadville, PA
I am sure you receive tons of testimonials. But my husband andI are very pleased
with this product. We have been brushing our teeth with itand washing our hair
and everything you said it would do it does, I wanted to
tell you that brushing my
teeth with is has helped me to cut down on my smokingand hopefully I will
to quit. A cigarette taste’s so awful when yourmouth is so clean. I also have very
thick and course hair, and thought no waycan it be soft if I don’
t use a cream
rinse, wrong. I now have the softest hairI have ever had, really, that is no lie. I
can’t even believe it! I’ve also beendrinking it and I feel great. I have more energy
and also feel happier, I don’tcare what’s in it all I know is it truly w
orks and I
can’t imagine anyone thatuses it not reordering like I am doing today,
be withoutit.
I have never used a product that I felt compelled to write about but thisis a super
soap. I am trying to get my children to try it and have given t
hemsome of the first
order I got but it’s hard to get them to break the toothpasteand shampoo and
cream rinse habit. I will make them try it if I have to standover them. I thought
just by seeing and feeling my hair would do the trick. Andwhat a savings is
be for everyone. Tell everyone I said get it, try it,and if you don’t like it, I will buy
it from you!!!!!!!!!
Thank you and God bless you both.
B. and D. B.
I have had very terriblechemicalsensitivityfor years. As of late it has become even
am not evenable to use commercial dish soap to wash my dishes because
it drives mecrazy. It is so bad that on occasion myheart has arrhythmias while I
am cleaning. However, upon discovering yourmiraculous products my chemical
sensitivities can be avoided
because I use themfor just about everything around
the house. Everything is immaculate and I thankyou from the bottom of my heart
for allowing me to have access to such as superbproduct.
Yours inChrist,
Charmaine F.
Our praise for Miracle II productsis …
there isn’t one word to describe how
wonderful it is. It is a gift fromGod! Love the way the water feels in the bathtub
and how good you feel after abath, dog loves it too. Didn’t object to the bath at all.
The clothes come outwonderfully clean and feel “g
ood”… We live out in the
country and the clothesdry out on the line outside. My husband is using it for help
to stop smoking andhealth problems such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and
he just noticed
well I’m usingit for weight loss and a low thyroid that’s also swollen with nodules.
It wasstrange when we got our first supply of Miracle II. I took a quick look in
thebooklet for smoking, high blood pressure,thyroidand weightproblems
to take it and as if a voice in my head said Ishould rub some on my neck on the
swollen thyroid area and lo and behold theswelling is almost gone!! I have an
iodine injection test next week and I knowthe results are going to be pretty good.
ff is truly a Miracle from God.There’s so much more I can say about
miracle II but better sign off. Thank youboth.
Carpe Diem(seize the day), Hello from Brooklyn MI. This is Sarge S
here, and I havea story to tell you all.
t received my start
up kit from you
all justthe other day, and started
using it. At this point I need to fill you in on somebackground info. We, my wife
Terry and I, have a 3 year old son, Lance, withDown Syndrome, and most people
with this, have lots ofsi
nus and ear infections. They have small sinus and ear
canals, plus have asomewhat suppressed immune syndrome.
Anyway, Lance has been fighting arecurrent sinus infection, and we have been
battling with amapacillin andaugmentin drugs. When I received our kit
, I started
Lance and I on theneutralizer right away, and then the soap. His infection has
cleared up inless than two days. His sputum has gonefrom dark green to white to
gone in less than 2
I have also noticed that our septicsystem is working bett
er than it has in a long
time too. I then added 2 drops ofsoap to my laundry and I got sooo many suds
that they ran out of the machine. Ineed to cut back to 1 drop!
I plan to put these items out in thespecial needs community
Power of the Lord GodAlmighty!
Respectfully Submitted.
Sgt. USMC (Ret).
Dear Joyce and Dave,
If you could just see my fruit trees!!They have bloomed and so much fruit I’ve
never seen before on my trees. I havepear trees that never bloomed this
are in bloom all over clear to thetop. I can hardly believe sometimes what I’m
seeing. But this sure makes me abeliever.
Love yaboth.
Benson, AZ.
We have used Miracle II for one week. We arevery excited about the results we
are getting from
it so far. About 6 years agomy husband gotchemical poisoningat
work. Inless than a week he was covered with psoriasis and had severe pain in his
chest,which made him think he was having a heart attack. The doctors could
neverfigure it out and just wanted
to give him painkillers. We decided that
wasn’tgood enough.
Through this we have learned to pray anddepend on God to show us the way to
fight this. Not only does he have thishealth problem but I also have very bad
asthma. I have not gone back to themedical
doctor since going in the emergency
room over 3 years ago when Icouldn’t breathe. What they gave me damaged my
kidneys and colon. I still havetrouble with this to date. Now I pray when an attack
comes on. Some attacks areso bad I can barely get a breath.
My breathing is so
bad I can’t lie down atnight because I feel like I am going to suffocate.
Just one week after taking Miracle II Ican climb our stairs without gasping for
breath after getting to the top. Idon’t have any fluid in my lungs anymore and can
lie down at night and sleepgreat. I have probably had fluid in my lungs for a year
and have bronchitis.Last winter I went over 6 months with bronchitis, this
morning I realized when Iwas reading the Bible that I could really concentrate on
what I was readi
ng anddidn’t have the brain fog that I used to.
Everything in the house is clean. Eventhe dog! Can’t wait to get next order.
We are very pleased with all that the MiracleII products are doing! Sinus and
snoring problems have improved! I’ve
not had totake the prescription , Fonase, for
almost 2 months. Skin conditions areclearing up, and energy levels have definitely
We also started taking the 4 Todayvitamins. Heartburn and reflux
beginning to be a concern formy husband.
However, by taking the 4
today Ultimate with each meal the problemhas been eliminated.
Thank you for all you’redoing.
McCaysville, GA
I just wanted to share with you how Miracle II has benefited me. While I have
used the soap and neutralizer for
about a year, I cannot proclaim anything that
would qualify as a miracle. But now the most incredible thing I’ve seen M2 soap
and neutralizer help has to do with my truck. Back in October, I heard Dave
mention that he put an ounce of each (regular soap
& neutralizer) in his old pick
up. I have a 1992 Jeep Cherokee that has for six years has had an engine miss
from an injector sticking on a cold start up when the temperature is below 30
degrees. After 3 to 5 minutes of warm up, the miss would subside.
It did not
seem to be a big problem for me, but I have tried numerous fuel system and
injector cleaners over the years, to no avail. In early November, after thinking
about it, I decided that I have nothing to lose, after all, cold weather was coming
the engine miss would be starting again. So, I put 1 ounce each of the Miracle
II soap and neutralizer in the fuel tank along with 20 gallons of gasoline. It must
have worked, after 6 gasoline fill ups, two months and 1500 miles later, I expect
he miss, but I’ve yet to hear the knock of the engine miss on start up.
Regular listener,
Benton Harbor, MI

Source: http://www.outside-the-box.net/miracle2/miracle2testimonials1.pdf

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