Skin Disorders

Insect Bites:
A dash of meat tenderizer (papain powder) and a drop of water massaged into the sting site for 5 minutes will quickly relieve the pain. If these ingredients are not available, an ice cube often helps. Antihistamines such as Benadryl or Atarax can help relieve the itching. Soothing lotions such as Calamine lotion can be used. Topical steroid creams are rarely effective. Insect repellents containing diethylmethatoluamide (DEET) may afford moderate protection against mosquitos, fleas, flies, chiggers and ticks but are relatively ineffective against wasps, bees and hornets. An effort should be made to identify and eradicate the agent. Pets and the house should be inspected and mattresses, rugs, furniture and animal sleeping quarters should be decontaminated if necessary.
Chicken Pox:
Keep your child home and away from other children and adults who have never had chicken pox for at least 5 days after the rash has started and until all lesions are scabbed over. Hands should be washed after touching the patient and child should use personal towels and utensils. Cut finger nails and prevent child from scratching the lesions which might leave scars and cause lesions Use Benadryl and/or calamine for the itching - Lesions that are very painful and covered with thick gold yellow scabs. - Very high fever more than 102.5° F, especially a fever that persists for more than one to two - Child is fussy, not active, not eating or acting unwell. Child has decreased alertness. - Persistent bad cough, chest pain or difficulty breathing. Don't use ibuprofen products like Advil or Motrin. Don't use any steroid cream.
Wash scabs three times daily with washcloth and soap. You may use hydrogen peroxide for dry crusts. It is very important to remove the crusts. Keep the child's washcloth and towels separate. Please call back if not better by 5 days. Parent Education: "Skin Disorders" Acne can be aggravated by a variety of chemicals. Avoid using oil based cosmetics, face creams, hair sprays and aftershaves with alcohol, spices or lime in them. Use only mild soap like Dove. Stay away Washing and scrubbing too frequently doesn't make your acne go away faster. It could make it worse. Don't use any cream or medication unless you check first with your doctor. If Retin-A is prescribed, extra dabs on pimples won't make them go away faster. Too much could Protect your skin when outdoors especially try to avoid extreme hot or cold weather conditions. They can worsen the irritating side effects. Besides using a sunscreen and a moisturizer, keep your face covered when it is cold and windy. A baseball cap and scarf can help to protect your face.
Diaper Rash:
Use a protective ointment such as Zinc Oxide if a rash develops. Wash area well after every bowel movement. Allow area to air dry. Keep the diaper off as much as possible. This may be more reasonable at night or with wet naps. If the rash is not better please call our office.

Source: http://www.orlando-pediatrics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/PE%20-%20Skin%20Disorders.pdf

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