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Analyses of adverse events during apheresis with focus on substitution fluids.
The Swedish registryRut Norda1, Ulla Axdorph2, Claes-Göran Axelsson3, Gösta Berlin4, Svante Jonsson5, Gunilla Kumlien6, Jan Kurkus7, Bernd Stegmayr8, Björn Wikström91. Dept. of Clin. Imm. & Transfusion Medicine, Uppsala; 2. Dept. of Clin Imm. & Transfusion Medicine, Solna; 3. Dept. of Transfusion Medicine, Örebro; 4. Dept. of Transfusion Medicine, Linköping; 5. Dept. of Nephrology & Transplantation, Malmö; 6. Dept. of Transfusion Medicine, Karolinska, Huddinge; 7. Dept. of Nephrology, Lund; 8. Dept. of Nephrology, Umeå; 9. Dept. of Nephrology, Uppsala.
The AEs below represent data from 2000-2001.
Only symptoms and signs are reported here -
Grade 1, n=40; Grade 2 and 3 n=96.
AEs w i t h s u b s t i t u t i o n f l u i d a l b u m i n v e r s u s p
•There is a decrease in reported adverse events grade II/III over the years. •In parallel there is a decrease in procedures performed for diagnoses more vulnerable for AEs.
•When using albumin as substitution fluid hypotension is more frequent while urticaria and shivering are more common AEs using plasma. This will be further analyzed.
AEs with substitution of albumin vrs plasma + albumin
Various diagnoses and i n c i d e n c e
Adverse events grade 2/3
(symptoms and signs)
Myasthenia gravis
Severe sepsis
Material: Data from 1996-2001 has
Percentage of all
not been included since the transition to computerization has led to a delay in the Number of p r o c e d u r e s r e l a t e
with Adverse Events a b o v e a v e r a g e
AEs with use of liquid stored plasma (LSP) + albumin
v e r s u s f r e s h f r o z e n p l a s m a ( F F P ) + a l b u m i
. procedures
AE grade II/III (signs and symptoms only) in 8 apheresis units.
The total number (n) of TPE procedures 1996-2001 at each unit are given.

Number of procedures related to d i a g n o s e s
Grade of AE in relation to substitution fluids
Unit F: n=1731
with Adverse Events below average
Unit C: n=1040
Unit H: n=1982
Unit E: n=1683
Unit B: n=384
Unit A: n=271
Unit G: n=1809
Septic shock
Unit D: n=1299
No. procedures
alb 3.5-5% LSP+alb
A d v e r s e e v e n t s , %
Substitution fluids
AE grade 3/III: treatment required and procedure stopped


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