Designation: Lecturer, Post Graduate-Department
of Biochemistry, Oriental Institute of Science & Technology
Email ID:
Telephone No.: mob:-9749139409
Date of Birth: 2nd January 1966
Qualifications: M.Sc.(Biochemistry) (C.U.), B.Ed. (C.U.), JRF (J.U., 1991-1992), Ph.D(Protein
Biochemistry) (Bose Institute-J.U., Kolkata, 1992-1997), Post Doc. Fellow(OSU, USA, 1998-2000),
RA(Bose Institute, Kolkata, 2001-2004)
Major subject area: Biochemistry
Area of specialization: Protein Biochemistry and Enzymology (including purification-characterization,
structure-function, protein-protein or protein-drug interactions, signaling, proteomics and genomics)
On Going Research: (A) Identification and Characterization of (i) Antidiabetic factors from common
vegetable and fruits (ii) Antitoxin factors from natural sources effective against ant and insects’ biting (B)
Drug metabolism
Teaching Experience: (4 years):
1. Full time Lecturer (Contractual) in Biochemistry in the Under Graduate Honours Department
of Microbiology, Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College, Howrah (2005-2007).
2. Guest Lecturer in Biochemistry in the Post Graduate Department of Biochemistry and
Biotechnology, Burdwan Institute of Management and Computer Science, Burdwan (2006-
3. Guest Lecturer in the UG-Honours Department of Microbiology, Taradevi Harakchand
Kankaria Jain College, Kolkata (2007-2008).
4. Full time Lecturer (permanent) in Biochemistry in the Post Graduate Department of
Biochemistry, Oriental Institute of Science and Technology (affiliated to Vidyasagar University),
Midnapore (January 2008- till todate).
List of Publication:
in 4 international and 5 national J.)
(following reverse chronology)
1. A. S. Ghosh, D. Bhattacharyya, M. Chandra and T.K. Bhattacharyya. (2008) Effect of DENA
induced hepatocarcinogenesis on neuroendocrines in male rats. Indian J. Exp. Biology 46: 403-
2. D. Bhattacharyya, A. Basu and P. C. Sen. (2007) Purification of protein from a crude mixture
through SDS-PAGE transfer method. Indian J. Biochem. Biophys 44: 122-125
3. D. Bhattacharyya, S. Ghosh, M. Chatterjee, A. Basu and P. C. Sen. ( 2004) Mechanism of
regulation of phosphorylation dephosphorylation of Ca2+, Mg2+- and Ca2+-ATPases by
regulator proteins.Accepted in Indian J. Biochem. Biophys. 41: 162-166
4. D. Bhattacharyya and P. C. Sen. (2002) Ion-transporting enzymes: an overview. J. Assam
42: 53-64
5. D. Bhattacharyya and P. C. Sen. (1999) The effect of binding of chlorpromazine and
chloroquine to ion transporting ATPases. Mol. Cell. Biochem. 198, 179-185
6. D. Bhattacharyya and P. C. Sen. (1999) Interaction of chlorpromazine with low-molecular-
mass ion transporting ATPase modulator proteins from rat brain cytosol; Indian J. Biochem.
36, 82-87
7. D. Bhattacharyya and P. C. Sen. (1998) Purification and functional characterisation of a low-
molecular-mass Ca2+,Mg2+-and Ca2+-ATPase modulator protein from rat brain cytosol,
Biochem. J. 330, 95-101
8. D. Bhattacharyya and P. C. Sen. (1997) Purification and functional characterisation of a
low-molecular-mass Na+,K+-ATPase inhibitor protein from rat brain cytosol, Eur. J. Biochem.
244, 829-834
9. D. Bhattacharyya, R. Basu, A. Ghosh, A. Manna, A. Nandy and P. Nandy (1993)
Nonlinearity in the I-V characteristics in thin lipid films: Effect of AC and DC fields;
Biophysical J., 64, 550-552
1. D. Bhattacharyya, P. C. Sen and Bose Institute. (2002) Jointly filled one Indian patent on “A
process producing a protein (non-steroid) having pronounced contraceptive activity in female

which was accepted and awarded in 2005, Patent No. 194191.
Proteins having female contraceptive activity have been isolated and animal experiments(preclinical trial) have been completed successfully.
2. D. Bhattacharyya. (2008) filed (Provisional) one Indian patent on “Process for Isolation of
an Endogenous Anti-toxin factor from Carpenter ants effective against its biting
”, Application
No. 1160/KOL/2008, date of filing 03/07/2008
Attended Seminar/Symposium:
Participated and presented research papers in several National and International Seminar and
Collaboration: Collaborative work is ongoing with (i) Prof. Tapan Kr. Bhattacharyya, Department
of Chemical Technology, Phyto Pharmaceutical Division, University College of Science and Technology,
University of Calcutta (ii) Prof. Parimal C. Sen, Department of Molecular Medicine, Bose Institute

Source: http://www.oist.edu.in/Faculty%20resource%20guide/Dr.%20DIPANKAR%20BHATTACHARYYA_doc.pdf

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List of Publications 242. S. Penkov, A. Ogawa, U. Schmidt, D. Tate, V. Zagoriy, S. Boland, M. Gruner, D. Vorkel, J.-M. Verbavatz, R. J. Sommer, H.-J. Knölker, T. V. Kurzchalia, Nature Chem. Biol. 2014 , 10 , DOI: 10.1038/NCHEMBIO.1460: A Wax Ester Promotes Collective Host Finding in the Nematode 241. A. Kunfermann, M. Witschel, B. Illarionov, R. Martin, M. Rottmann, H. W. Höffken, M.

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