Nourit Masson-Sékiné
Nourit Masson-Sékiné - 19, rue de l’Argonne 67000 - Strasbourg - France
Tel. 33 - 3- 88611628 mob. 33 - 676992591 - E-mail : [email protected]
Born in 1956, in the Negev desert, raised in France, lived in Israël from 1973 to

Graduated from “Avni”, School of Fine Arts in Tel-Aviv. Invited to exhibit
Japan, she settled in Tokyo from 1981 to 1990.


Was involved in dicdactic Psychological studies.
Lay social worker in a poor area of Tel-Aviv.
Member of "Keta" Experimental Theater directed by par Imre
Goldstein, (former-acteur of "La Mama" N.Y.)
Oriental Medicine, specialised in Shiatsu. (Licenced by Masunaga
traditional shiatsu (Kimura Institut) and Akahigedo’s yin shiatsu
clinic, by Master Takeuchi)

- from 1987 Study of Chi-Kong with Chinese Master Sheng He Yang.
Studied Zen Hypnosis with psychologist, Master Ozaki, at Kokubunji,
Reports and Arts Teachings all along
- Creation in 2002-2008 of « Tchie Academy », Academy for Shiatsu and Chi-
kong related arts. Teaching Oriental Medecine.

- Guest artist, teaching at the Art Department of "Temple University", in Tokyo.
Main subjects : Questions of Identity in the Arts.

- Atelier at the CEAAC – Guest at Foundation for Contemporary Arts – 17 rue de
Rosheim, Strabourg, France 2004-2006.
- Teaching Master Class at Strasbourg University at the Arts of Stage

Department « Butoh avant-garde : a continuity between tradition and modernity
» (2012)

- Regular Photo reports, translations and writings, for Akahige-do Oriental
Medecine clinic, Tokyo, for their publications, books and archives, last such as :

april 2011, sendai area, a month after the tsunami ; april 2012 text of Aura soma for november 2012 anniversary of the Bouddhisme for peace – the Stupa of Beppu, etc… One Woman Shows


Jun. "LE ZERO ACTIF" (the Active Zero), paintings and drawings. Chikyudo
Galery, Ginza, Tokyo. Direction of a dance with a fish and a saxophone for the dancer Bettina K. Ishii and Jeremy Golden (saxo) Nov. "DRESSED SCULPTURES", between sculpture and puppet Galerie Wacoal Art Space, Ginza, Tokyo, in collaboration with Hareyo Kaizu for the 1984
May. "Photo-BUTOH", japanese avant-garde dance with photographer Mitsutoshi
Hanaga, and creation of a photos-installation at the White Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Jun. "Photo-BUTOH", at Israël Festival, Jerusalem. Sept. Birth of Baby “ANAIS-LEI” Red Cross Hospital Tokyo.
Jan. "PORTRAYAL OF THE WHALE", Painting drawings and installation. at
Oct. "EVEN I KNOW PEOPLE PREFER FLOWERS", Drawings and dressed sculptures, Opening party with Pansoli dancer performance KONG OK JIN at Nabis Galery, Séoul, Korea. 1987
Oct. "ON THE WAY", Paintings and installation. at Box Gallery-Bar, Shinjuku,
Jun. "QU'Y A-T-IL D'HUMAIN DANS L'HOMME I", (What’s Humane in
Human Beings, part I) paintings. at Asacloth Galery, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo. Dec. "SHAMANIC INSTANT", paintings and drawings at Raku Galery, Kyoto, sponsored by Wacoal and Gap International magazine. 1990
Apr. "PIECES OF A COSTUME", Paper work. at Studio V, Seibu Ikebukuro
Department Store, produced by SEIBU, Tokyo. 1991
Jun. “VARIATION SUR LE THEME DE LA MAIN” Paintings. Produced by
Pyramid design space, Strasbourg, France. 1992
Apr. “Photos-Butoh” retrospective at La Fnac, Strasbourg. Sponsored by Labo
May. Same at La Fnac Art Space in Nancy. Aug. “Mountain and Ladder” Drawings. Produced by Salon Johnny Walker, 1993
Mar. “Photo-Butoh” in the Hall of Maillon Theater, Strasbourg
Nov. ”Ladder and mountains” Drawings of pastel-technic at Nicole Buck Galery
Feb. New “Expo Butoh” Tel-Aviv Opéra, produced by MULTI MEDIA LTD
Apr. New “Expo Butoh” Maillon Theater and the Strasbourg Best Coffee Shop for the promotion of Carlotta Ikéda’s performance “Waiting” 2000
Avr. “AMOR MUNDI”. Paintings and drawings. Espace Sofitel, Strasbourg
nov. "1/3" cibachrome photographies exhibition. Signature of the book "Le
courage de vivre pour mourir" ed. du Relié. Salon de l'Esca, rue des pontonniers, Strasbourg. 2005
sept. «LE CIEL EST PARTOUT» (Sky is everywhere). Paintings,
photographies and video, Montreal. Exhibition of new series of drawings « Amor Mundi » at Salon B., Alfred Dallaire Memoria, Montréal, Quebec. Lectures and signature of my book about life/death. 2006
Gallery – Sao Paulo – Brésil. Produced for 15 years anniversary of
Taanteatro theater/dance troupe.

Juin-juillet « LE CIEL EST PARTOUT III», BLEU SERIES and a rétrospective

of art works in the 2 rooms of the gallery. Galerie Chantal Bamberger,
Between june and décembrer drawings « JUDAICA» chacaol, paintings,
calligraphies and « BOOK AS AN OBJECT », as well as photos « PASSING
to be seen on the webside.
The last exhibition, le « BOOK AS OBJECT», has been honored by the collaboration of poet Jacques Goorma and artist-poet Germain Roesz for a public lecture in the galery the 1st and 15th décembre Exhibition of Photo at the Festival of « BUTOH-OFF » 2012, at La Laiterie
and Hall des Chars – Strasbourg City. Organisation of the festival,

programmation of butoh films – among which my images of vidéo-danse :
the documentary « percing le masque » and « Sleep and reincarnation »

images of the performance.
Permanent Butoh photo exhibition at Lucie Betz Théâtre NUAGE FOU,
Fribourg (Allemagne)
Resident artist at the Contemporary Art Museum of Ningbo (China),
may/june for the project « Our Monkey of the 7 joys »
Note : All The One-Woman Shows in Japan were honored (between 1983 and
1999) with a performance of the great Avant-Garde Dancer Ohno Kazuo, at the
opening days.

Group exhibitions, installations, art-stage works

May Selected art pieces of the best students of Avni School of fine Arts, Tel-
May Saikaya Department Store, Fujisawa, Japon.
"KIMONOGATARI" (a Legend in Kimono), coordination and scenography. at Terpsycore Alternative Space, , Nakano, Tokyo. 1986
Nov Selected paintings Contemporary Art Museum of Ueno, Tokyo. produced
Dec. Creation of the “BLUE HORSE HEAD” for Kazuo Ohno "Dead Sea",
Yokohama Shimin Hall , Yokohama, Japon.
Jan. "BUTOH IN THE RICE FIELDS". Creation of spaces and objects for a
happening with artists and dancers of Butoh in the rice fields of
Kawasaki, Japan, coordinated by Moritsuna Nakamura with the country
Costume Design for Natsu Nakajima’ Muteki-sha compagny "SLEEP AND
REINCARNATION FROM EMPTY LAND” at T-2 Tenkei theater, Tokyo
World Tour at the USA, Canada and Sydney Festival, Australia.
Aug. Création of "4 LANDSCAPES FOR 4 DANCERS" - Installations :
"LABYRINTHE" for Moritsuna Nakamura, "SHAMAN ALLEY" for Maura
Baiocchi, "THE GLANCE AND THE MASS" for Minoru Hideshima, "FOSSIL ON THE ROCKS" for Anita Saij, extended to the 4 floors of the
Striped House Museum, Roppongi, Tokyo.
Nov. "HUMOR", Yokohama Shimin Hall, Yokohama, Japon, coordinated by art
Jan. "TOKYO TRANSMISSION 88", group exhibition coordinated by poet and
journalist Astrid de los Rios, produced by Yurakucho Seibu Department Store, Tokyo. Jan. "HOLE", installation, art exhibition produced by Art critic Yoshida Yoshie.
Mar "HOLE", idem, Chiba Museum, Chiba, Japon.
May. Creation and Design of the MINOTAURE for "L'ARIANE" directed by
Nadine Toledano, with Delphine Hurel, Premiere at the French Institut, of
Tokyo. Idem at Kanazawa French Festival, Japan.
Jun. "FACE A FACE DEUX PYRAMIDES", creation of an environnemental
costume in collaboration with actrice Delphine Hurel at Kanazawa
Festival, sponsored by French Foreign Office and the City of Kanazawa.
Jun. "BIENNALE DES FEMMES", Homage to Iris Clert. Grand Palais, Paris.
Nov. "SIX ISRAELI ARTISTS EXHIBITION", at the JCC, Tokyo, exhibition
coordinated by journalist Liane Grunberg. 1989
Oct. Papier Work Costums - project sponsored by Alfa-Hills created for
, directed by Natsu Nakajima, with Waguri and 12
american dancers . LA MAMA theater, New York.
Dec. Collection "ARTISTS OF THE GALLERY". Asacloth Galery, Tokyo
Costumes for "GHOST STORY", MUTEKI-SHA Compagny, directed by
Natsu Nakajima, with Toronto Modern Dance Ballet, Tour in Canada. Photos and vidéo for "PRO-SERIES", Dance Festival, Vienne, Autriche.
Sep. Costums and Stage Design for "UNE JOURNEE BLANCHE" with Carlotta
Ikeda and Hervé Diasnaz. Premiere at Quimper and European tour.
Théatre de La Ville, Paris.
Dec. Painting and Drawings with Sculptor Frank Morzuch. INAUGURATION
of his Atelier. Ancienne Laiterie, Strasbourg
May. Group of fine arts exhibition of 16 selected Artists, produced by Lycée
Scenography and costums “1492”, realized for and with children about
spanish inquisition at Music Hall - Conservatoire de Strasbourg. 1993
May. Contemporary Art Exhibition of support for Armenia, initiated by Rainbow
Humanitary Association, Espace des Catherinettes, Colmar.
Oct. Contemporary Art Exhibition of support for ex-yougoslavie, produced by
Amnesty Internationnal, La Laiterie, Strasbourg.
April Scenographic-installation, at Cultural Center of Sao Paolo, Brazil.
May Exhibition of Photo-Butoh at Cultural Center of Sao-Paulo, Goethe Institut
of Curitiba, improvised installation for butoh photographs at the Audio
Visual Culture Center of Brazilia, Brazil - Dance Theater Research and
related arts Festival, produced by TRANSCULTURA with the support of
feb. Expo-Butoh at the Tel Aviv Opera. Sponsored by Multi Media LTD
“WHAT’S HUMAN IN HUMAN BEING II”, création of a multi-media
based on a montage of interviews about death and slides
dissolve program created in collaboration with Dorit Cypis. Premiere at the
Ciné-Bal Aubette in Strasbourg. Sponsored by the Ministery of Culture, the
Region, the Department and the City Hall of Strasbourg 1999
June Conception and direction of "TREE OF LIFE", performance of dance and
visual arts with Maura Baiocchi et Xu Lingyi, at the Museum of Modern
and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg
Sept. "Tous Lézards" group exhibition for the 20 years anniversary of the Graphic
Lézard, with 55 artists at the Chambre de Commerce of Strasbourg
Sept. Scenography and lights design for the exhibition of 9 Iranians
contemporary artists at La Laiterie, Ville de Strasbourg.
. "ARTISTIC SURVIVAL KITS " objects. Initiated and produced by the
June. « Works of peace works of war » drawing and photographs group
exhibition produced by the European Parlement of Arts Strasbourg- Août. "1/3 : IMAGES TIERS 1/3" photos at Simultania, Alternative Galery of
Dec. Art Direction for "Himiko", Alok, Rock Drama Dance group. Premiere at
Nakano No theater, Tokyo.
fev « Eros et Thanatos : le corps sans organes ». Collaboration to direction of
dance with Maura Baiocchi and Wolfgang Pannek. costumes and scénographies. theoritical teachings for the residents of a 3 weeks seminar for professionnal performers, about butoh, training of chi- kong. Taanteatro - Sao Lourenço da Serra – Sao Paulo – Brésil.
Lectures at the Japan fondation – « le Butoh : a philosophy of perception,
for an above of a dance practice»
Juil. Création of scénography and costumes for « Maquina Zaratustra », at
Populaire Theater Joao Caetano - Sao Paulo.
Août. lectures on the subjects of interrest of the butoh world ; Sets and
presentation of filmography of Butoh at Japan Fondation - Sao Paulo –
Nov. Premiere of the book object installation « Poême à DI – la Cène » at the

Salon du Pont Neuf’s group exhibition of design – Lille - Production
Jan. « DANCE OF THE SOUL» group exhibition of photographies and video
about Butoh Dance at Wilfrid Museum of Asian Arts and Studies - Israel
Feb. « Festivals des mots d’amour ». Contemporary arts and living arts at
Baume les dames, Haute Sâone. Exhibition of the poetry unique pieces.
Participative action with the public on a 3m/2m wooden board « Love at
your size ».


may. Exhibition of Butoh at H’aifa university. Israël, event of lectures and
May. Donation of the same photos to Wilfrid Museum of Asian Arts and
Studies on memory of Dolly Solas.
Books and Publishing

"Butoh: Shades of Darkness", with Jean Viala, an historical album
about Butoh, Japanese Avant-Garde Dance Mouvement published by
Shufunotomo. Ltd., Tokyo. (2000 copies)
2nd Edition of "Butoh Shades of Darkness". (2000 copies) sold out
Photographs and forward for “Dança Veredas d’Alma” ed. Palas
, a new edition about Butoh influence on dance written by
Historical introduction of the autobiography of the Russian-Jewish
painter of the Bible, Abel Pann,“Roman d’un Juif”, ed. du Cerf, Paris
Collaboration to the Dance and Theater Encyclopedy “La scène
at Edition Carre & Acte Sud (collaboration with the
author on chap. 15 about the performance and the Happening, from the 50’ to nowdays, and the text about the history of Butoh.) 2000
« Le Courage de vivre pour mourir » (the courage to live for dying)
essay about the dialectic of life and death, published at Editions du
Relié - FRANCE.
« Le Courage de vivre pour mourir », Pocket book, spirituality
collection of Albin Michel. (Selected as one of the 3 best pocket
book of the year)
“Tirer la langue sous la pluie” text about Butoh and flesh. Group
publication "Psychisme et création" ed. Esprit du Temps, collection
Perspectives psychanalytiques.


« Il y a des mots que l’on dit pour parler de ce que l’on ne connaît
pas » : lecture and signature for « le courage de vivre pour mourir »
produced by the funerary Salons Alfred Dallaire.
text available on the archives of the home page ( 2006

Lectures on Butoh at Japan Fondation Sao Paulo : « Une philosophie
de la perception pour un au-delà de l’art : un érotisme de l’être au
monde ou l’art de la non danse »

3 Sessions in august. Scénographie, lectures and présentation of 15
films sur le Butoh à la at Japan Fondation Sao Paulo. Translated into
portuguese for the Fondation archives, and local publications.


Photo for the Magazine’s cover « Another Publication », reaserch
Institut of « Willem Kooning Academy».
Présentation of the art collection at Salon of Contemporary
Museum - Belgrade
« ARTES CÊNICAS SEM FRONTEIRAS » Anadarco éditions. The
lecture’s text about butoh translated into portuguese (p.105/120) for
the Collectif, edited by Katrin Thrall with the collaboration of SP
Ministry of Culture and University of Sao Paulo.

« POËME À DI », a poetry about love.
First presented in in [email protected] - free reading
on the home page of the publishing compagny. Down load by 600

readers, and red by more than 800 people (with some comments)
Self-publishing of unique pieces of the poetry, « POËME À DI »,
about 130 pièces, on sale on the home page and during the open

ateliers exhibitions during the year.
Contest of poetry, selected for publication of the poem « Le jour me
lève » - 15 selected poets in INFINIS PAYSAGES, ed. Les
Penchants du Roseau edition.

Publication of the poem « 11311 – gara gara » selection for the web
magazine of poetry and arts « : Paysages Écrits number 12 (p.51-54)

Films and Broadcast
Script and artistic direction of “Piercing the mask” a documentary
bout Butoh-now. Australian Production, Betacam SP, 49 minutes.
Several howards and distictions :
Spécial Prize f the Press, at the Vidéo Dance Festival, Sète, France.
Gold Rubon Prize, 34 th Film and Video American Boston, U.S.A.
Selected and presented at Pompidou Center Museum, Paris,
Collaboration in various video films on Butoh
(costumes, journalism, interviews, subtitles etc. :
“Dance of Darkness” of Edin Velez, U.S.A.,
“On the edge of crisis” of Mickaël Blackwood, U.S.A.,
“AÏ- AMOUR” of Kamal Musal, Swiss.etc.
Conception réalisation and production for broadcast about
life/death "Contre-Jour", on Radio Judaïca, a Broadcast-meditation :
To speak about life to better talk about reality of death : voices of
psychoanalysts, authors, poets, historian, editors, doctors and

psychoanalysts ect.
Work for ARTE TV
- MANGA texts and visual conception : 40’ for an evening
programed on the subject of MANGA in society - Arte TV,
Strasbourg 1998– as well as for the TV evenings such as :
- « No Sex Mr. President » ; « Hommage à René Clair » ; « Renoir »

Subtiles : translations for japanese or israeli fictions and documentaries
such as : « Shalom Cinema » ;« Zaka » ; « Kenzaburo Oe» ; - etc.,

Produced Butoh dancer Ohno Kazuo trip to Israel and to the Dead Sea, in
collaboration with Yori Sekine and Jacob Raz. Performance at H’an Theater of
Jerusalem and H’aifa Theater in 1983.
Produced the exhibitions in Japan of French painters from Alsace : Sonia Gerber,
at Wacoal Art Space in 86 and 87 and Asacloth in 89 ; for Christophe Meyer in 90.
Produced American artist Dorit Cypis residence in Japan and her exhibition at
Gallery A.D 2000, Tokyo, in 1988.
Produced the introduction in Japan of French artist and inventor of the
Pictodrame Therapy, André Elbaz for lectures and demonstration at the Nihon Press Center in 1988, and exhibitions at Asacloth and Seibu Sudio V in 1989. Produced the Gozo Opera in Aubette, Strasbourg 1999 for Gozo Yoshimasu
poetry, transalted in french by Circé publishing compagny.
Press (Not complete and not yet dated)
ON FR3 alsace infos for most of the exhibitions in Strasbourg has been covered
On Google about 50 pages to explore …

Main Newspapers :
Japan Times, Japan Times Weekly, Asahi Evening News, Asahi Shinbun, Mainichi Daily News, Art News, Yomiuri International Art News, etc. (Japon) ;
Ma’ariv, Ediot Aharonot, Al Ha'mishmar (Israël) ;
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace (Bas-Rhin) Repères ; L'Alsace (Haut Rhin) ;
Dance Research Journal (USA) ;
Les quotidiens de Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro (Brésil) ;
Magazines :
Bijutsu Techo, Geijutsu Shincho, Atelier, Gallery, Illustration, Journal, Pola, Gap International, etc. (Japon) ;
La-Isha - Ha-Ir - Koteret Rashit - Kod – picnic mgazine (Israël) ;
Monthly Review of Polytechnic Design (Corée) ;
Intersect (USA, Japon) ;
L.A. Art News Magazine - Dance Revue (USA) ;
Scéne (Canada) ;
La Tortuga (Péru) ;
Echo-unir - L’hebdoscope - Lime Light - Steps Magazine - Polystyrène – Saisons d'Alsace - L'Yeux - Tribune Juive - Revue de sociologie de Psychologie - Témoignage Chrétien ; (France)
Transmission 88, Seibu 1988 Tokyo ; Festival de Kanazawa 88 - Japon
Grand Palais Biennale 88 - Festival de video-danse du Centre Pompidou 92
- la Fnac - Festival de Vidéo Danse de Sète 92 - Le lézard Graphique 99
France (etc.)


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