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Vol.3 No.14 2005/07/28
1. FDA MedWatch 2005/07/08
2005 Safety Alert: [ Cialis ] tadalafil
[ Levitra ] vardenafil hydrochloride
[ Viagra ]
sildenafil citrate
[ Cialis ] tadalafil
[ Levitra ]
vardenafil hydrochloride
[ Viagra ] sildenafil citrate
PDE5 cGMP-specific type 5 phosphodiesterase PDE5 cGMP-specific type 5 phosphodiesterase PDE5 cGMP-specific type 5 phosphodiesterase 2. FDA Public Health Advisory 2005/07/13
Suspended Marketing of [ Palladone ] hydromorphone hydrochloride, extended release
[ Palladone ] hydromorphone hydrochloride
3. Alert for Healthcare Professionals 2005/07/15
Fentanyl Transdermal System marketed as [ Duragesic ]
[ Duragesic ]
FDA ALERT [07/2005]: Narcotic Overdose and Death
3-1 FDA MedWatch 2005/07/08
2005 Safety Alert: [ Duragesic ] fentanyl transdermal system
[ Duragesic ] fentanyl transdermal system
3-2 FDA Public Health Advisory 2005/07/15
Safety Warnings Regarding Use of Fentanyl Transdermal Skin Patches
4. CDER 2005/07/18
Summaries of Medical and Clinical Pharmacology Reviews of Pediatric Studies as of July 18,
5. FDA MedWatch 2005/07/18
2005 Safety Alert: [ Natrecor ] nesiritide
[ Natrecor ] nesiritide
6. FDA Public Health Advisory 2005/07/19
Sepsis and Medical Abortion [ Mifeprex ] mifepristone
[ Mifeprex ] mifepristone
7. FDA MedWatch 2005/07/01
Important Drug Warning Regarding [ Raptiva ] efalizumab
[ Raptiva ] efalizumab
Health Canada
1. Public Advisory 2005/07/04
New Safety Information on the Use of [ Depo-Provera ] medroxyprogesterone acetate
suspension for injection, 150 mg IM associated with Bone Mineral Density Changes
[ Depo-Provera ] medroxyprogesterone acetate
Important Safety Update: Potential effect of [ Depo-Provera ] medroxyprogesterone
acetate injectable suspension, USP on Bone Mineral Density BMD changes in adults and
adolescents 2005/07/07
[ Depo-Provera ] medroxyprogesterone
2. Public Advisory 2005/07/07
Reminder: Canadian Requirements for White Blood Cell Monitoring for Patients Taking
[ Clozaril ] clozapine Tablets.
[ Clozaril ] clozapine
MARTA multi acting receptor targeted agents 3. Advisory 2005/07/12
Health Canada advises consumers about important safety information on statins
Health Canada
4. Warning 2005/07/14
Health Canada warns consumers not to use certain Ayurvedic medicinal products
Health Canada
Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA 5. New safety information regarding the co-administration of [‘Videx’] and [‘Viread’], and
either [‘Sustiva’] or [‘Viramune’] 2005/07/18
[ Videx ] didanosine ddI
[ Viread ] tenofovir disoproxil fumarate TDF
[ Sustiva ] efavirenz EFV
[ Viramune ] nevirapine NVP
[ Viread ] tenofovir disoproxil fumarate TDF NZ MEDSAFE
1. Prescriber Update Vol.26 No.1 2005/06
Prescribing restrictions for all COX-2 inhibitors
Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee MARC

Source: http://www.nihs.go.jp/dig/sireport/weekly3/14050728.pdf


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