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Mandatory certification of lithium batteries in Korea
Portable lithium secondary cells and batteries for use in portable electrical equipment are included in the Korean safety certification (KC) scheme for consumer products from 1 July 2009. Small button type batteries are exempted. The responsible authority, KATS (Korean Agency for Technology & Standards), has already revised the Regulation for Quality Management & Safety Control of Industrial Products to include these added safety requirements from 1 January this year. The mandatory certification is intended to prevent that consumers risk explosion or fire caused by lithium batteries. The existing logo for such batteries may be used until 30 June 2011. For further information or assistance, please contact . Mandatory reduction of stand-by power in Korea
Nemko Korea has been designated by the Korean Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) as an official testing laboratory for Korea’s new “e-Standby Program”. This program aims to reduce the energy consumption of the following consumer products: (from the shown dates of implementation): - TV (Already mandatory from 28 August 2008).
- Computer, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Multi-functional device and Set-top box (From 1 July 2009).
- Fax, Copy machine, Energy-saving controlling device, VCR, Home Audio products, DVD Player, Radio
Cassette player, Microwave oven, Door phones, Cordless/Cord phone, Bidet, Modem and Home Gateway:
(From 1 January 2010).
Nemko Korea is designated to provide the required testing for all these products, except for Modem and
Home Gateway. For more informa
Implementation of the EuP Directive starts
The European Energy Using Product Directive (EuP) 2005/32/EC, (in full, now denoted the Eco-design Directive for Energy-using Products), will gradually be made applicable for different product categories from this year onwards. The Directive considers overall life cycle aspects of energy using products, and aims to decrease each product’s total impact on the environment, including hazardous substances, recycling, noise, water usage as well as energy consumption. If the product falls under the Implementing Measures (IM), the supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and the related CE-marking must be extended to include the EuP Directive. For IT equipment, the Directive applies to stand-by and off-mode power requirements from 7 Jan 2010 (per Regulation No 1275/2008) For external power supplies and chargers, there are specific Implementing Measures effective from 27 April 2010 (per Regulation 278/2009). Nemko can provide energy efficiency measurements and issue attestations to document conformity with these new requirements. For further information and assistance in this regard, you may contact our regular contact at Nemko.
Chinese certification of information security products

As announced in the News in Brief issue for March-April last year, Information Security
products (such as Firewall, Security router and Invasion detection system) were subject to
mandatory CCC-I mark approval in China from 1 May 2009 by the ISCCC (China
Information Security Certification Centre).
However, the detailed implementation rules were delayed. The concerned authorities
(AQSIQ, CNCA and MOF) have recently issued a joint notification (no. 33/2009) which
essentially states the following:
- The mandatory implementation date is postponed to 1 May 2010. - The approval and CCC-I mark is only mandatory for information security products intended for sale to Chinese governmental organizations. For other products, the mark can be applied for on voluntary basis. After the detailed CCC-I implementation rules for 13 categories of products were published on 27 April
this year, the ISCCC is now able to accept CCC-I applications.
For more information and assistance with such applications, pl
Successful medical device seminar in South China
On 18 May Nemko China organized a seminar in Shenzhen for the medical equipment industry in South China. The main speaker was SVP Grant Schmidbauer, who is also the head of Nemko’s Centre of Excellence in the medical device field in San Diego, USA. Focus in this seminar was on the regulatory requirements for such devices in Europe and North-America as well as the latest edition of the international standard IEC60601-1. Also Nemko’s testing and certification services in the medical area were of course duly covered About 60 representatives from 25 different companies attended the seminar, which received positive
feedback from the participants. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Nemko’s Annual Customer Seminar in September – Make note!

The seminar this year takes place in Oslo 14-16 Sept. Invitations
including program and registration forms are currently being
The seminar offers updates on requirements for market access of IT
& communication products worldwide including special focus on
some selected countries. In addition, important news on specific
technical issues for such products will be covered.
Due to the increasing interest noted concerning environmental
and energy efficiency matters
, it is decided to have the second
day of the seminar this year designated for such topics.
For further inform(Phone: +47 22960314).

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