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April 21 & 22
Class 2/3 Play “The King of Ireland’s Son” Wednesday 8:30am - performance for Kinderhouse & Parents/Friends Thursday 11:30am - performance for Classes 1 -8 April 27th
Class 5 Olympic Send Off – on the upper field. Class 5 Olympic Trip – No school for Class 5 on the 7th May 6, 7 & 8
Class 8 Play - “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” Thur. Fri. & Sat. at 7pm. School Performance tentatively Thur. at 10:30am May 19 & 20
Class 1 Play – “ The Golden Goose” Earth Day All School Lunch Picnic – All welcome (please call the office to sign up) Thursday May 20
12:30 Early Dismissal – ALL CLASSES (1 – 8) Friday May 21
Friday May 21
Monday May 24
Victoria Day – School & Marigold Daycare CLOSED Tuesday May 25
Tuesday May 25
Wednesday May 26 Class 8 Project Presentations in the Hall/Gym at 9am
Friday May 28
“Spring Concert” together with Mayfest Celebrations & Strawberry Shortcake Saturday May 29
June 3 & 4
Class 5 Play - “Persephone” (Thurs. at 6:30pm & Fri. at 11am) Last Day of School Year and end of year “Rose Ceremony” All Classes 1 – 8 dismiss at *12 noon*
The Chickens are
Bake Sale & Coffee Too!
Beginning after school until we are sold out!
Peace View Farms in Farmington, B.C
They are:
Õ Naturally Raised on Homegrown Feed Only (If you want less than a full bag please make private arrangements to share - we will not sell split bags) W e h a v e o n l y 9 0 b a g s t o s e l l .
D o n ’ t m i s s o u t ! O r d e r e a r l y !
P r i c e i s $ 3 . 1 2 l b
P a y m e n t a t t i m e o f p i c k - u p b y c a s h o r c h e q u e .
N o c r e d i t c a r d s p l e a s e
Order from Ryan’s Mom ilana by phone at 352-9658
or by e-mail at
A n o t h e r d e l i c i o u s f u n d r a i s e r f o r t h e C l a s s o f 2 0 1 0 W e a p p r e c i a t e y o u r s u p p o r t ! L i g h t i n g t h e W a y t o t h e F u t u r e Annuyal Fundraising Campaign ~ Donation Cards available at the School Office ~ It is with deep appreciation we receive all contributions from families & friends. Thank you everyone!! The NWS Lighting the Way Fundraising Committee EARTH DAY
Details, of the challenges individual classes have chosen, will be communicated by class teachers to families in the coming days. For the past three years the NWS faculty has encouraged students to participate in the Earth Week Challenge to walk or bike to and from school each day for a week. Although this experience has been a positive one for many students, families and teachers, we recognize that the age of students and the varying distances our families live from school greatly impact the degree to which students are able to participate. This also effects whether they are able to meet the challenge and consequently take part in the celebratory Mother Earth luncheon. This year individual classes will each take up a challenge that has been determined by students and teacher. These month-long challenges will begin on Earth Day.
During an assembly on Wednesday April 21, 2010 the classes will share with the whole school the challenge they have chosen to take up. This assembly will be followed by Earth Games. Students, Grade One through Grade Six, will participate in the activities as Carnival/Mayfest style “families”. Grade Eight students will lead the activities and Grade Seven students will serve as family leaders. CLOSING EVENT
On May 19 the students will gather again. At this time they will share their successes from the month and some gems from their experiences. This will be followed by a simple All-School picnic lunch. Students will eat with their Earth Games families. Together we will celebrate everyone’s efforts and mother Earth too! All parents are WELCOME at the picnic! (If you plan to attend please sign-up at the
to assist with the May 19th All-School Picnic. If you are willing to bake, prepare a dish or assist in any other way, please contact Carron Mulligan via the Front Office. ***************************
*NO BUS SERVICE FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE* – If your child/ren use the bus as the means to get to
and from school, please note that as June is a short attendance month the bus service is not available.
Please make other transportation arrangements for your child/ren for the month of June. We apologize for
the inconvenience this may cause but it is cost prohibitive to have bus service for the final half month of school.
It’s BEAR SEASON again. The NWS recently received a report of a bear that was sited quite near the
school. Although there have been no sightings on school grounds, parents need to be aware of the danger during bear season and consider making alternate arrangements for their child/ren to and from school or take the precautions they see fit particularly if their children walk to & from school through the RAM DRIVERS REIMBURSEMENT
Please come to Finance Office to collect your driver’s payment. We need to know how many students you drove & each day you drove. Deadline to claim reimbursement – June 11/10.
If you phone ahead, your reimbursement will be ready for you to pick up! Thank you…Andromeda 352-6919
* C o m m u n i t y C e l e b r a t i o n s *
Thank you to all of the Parents who contributed their time and effort to creating the new Parent room, Costume room and Woodwork room. What great spaces you have made for everyone to use and enjoy. With appreciation NWS Faculty and Staff.
Danny Finley, S.I. Coordinator
April Theme - Week Three - At Home Support for Social Inclusion

The development and delivery of Social Inclusion at the NWS has been greatly enhanced and
supported by the work of Gordon Neufeld as presented by Liz Amaryl, a local parent educator.
Gordon’s work is a continuation of the attachment-parenting model that applies to children of all
ages and stems from the premise that the parents have both the right and the responsibility to
maintain their Alpha position in the home.
A child raised with compassionate authority is able to relax and enjoy her role as the dependant child, knowing that the adults in her life are making the choices for which they are better prepared to make. The freedom that comes from being cared for allows the child to focus on her own work and to be more flexible and resilient when conflict and change arise. Gordon Neufeld’s work can be accessed by:
• Renting the videos at Reo’s. Gather a group of friends together to watch the series and • Reading his book, “Hold on to Your Kids” • Contacting Liz Amaryl through Nelson Community Services at 250.352.3504 for private • Attending a “Power to Parent Workshop” with Liz Amaryl. (Contact NCS at 250.352.3504) • Attending workshops presented at the school as they are offered. This year we presented “The Vital Connection” the first 8 videos and discussions in the “Power to Parent” series. Gordon’s work includes:
• Relationship Matters DVD - a 2 hour presentation • Power to Teach - a four-session video course for educators • The Power to Parent Series - the complete set of three sequential video-courses • The Vital Connection (Power to Parent Part I) - an eight-session video course • Helping Children Grow Up (Power to Parent Part II) - an eight-session video course • Common Challenges (Power to Parent Part III) - an eight-session video course • Making Sense of Adolescence - an eight-session video course • Bullies: Their Making and Unmaking - a 4 hour video course Members of the SICG:
Danny Finley – Social Inclusion Coordinator
Georgia Argyle - Parent on the Social Inclusion Coordinating Group
Carron Mulligan - Teacher on the Social Inclusion Coordinating Group Paige Adair - Parent on the Social Inclusion Coordinating Group Ralf Hoerger - Teacher on the Social Inclusion Coordinating Group Deirdre McLaughlin - Parent on the Social Inclusion Coordinating Group A little “Post” April Fool’s Fun

The faculty and staff have been working on exciting changes lately. We think you will be
delighted at our creative and frugal plans!
At the school, our biggest program change is to our Handwork and Art/Skills programs. In the past, students have struggled through learning complex skills such as drawing, painting, sewing and woodworking. Since all the products that they learn to make can now be readily bought on the internet, we will shift our focus to learning how to shop online effectively. Students will learn where to find inexpensive, mass-produced, imitation crafts as well as practical skills such as encrypting credit card numbers and bidding on online auctions, including last-minute “sniping.” This will enable them to acquire stuff much more efficiently than by making items themselves. Thanks to Lisa’s efforts on behalf of the school, we received a grant to purchase two new Life Screens, the largest flat-screen television available. One will be installed in the Eurythmy room this summer and will allow us to replace the current Eurythmy program with the aerobic “Dance, Dance Revolution” (which we will call by its older European name, “Dancing Stage”). The other Life Screen will be installed in the Hall/Gym, where we will supplement the Physical Education program with the Wii Sports Pack and Fit Plus packages. We are especially excited to be able to offer the exclusive “Wii the Waldorf Way” Pentathlon Training package to next year’s fifth grade students, who will learn long jump, discus and javelin without the need to go outdoors as they prepare for their virtual tournament, to take place online with 5 other Waldorf schools next spring. The Life Screens and Wii consoles will also facilitate changes to the Instrumental Music program. Instead of the costly and time-consuming method of having each student strive to master an individual instrument, all the students will be trained through the “Guitar Hero” game series to seem as though they have mastered an instrument. This will provide the instant gratification so necessary to today’s young people. We also have great news about the Spring Concert. Miss Switzer has decided to hold a Disney sing-along as the 5th and 6th grade choral piece at this year’s Spring Concert. She is working on getting black “Mickey Mouse” ears donated to each student to wear as part of the concert dress. The students are working hard on their songs, so don’t be surprised if you see a renewed interest in viewing some favourite childhood videos – over and over again! Lastly, we are making a fundraising change. Instead of our labour-intensive Christmas Faire, we will install vending machines on campus. The Christmas Faire yields about $4000 but if each child purchased just one can of soda per school day, we could effortlessly make $17000. Simple! We hope you enjoyed this “Post” April Fools laugh. Although we made a few edits, this piece was originally written by Laura Slesar, who works in the Front Office at the Lake Champion Waldorf School. It was her contribution to their April 1 weekly newsletter. P A R E N T N E W S April 21 2010
Published Weekly (Submission deadline is Mondays by 3pm)
Email ~or drop off at the School Office. Note: Ads are space permitting & are on a first received basis. All ads printed are for one week only.
An ad may run for an additional week only if space permits. To re-submit an ad, allow at least a 2 week interval. FOR SALE - New white hood fan for sale $75. Like-
BOOK WANTED - "Hold on to Your Kids" by Gordon
new white water cooler dispenser for sale $50. Call: Neufeld. The Social Inclusion parent group is looking for copies of this book for a permanent parent lending HARROP LAKEFRONT HOUSE FOR RENT: Sept-15, you have a book to donate.
2011-June 15, 2011. Possibly full year lease.
Included: furnished, three bedroom, two bath, FOR SALE: Baby Trecker brand soft pack baby carrier,
sunny, 7.8 acre home, two minutes from ferry, garden area, chicken coop, rustic outdoor kitchen and sleeping arrangement on lake, two private KROKA EXPEDITIONS is Waldorf-Inspired Earth Living
beaches, 1.5 acres ready for planting, utilities Skills School in Marlow, NH, committed to awakening in separate, beautiful views. 1200/month, Dog young people a connection to nature and the spirit considered w/deposit. No kitties, unfortunately: within, and a capacity for conscious living and also
compassionate service. Kroka¹s summer camps offer AIRSTREAM 34 foot TRAILER FOR SALE: 1991,
the unique combination of wilderness adventure, 34 foot pristine condition limited classic travel yacht community living, farming and practice of traditional trailer for sale: 19,000.00 Hard wood floors, perfect and indigenous skills for students ages 9 - 18 for one shape, in Harrop. It is ready for summer/spring/fall and two-week sessions. For more info. please see our planting or pulling. Possible winter use with structure. Great "second" home. Call for photos or to call 603-835-9087 see. Phone Kim Howard 250-229-4458. PARENT COUNCIL MEETING Tues. April 27th 6:30 pm
Please forward any ideas/suggestions re:agenda FOOD FOR FUNDRAISING
By using grocery cards purchased through Andromeda Please bring all your refundables to the school & in our Finance Office to pay for your spuds you can be drop them in the BINS located beside the sanding raising funds effortlessly! Cheques can be sent in with box (across from the Bus Stop). A Class 4 your child & the cards will come home with them the same day or if your child is too young for such a task a
Class 8 student or parent will be happy to facilitate the
transaction for you. Call ilana at 352-9658 to arrange.


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