NCTTA Board of Directors August 26, 2012
In attendance: Willy Leparulo (WL), Randy Kendle (RK), David Del Vecchio (DD) late, Wanda Wong
(WW) late, Joseph Wells (JEW) late, Kevin Li (KL), Ed Toomey (ET), Chris Wang (CW)
Not in attendance: Seemant Teotia, Linda Leaf, Nelson Gore, Brayden Glad, Michael McFarland, Abe
MTG started at 8:02pm
Meeting Minutes from July 25th approved 5-0-0 2 non votes: DD, WW -updated last rules about eligibility and Men’s/Women’s singles default ruling and women’s team default ruling -board approved all changes and NCTTA Rules/Regulations document -talked with BOD to change dates and update membership fees by 1st of September -look at putting a drop down box for divisions in the 2nd page of membership 3) Regional Directors/Division Director Vacancies -Calan is interested in West Regional Director -still missing VA DD, Jersey Shore DD, Kansas DD -WL questions what is up with Nelson Gore, ET and CW will follow up -David Livings resigned from the South Regional Directorship, WL will look for people and worse comes to worse either KL or WL will do the position -Will start this Labor day week with CW, RK and WL involved -ET reports that he got USATT to send out a mass email about recruiting schools and individuals and it was put out to USATT newsletter and clubs by identifying highschools and college kids that play in the clubs -DD will mail Atilla brochures -creation of new Divisions: Northern Ohio and Southern Ohio, looking to create Southern Texas division too -KL says has created University of Oklahoma team and possibly one in Tulsa to go to Kansas -Constant contacts will be employed to put out newsletter, DD will proofread -scholarship winners will be announced September 1st; Pre Season rankings will also be decided around that time -Randy gives financial update monthly, showing recent transactions on stuff that has
-Will not close BOA account just yet
-Ed Toomey; Recruitment Director, gave 200 dollars to NCTTA
-Butterfly still sending payments via check to Francois; JEW will check on it
Motion Proposed by WL: Motion to accept/approve the 2012-2013 Budget for NCTTA
Motion 2nd by DD
Motion approved 7-0-0

-E Newsletter request can be distributed via Facebook, Twitter, etc. -Mailing addresses-NCTTA only has captains mailing address -Championship space we will try, but we don’t have room at the time -Dan has updated the ASP pages, player email and ratings fields and pre populated with last known data -We need to get rid of the duplicate names in Dan's system. -still needs work, but Dan Wang is moving right along -When to release statement to get statement of interests for this position -Mid October NCTTA will release information on this
-thought process is to have person attend USATT meeting in December if possible and to
make sure USATT Nominations committee would have time to make that decision
Mtg Adjourned 9:31pm


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