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Holy Land Tour Itinerary for 2013-2014
Continue to Bet Shean where the Philistines hung the bodies of Saul and Dec 27 THU Des Moines - Chicago - Frankfurt Flight from Des Moines to
Jonathan from the city wall (1 Sam 31:12). Lunch at the Sahara Restaurant in Chicago, where we will board our Lufthansa jet to Frankfurt. Dinner and the village of Nain, where Christ raised the widow’s son from the dead (Lk. 7:11). Continue to Nazareth, boyhood home of Jesus. Visit Nazareth Village and Dec 28 FRI Frankfurt - Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Airport - Jaffa · In
beautiful St. Gabriel’s Church where the only fresh water spring of the city is Frankfurt board our flight to Tel Aviv. Arrive in the afternoon in Tel Aviv. We located, undoubtedly frequented by Christ and his human family. Explore the are met by our guide and driver Adnan. Leaving Ben Gurion Airport, we stop at fortress city of Megiddo where more than 20 layers of civilization have been Jaffa, biblical Joppa (Jonah 1:3; Acts 9:34), from which Jonah sailed in unearthed. In the 10th century B.C. this was one of Solomon’s chariot cities (1 disobedience to his call to go to Nineveh. See Simon the Tanner's house, where Kings 9:15), famous as a place where many great battles have been fought and Peter had his great vision to go to Caesarea to call on Cornelius the Centurion. where someday the armies of the world will engage in bloody carnage at the As the sun sets in the Mediterranean Sea, leave Joppa for the Holiday Inn in climax of the tribulation period (Rev. 16:16; 14:20 “blood up to the horse’s Ashkelon for welcome drink. dinner and overnight. bridle”). Return to Nof Ginosar overnight. Dec 29 SAT Ashkelon - Beersheba - Arad - Eilat After breakfast visit
Jan 4 FRI Jordan River – Masada – En Gedi – Qumran – Jericho –
Ashkelon and Yad Mordekay Kibbutz. Continue to Beersheba, capital of the Jerusalem rive to Masada – En Gedi – Qumran – Jericho – Jerusalem Leave
Negev, called the City of Abraham. God appeared to Isaac here (Gen. 20:23,24). early for drive along Jordan and the Dead Sea. Ascend by cable car to Masada. Visit the impressive excavations at Tel Sheva near Beersheba where an ancient Visit the remarkable ruins of the fortress built by Herod the Great, where from sacrificial altar was found in the fall of 1973, dating back to the time of A.D. 70-73 Jewish Zealots made their last stand in the Judean revolt against the Abraham, as well as Abraham's Well. View a Bedouin village outside of Roman legions, and where the 960 Zealots took their own lives rather than to Beersheba and then continue to ancient Arad (Num. 21:1-2) before eating lunch submit to slavery. We see the remains of Herod’s Palace, the ancient synagogue, in Nof Arad, one of the new towns that has sprung up in the desert. After lunch baths, storehouses and cisterns, used by the Jewish defenders who took refuge depart for Eilat via southern end of the Dead Sea, Mt. Sodom and Wadi Arava. here. We drive along the Dead Sea, not only the lowest spot on earth, but the Dinner and overnight at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Eilat. saltiest, its water containing over 25% minerals. At En Gedi follow a trail along David’s Spring to Israel’s highest waterfall, past a precipitous cliff filled with Dec 30 SUN Timna – Eilat – Egyptian border - Aqaba - Mts. of Edom -
caves, which rises some 2000 feet. It was here that David and his men took Petra This morning we will drive 10 miles north to Timnah to visit mysterious
refuge from King Saul and here also that David spared Saul’s life (1 Sam. rock drawings and Solomon’s copper mines. Of great interest is a full-scale 23:24). Along the way we should observe a variety of biblical animals, such as model of the tabernacle with it symbolism explained by Messianic Jews. Lunch the wild goat (ibex) and rabbit-like hyrax. Enjoy a swim in (better, on) the Dead
in Eilat at a steak restaurant, then on to see the Egyptian border with Pharaoh's Sea. Then it is time for lunch at the cafeteria at Qumran. Next we will visit the Island. Visit the aquarium and underwater observatory in the Gulf of Aqaba, to excavations and see the caves where the famous Dead See Scrolls were found. be fascinated by the beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish which inhabit the Red Travel 7 miles north to Jericho, reputedly the oldest city on earth. Explore the Sea. Transfer at the Arava Border Crossing to Jordan where our Jordanian guide ruins of the city destroyed by Joshua in 1405 B.C. and observe Elijah’s Spring, Mohammed and driver will welcome us. Enjoy the 3-hour drive through the emerging directly from under the ancient tell. Overnight at our new Jerusalem Mts. of Edom to the spectacular rock-hewn city of Petra. Overnight at the Petra Marriott Hotel, with a brief background session after dinner to prepare us for tomorrow’s visit to Petra, “the read-rose city half as old as time.” Jan 5 SAT Hebron - Herodion - Bethlehem - Model City - Shrine of the
Leave Jerusalem for Hebron (if conditions permit) to visit the Cave of
Dec 31 MON Petra - King’s Highway - Amman This day may be the
Machpelah with the tombs of the patriarchs and their wives. Stop at a Hebron highlight of the entire tour. Approach Petra on horseback, then walk through the pottery shop and see Philip's Fountain and Amos' town of Tekoa en route to the narrow gorge called Siq. Marvel at the rose-colored buildings hewn into the Herodion fortress. See Herods recently discovered grave. From the tope of the rock by the Nabataeans around the time of Christ. Petra appears to be one of the fortress we can rehearse the entire story of Ruth, the Moabitess. After lunch in refuge areas for Israel during the last half of the tribulation period (Dan. 11:41; Bethlehem, see the Church of the Nativity. Then it is time for some shopping. Is. 63:1). After lunch travel northward on the plains of Moab east of the Dead Return to Jerusalem to see the Model City, the Minorah near the Knesset and the Sea on the ancient King’s Highway. Several picture stops en route to Amman, Shrine of the Book, museum of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Jordan’s capital (e.g. Machaerus, where John was beheaded). New Year’s Eve at the exclusive Crowne Plaza Hotel situated at the highest point in Amman. Jan 6 SUN Jerusalem - The Golden City, Future Capital of the World (Is.
2:1-4: Mic. 4:1-2) Morning tour of the Old City of Jerusalem begins with the
Jan 1 TUE Mt. Nebo – Madaba – Jabbok River -- Jerash – Gilead – Sea of
Cardo, Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock on Mount Moriah where Galilee After a short tour of Amman, we will drive to the Amorite/Israelite city
Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac (Gen. 22). Explore the famous of Heshbon then on to Mt. Nebo. View the Promised Land as Moses did. This is Western Wall Tunnel. Take a walk along the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the an ideal location to rehearse the life and death of Moses, the most humble man Holy Sepulchre. Visit the Garden Tomb, located a short distance north of the before the Lord (Nu. 12:3) The morning sun to our back should be ideal for Damascus Gate, and Gordon's Calvary, a bare windswept rock-faced hill pictures. By clear weather we can see the Mt. of Olives! Proceed north to the resembling a skull - much as one might picture Calvary. Below the hill is a Jabbok River where Jacob wrestled the Angel of the Lord (Gen. 32:22). beautiful garden. Superb Arab lunch with our travel agent, Raji Khoury, at the Unfogettable visit to Jerash, mid-way between the Dead Sea and the Sea of Philadelphia Restaurant. Enjoy your free afternoon. Now is the time to buy that Galilee. Jerash is one of the best preserved Roman provincial cities. In the Bible Israeli chocolate and those olivewood carvings for the folks back home. it is referred to as Gerasa (Mk. 5:1; Lk. 8:26). Cross into Israel at the Sheikh Hussain boder crossing. Next three nights at Kibbutz Nof Ginosar on the Sea of Jan 7 MON Nebi Samwil - Gibeon - Yad Vashem - Emmaus - Beth
Shemesh - Valley of Elah - Moshav Yad HaShemonah - Gezer - Ben Gurion
Airport - Frankfurt
Leave Jerusalem to the north by way of Nebi Samwil, the
Jan 2 WED Hazor - Kiryat Shemona - Tell Dan - Banias - Quneitra -
"tomb of Samuel" and view Gibeon (el-Jib). Pay a sobering visit to Yad Golan Heights - Capernaum - Tabgha - Mount of Beatitudes Leave early
Vashem, the holocaust memorial. Stop at Emmaus for pictures. Then, if time this morning for Hazor, the most powerful Canaanite center in Upper Galilee at permits, visit Beth Shemesh where the Ark of the Covenant was returned to the time of Joshua, who "took Hazor and smote the king thereof with the sword" Israel. Pick 5 smooth stones in the Brook of Elah where David defeated Goliath (Josh. 11:10). Continue to Kiryat Shemona, Tell Dan, Banias, known as Caesarea (1 Sam. 17). Lunch at Moshav Yad HaShemonah and view the outdoor biblical Philippi, the site of Peter's Confession (Mt 16:13-28). Continue to Israel's largest museum here. Cross the Valley of Aijalon where the sun stood still (Josh. 10:12- Crusader castle, the Castle of Nimrud, Quneitra, the Golan Heights, and back to 14) and where Tel Gezer stands as a silent sentinel over the battle-scarred plain. En Gev for lunch. Start the afternoon with a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee. On to Ben Gurion Airport where we board our 4:30 pm flight for Frankfurt. Visit Capernaum, Tabgha and the Mount of Beatitudes (Matt. 5) and then return Overnight at the 5-star Frankfurt Airport Sheraton Hotel. to Nof Ginosar to view the ancient fishing boat from the time of Christ. After an eventful day, enjoy a delicious dinner and quiet overnight. Jan 8 TUE Frankfurt - Chicago - Des Moines Early check-in and time for
some shopping before leaving for Chicago, where you will connect with your
Jan 3 THU Outlet of Sea of Galilee - Yarmuk River – Belvoir - En Harod -
flight to Des Moines or some other home airport. Return home, poor in finances, Bet Shean – Nain - Nazareth – Megiddo –Mt. Carmel. Tour Galilee today.
but rich in a lifetime of memories of the Holy Land. You will have gained a After a drive along the Yarmuk River on the Syrian and Jordanian border, we new perspective on the Bible that nothing else can give you. Places like pay a visit to Israel’s best preserved Crusader castle, Belvoir. Then we stop by Bethlehem and Beersheba, Hazor and Heshbon, are no longer dots on a map but En Harod, Gideon's Spring, where he chose his 300 valiant men (Jud. 7:6). mental images with myriads of overwhelming impressions. Come, find out!


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