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Plagiarism Quiz
Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
1. Working with a friend on an assignment means that we can both submit the same work for grade. 2. I am allowed to use someone else’s ideas as long as I give them credit for it. 3. I found a great article on the internet. I don’t have to cite the author because the internet is public. 4. I had a lot of papers due the same week, so I paid a friend to write my term paper for me. They cited everything properly, so it isn’t plagiarism. 5. I can use another author’s words as long as I put them in quotation marks and cite the author. 6. If I change at least some of the words, it is not plagiarism. 7. The original document said, “The North American Adult Reading Test (NAART) is a quickly administered test that is widely used to estimate verbal intellectual ability. I reworded it to read, “The NAART is a quickly administered test that is widely used to estimate verbal intellectual ability.” This is not plagiarism. 8. I wrote two term papers on the same topic. I didn’t use exactly the same paper, but I did use a couple of the same paragraphs in both. They are my own words, so it isn’t plagiarism. 9. My computer was broken so I used my friend’s to do my statistics assignment. She already had hers done and, because I knew we would have the same answers, I just copied it and submitted it. That’s not plagiarism. ____ 10. My friend took two courses that were somewhat related. He wrote one term paper and turned it in to both professors. I told him that was plagiarism. Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
____ 11. Relative to other acts of dishonesty, plagiarism would be most like; a. lying b. fraud/misrepresentation c. stealing d. all of the above ____ 12. It would be OK to borrow and use my friend’s term paper: a. if I use it at a different university b. if I give credit for the parts I use c. if I only use a small portion of it d. It is never OK to use someone else’s paper ____ 13. Which of the following is an example of plagiarism? a. using someone else’s words and using quotation marks and a citation b. working with someone else on a project c. referring to someone else’s work and using a citation d. using someone else’s work and presenting it as your own ____ 14. If you get caught plagiarizing, the most severe penalty Mount Royal can administer is: a. a reduced grade on the assignment b. a grade of zero on the assignment c. a failing grade in the course d. suspension from Mount Royal University ____ 15. Which of the following does not require a citation? a. The eye perceives color with the help of photoreceptors called cones. b. One of the most effective medications used to treat depression is Prozac. c. It is estimated that 3 to 5% of school-age children have been diagnosed with ADHD. d. The left hemisphere of the brain is believed to be responsible for processing language. ____ 16. When you use the exact words of another person, it is not plagiarism as long as you include: a. quotation marks b. a citation and reference c. quotation marks, a citation, and reference d. It is never OK to use someone else’s exact words ____ 17. A citation is not required when: a. the idea is your own b. when the fact is common knowledge c. you don’t know where the idea came from d. Both a and b ____ 18. Which of the following is NOT plagiarism?
a. If you reuse parts of a paper you wrote. b. If you change the order of the words from another source. c. If you use someone else’s idea, rewriting it to keep the meaning and give them credit for it d. If you use a graph from an internet source. ____ 19. Which of the following cases of plagiarism would be justifiable? a. if you are part of a group presentation and another member of the group plagiarizes b. if you did not know it was plagiarism c. if you did not know the original source d. None. Plagiarism is never justifiable. ____ 20. Look at the following passages. Original paper: Clark (2009) suggested that cognitive behavioral therapy, combined with medication, was the most effective treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Your paper: The best treatment for OCD is a combination of drugs and cognitive behavioral therapy (Clark, 2009). This is plagiarism because a. the sentence structure is the same b. the words are basically the same, but in a different order c. both a and b are correct d. Actually, this has been changed enough that it is not plagiarism Plagiarism Quiz
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