Art director | Writer | Perfectionist www.mikerophone.net Mi ke rophone 1 9 9 8 t o 2 0 0 9
media and dealer concepts including 24-hour service, virtual deal er ships, interactive web presence. Evaluated prototypes, Web sites: Mikerophone; Asterisk Editing; Scandinavian in clud ing Prowler, PT Cruiser, next-generation min i vans.
Cryobank; Larry Cadman; Cryos New York; My hol i day.com (copy only); Cryospermdonor; Alexandra Soiseth; Rodney Valvoline: art, copy and photography for national trade, consum er, NASCAR and Indycar cam paigns; supervised Print and television: AT&T Business Internet, Prilosec, Pa rade Mag a zine, Nokia, Source Cap i tal Net work, Capital Family Channel: national image and programming cam paigns One, Internal Revenue Service, Crest, of ce.com, Metamucil, Intelisys, Ernst & Young, T.D. Waterhouse, Equinox Health Lycos: art, copy and photography for national consumer Clubs, Cable & Wireless, es e cu ri ty online, Cryos, Logic House Collateral: Sony; Citibank col lege financing calendar/guide; fund rais ing ma te ri als for the Andrew Glover Foundation; Sca l i Mc Cabe Slove s 1 9 8 5 t o 1 9 9 1
strategic de vel op ment, trade show booth design and di rect mail Associate Creative Director, Vice President Participated in strategic planning and creative execution of Promotional concepts: Sony; Suzuki; T.D. Waterhouse; Cryos brand and re tail cam paign s for Ni kon, Pella, Pu ri na Select, Volvo, Sharp, Continental Airlines, Hertz, Perdue, Chase Manhat tan, James Riv er (Brawny pa per tow els, North ern Account pitches for ad agencies: T.D. Wa ter house (won); Me mo ri al Sloan-Ket ter ing (won); Sum mit Bank (lost); Stud ley Commercial Real Estate (won); Securities Industry Sk i l l sCopywriting; strategic development; pho tog ra phy for pitches Boz el l, New York 1 9 9 1 t o 1 9 9 8
and na tion al cam paigns ( Ly cos, Val v o line); illustration Associate Creative Director, Vice President Partner to the group cre ative di rec tor Helped implement th e first cli ent/server net work at Bozell, comprising 300 NeXTstations, Macs and Windows PC’s; Merrill Lynch: contributed to corporate campaigns; su per vi sed re tail campaigns and cre ative teams Software power user: InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, FreeHand, Quark, Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash Chrysler Corporation: corporate campaigns to im prove pub lic per cep tions of safety, reliability and in no va tion in ad vance of launch of Chrysler Concorde and LHS, Dodge Intrepid Launch and sustaining campaigns for Concorde and LHS Awa rd sTwo sons; one wife, for 28 years; several One Show fi nal ists; Sustaining campaigns for Plymouth Acclaim, Dodge Spirit some Art Directors Club finalists; an Efe; some Addys; a BFA Corporate campaign for Plymouth Voyager, Dodge Caravan (The Minivan Company) and retail campaign (The Minivan Dealer print and outdoor for Plymouth Neon Hy Yablonka, creative director (retired), Chiat/Day Member of the engineering/marketing team charged with Rod ney Un der wood, creative director, musician in ves ti gat ing a re stag ing of the Plymouth brand. Developed Matt Savage, MattSavageWork, Dallas, Texas

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Counseling children, 8th Ed. ( 158.3 HEN c) Gay children, straight parents: a plan for family healing ( 261.83576 COH g) Raising drug-free children: membesarkan anak bebas narkoba ( 362.291 COL r) Researching children's experience: methods and approaches ( 300.72 RES r) Separation anxiety in children and adolescents: an individualized approach to assess-ment and teratment ( 618.928522 EIS

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Prostata spezifisches Antigen in der individuellen Krebsvorsorge und im Therapieverlauf F.Recker Zusammenfassung Prostata spezifisches Antigen (PSA) ist der am häufigsten benutzte Tumormarker der Onkologie. Sein Einsatz reicht von der Vorsorge des Prostatakarzinoms bis hin zur Therapiekontrol e des hormonrefraktären Karzinoms. - Bevor eine „PSA Kaskade“ im Rahmen der Prostata

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