Consultant in the division of gastroenterology, sunnybrook & women’s

Dr. Anita Rachlis, MD, FACC, F.R.C.P.(C)
Head of Division of Infectious Disease,
Director, Ambulatory HIV Clinic, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Professor, Division of Infectious Disease,
Department of Medicine, University of Toronto Associate Director,
Ontario Region Canadian HIV Trials Network
Dr. Anita Rachlis is a Member of the Board of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, member of the
Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS, and member of the Expert Advisory Committees on HIV
Therapy and Anti-infectives, Health Canada. She is Clerkship Director, Undergraduate Medical
Program, University of Toronto.
• FRCPC 1976 University of Toronto/RCPSC Internal Medicine • Certificate of Special Competence 1983 University of Toronto/RCPSC Infectious Disease • Med 1994 OISE, University of Toronto Significant Awards
• 1972 Cody Gold Medal, University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine • 1995 Department of Medicine, Education Award, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre • 1998 Special Director’s Award, Boyd Academy • 2000 Honor Roll, Ontario AIDS Network • 2003 Council Award, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Selected Publications
1. Rachlis, A. Zidovudine (Retrovir) update. CMAJ 1990;143:1177-85. 2. Rachlis, A., Fanning, M.M. Zidovudine toxicity: Clinical features and management. Drug 3. Rachlis A.R., Zarowny, D.P., for the Canadian HIV Trials Network Antiretroviral Working Group. Guidelines for antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection. CMAJ 1998;158:496-505 4. Rachlis, A.R. Neurologic manifestations of HIV infection. Postgraduate Medicine 5. Hurwitz, J.J., Fine, N., Rachlis A.R. Needle-stick injuries and HIV infection: a surgeon’s personal experience and review of postexposure prophylaxis. Can J Ophthalmol 1999;34:195-203. 6. Rachlis, A., Smaill, F., Walker, V., Hotchkies, L., and Jones, A., Incremental cost- effectiveness analysis of intravenous ganciclovir versus oral ganciclovir in the maintenance treatment of newly diagnosed cytomegalovirus retinitis in patients with AIDS. Pharmacoceconomics 1999;16:71-84. 7. Rachlis, A. Management of antiretroviral-related neuropsychiatric adverse effects. Can J 8. Gill, M.J., Rachlis, A., Walmsley, S., Halman, M., and the Efavirenz Consensus Working Group. Canadian Expert Panel recommendations on the management of CNS symptoms related to efavirenz. Can J Infect Dis 2001;12(Suppl C):20C-30C. 9. Staszewski, S., Morales-Ramirez, J., Tashima, K.T., Rachlis, A., Skiest, D., Stanford, J., Stryker, R., Johnson, P., Labiola, D.F., Farina, D., Manion, D.J., Ruiz, N.M., for the Study 006 Team. Efavirenz plus zidovudine and lamivudine, efavirenz plus indinavir, and indinavir plus zidovudine and lamivudine in the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults. N Engl J Med 1999;341:1865-73. 10. Tipping, J., Freeman, R.F., Rachlis, A.R. Using faculty and student perceptions of group dynamics to develop recommendations for PBL training. Academic Medicine 1995;70:1050-52. 11. Shafran, S.D., Mashiner, L.D., Phillips, P., Lalonde, R.G., Gill, M.J., Walmsley, S.L., Toma, E., Conway, B., Fong, I.W., Rachlis, A.R., Williams, K.E., Garber, G.E., Schlech, W.F., Smaill, F. Successful discontinuation of therapy for disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex infection following effective antiretroviral therapy. Ann Intern Med 2002;137:734-737. 12. Cheung, M.C., Rachlis, A.R., Shumak, S.L. A cryptic case of cryptococcus. CMAJ 2002; 13. Burchell, A.N., Calzavara, L., Ramuscak, N., Myers, T., Major, C., Rachlis, A., Gough, K., Raboud, J., Remis, R.S., and the Polaris HIV Seroconversion Study Team. Symptomatic primary HIV infection or risk experiences? Circumstances surrounding HIV testing and diagnosis among recent seroconverters. International Journal of STD and AIDS 2002; Research Interests
HIV infection - clinical trials of antiretroviral therapy and management of opportunistic infections,
seroconversion, women and HIV, post-exposure prophylaxis Medical education


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