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Cerebrosides; Phrenosin (bottom spot)

Catalog number: 1138
Molecular Formula: C42H81NO9
Common Name: Galactosylceramide with
Molecular Weight: 744 (2-hydroxystearoyl)
Storage: -20°C
Purity: TLC >98%
Source: natural, bovine
TLC System: chloroform/methanol/DI water,
Solubility: chloroform/methanol/DI water,
Appearance: solid
CAS number: 37211-11-3
Application Notes:
This cerebroside product is a glycosphingolipid containing a galactose (galactocerebroside) attached to a ceramide acylated
with 2-hydroxy fatty acids. 2-hydroxygalactolipids account for as much as 60% of the myelin sheath, higher than in any other
tissues, and is formed by fatty acid 2-hydroxylase.1 Galactocerebrosides are found primarily in neuronal tissues and are the
major glycosphingolipids in the central nervous system. They are the largest single component of the myelin sheath of nerves
and seem to act, along with other molecules, to form part of the structural support of the myelin sheath.2 Cerebrosides are
involved in a very wide range of biological activities such as cell agglutination, intracellular communication, cellular
development, and antitumor/cytotoxic effects.3 Galactocerebroside can be metabolized into sulfatide which is also abundant
in the nervous system and myelin sheath. Due to the relatively high melting point of cerebrosides (much greater than
physiological body temperature) they have a para-crystalline structure. Krabbe’s disease (globoid cell leukodystrophy) is
characterized by a deficiency in the enzyme galactocerebrosidase, which is responsible for degrading galactocerebroside.
This leads to an accumulation of cerebroside and psychosine (which is very cytotoxic and can result in demyelination of
nerves and loss of axonal conductivity). This standard from Matreya is excellent for use in the identification and isolation of
cerebrosides in the study of Krabbe’s disease and other studies.4
Selected References:
1. H. Hama et al. “FA2H is responsible for the formation of 2-hydroxy galactolipids in peripheral nervous system myelin” Journal of Lipid Research, vol. 49
pp. 153-161, 2008
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Vol. 46 pp. 163-175, 2005
This chemical is for investigational use only. This chemical is not for human consumption or to be used in food or food additives. Matreya assumes no liability for any use of this chemical by the end user. We believe the information, offered in good faith, is accurate.


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