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P H A R M A N E X ® P R O D U C T I N F O R M AT I O N PA G E PROMOTES HEALTHY ENERGY LEVELS* Positioning Statement Who Should Use This Product? The herbs in Energy Formula work together to provide optimal syn-Energy Formula is designed for people suffering from occasional fa-ergism and support the body's ability to reduce mental fatigue andtigue. This product offers an immediate, but

Over the last 30 years, PRA has supported the development of treatments for cardio-metabolic diseases. As a recognized leader in this therapeutic area, we have provided services critical to the approval of five marketed cardio-metabolic drugs: Prandin®, Symlin®, Cleviprex®, Olmetec Plus® and Letairis®/Volibris®. Experience and Expertise in Cardio-Metabolic DiseasesPRA’s therapeutic and

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