Kutztown Rotary Bulletin
Kutztown Rotary Club, District 7430, Club 5433 - Organized April 1, 1926
Address: P.O. Box 127, Kutztown, PA 19530; Meetings: Wed. @ 6:30 PM in
the Club Room at the Kutztown Tavern, 272 West Main Street, Kutztown
Our newsletter is distributed by email. Please give your e-mail address to Steve Henning or send your e-mail address to [email protected] . You can also read new and past newsletters at http://kutztownrotary.org. April 1, 2009 – The club welcomed Students of the overexposure to another neurotransmitter called
glutamate, excess levels of which contribute to the death of brain cells in people with Alzheimer's. April 8 – Holy Week, no meeting
Early-onset Alzheimer’s shows hereditary links, April 15—Jean Boyer welcomed our guest
but in general, age is the greatest risk factor for the speaker, Kellie Butsack, from the Berks County disease. One out of eight people over 65 are at risk, office of the Alzheimer’s Association. and one out of two over 85 are at risk of getting the disease. Alzheimer’s is a specific type of dementia that was named for a German physician in 1906 who Diet and exercise matter. There is a heart-brain defined the disease after autopsying the brain of a connection. Your brain needs blood and oxygen to patient and identifying the disease’s physiological stay healthy. So, Keep your body weight, blood hallmarks. However it continued to be thought of pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels within as a mental illness, stigmatizing patients. In the recommended ranges. Eat less fat and more 1970’s family members of Alzheimer’s patients antioxidant-rich foods. Get daily exercise. Don’t created a grass-roots support group, which became smoke or drink too much. Protect against head injuries. Play games, learn new things--keep your brain active. Although there are over 50 identified types of dementia, Alzheimer’s accounts for 60-70% of Leisure activities that combine physical, mental cases. It is not a mental illness, but is caused by and social elements may be most likely to prevent sticky protein building up outside and inside brain dementia—so be social, volunteer, join clubs. cells, killing them. Progression of the illness can be slowed but not halted. There is no cure. It is global, For the warning signs and more information: slowly attacking all parts of the brain. It is found in otherwise healthy people, progresses at different rates, but in late-stage Alzheimers, patients require April 22 —Judge Sprecher of the Berks County
Court of Common Pleas explained the hierarchy of the judicial system, the responsibilities and There are four (4) drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s. jurisdiction of the District Justices and the Aricept, Excelon(patch) and Razadyne are of the cholinesterase inhibitors class. Each acts in a different way to delay the breakdown of In 1968 the state created the Unified Judicial acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain that System. The first level is the District Justice. DJs facilitates communication among nerve cells and is don’t have to be lawyers and must run for re- important for memory. Alzheimer's disease is election. They deal with landlord/tenant, contract associated with inadequate levels of this important and tort claims under $8,000 and summary neurotransmitter. Namenda acts by a different offenses. They handle processing of cases after arrest, preliminary hearings, bail and transportation of the arrested. They can issue search warrants. This is not a court of record, so there is no record Between 1920 and 1980, there were between upon which to appeal. Therefore, when an appeal 7,000-8,000 prisoners in PA’s penitentiaries at any goes to the Court of Common Please, the process The trend toward incarcerating non-violent Common Pleas judges are lawyers, elected then offenders, and taking away the judges’ discretion retained every 10 years. They must retire at age 70. has brought a number of states near bankruptcy. There is a Court of Common Pleas in each county, Judge Sprecher asks the people of the state of and complete records are kept of the cases and proceedings, from which appeals can be made to the Superior Court, the Commonwealth Court, and Announcements
the State Supreme Court. The Courts of Common Pleas have unlimited jurisdiction. All civil cases *Reading Phillies. Get your tickets today - $26 –
under $50,000 are arbitrated by a panel of three *Board meetings are the 3rd Wed. of the month. The federal court system is separate. The states can provide their citizens more rights than the federal * To contribute to the RI Foundation’s Annual Program Fund (“Every Rotarian Every Year”) you can make out your check to Rotary Foundation and The first public defender in Berks County was give it to Steve Henning who will coordinate with Manny Dimitriou. The district attorney’s office has Dennis to send your contribution in with the club’s a larger budget than the public defender’s office because they get to keep any confiscated drug money.
In 1980, the legislature set up the Sentencing Commission, which has established rules for sentencing criminals—grading the crime and Anniversaries
assigning penalties. It determines the sentence based on an offense gravity score and a prior Programs
record score. In addition, there are now mandatory minimums. If a judge sentences someone outside the norm in either direction, mitigating or aggravating, he must write a clear defense of his decision and is subject to appeal. Only 5% of all criminal cases go to trial currently. Through plea bargaining with the district attorney, 95% of cases are decided, which means that effectively the district attorney’s office is doing the trying and judging, not the elected judges, according to Sprecher. Board Meetings are the Third Wednesday of the Month
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