Renesas releases 36 new flash microcontrollers: the sh7216 group 32-bit on-chip flash memory microcontrollers for industrial applications featuring 200 mhz operation and an extensive set of communications and other peripheral functions

Renesas Releases 36 New Flash Microcontrollers: the SH7216 Group 32-bit On-
Chip Flash Memory Microcontrollers for Industrial Applications Featuring 200
MHz Operation and an Extensive Set of Communications and Other Peripheral

⎯ Operating speed increased 1.25 times and processing capabilities increased up to 1.5 times over earlier Renesas products. Furthermore, these devices add Ethernet, USB 2.0, and other communication functions to contribute to even higher performance in motor control and other applications. ⎯ Tokyo, April 7, 2009 - Renesas Technology Corp. today announced the release of the SH7216 group of 32-bit on-chip flash memory microcontrollers (flash microcontrollers), the newest addition to the popular 32-bit SuperH™ RISC family*1. It features 200 MHz operation and an extensive set of built-in peripheral and communication functions for industrial applications such as AC servos, FA (factory automation) equipment, building automation (air conditioner and electric power monitoring equipment), and various types of communication apparatus. The SH7216 group consists of 36 devices in 12 product groups that differ in on-chip memory capacity, package type, and whether or not FPU (Floating point processing unit) and/or Ethernet functions are included. The main features of these products are as follows. (1) The industry's highest-level operating speed, 200 MHz, for a flash microcontroller These products achieve the industry's highest-level flash microcontroller operating speed: 200 MHz. Furthermore, they include an on-chip single-cycle access RAM that provides processing performance increased to 480 MIPS (million instructions per second) when the program is loaded into this memory. Compared to the earlier Renesas product SH7211, these new devices can provide higher performance in motor control and faster operation for FA equipment due to the 1.25 times higher operating speed and 1.5 times higher processing performance. Although the maximum operating speed of the flash memory block is slower compared to logic circuits due to the operating principles of the circuits, due to the unique Renesas flash memory technology and flash memory cache technique used, these microcontrollers achieve essentially equivalent performance with flash memory as when running from single cycle access memory at 200 MHz. (2) Improved real-time control performance These microcontrollers adopt the SH2A-FPU core, which includes an FPU that operates at up to 200 MHz in the SH-2A high-performance 32-bit RISC CPU core. This improves the real-time control performance of these devices. This allows the maintainability and performance of motor vector calculations and filter calculation and contributes to improved processing performance in factory automation and other industrial equipment and OA equipment as well. (3) Extensive set of peripheral and communication functions In addition to the earlier serial communication functions, these microcontrollers also feature a diverse set of interfaces, including Ethernet, CAN*2, and USB2.0, full speed. These allow the elimination of the external communication modules used in earlier systems for communication with higher-level systems, communication with FA equipment, communication with host PCs and PDAs, and various types of communication apparatus. (4) Optimal functions for industrial equipment As well as the earlier Renesas product SH7211, these microcontrollers provide two PWM timers (MTU2 and MTU2S) that can generate dead time and can thus implement multi-axis motor control and servo motor control applications that require high precision. They also provide 12-bit A/D converters that can perform conversions in 1 µs to improve precision and accuracy in motor control and other applications. Furthermore, the microcontrollers also provide an extensive set of other peripheral functions, include data transfer controller (DTC) and DMAC functions to reduce the CPU load and data storage flash memory (FLD) that holds status information when power is not applied. This FLD incorporates background operation (BGO) functionality that enables data to be written at the same time a program is executing and allows data writes without slower program execution, making it ideal for backup applications and the like. The SH7216 group devices can operate from a single 3.3 V digital system power supply, which allows the external power supply system to be simplified, and they assure adequate dynamic range by adopting a 5 V analog system power supply. < Development Background >
Even higher precision and even higher performance are now required in industrial motor control applications. Additionally, the functionality required in these applications is increasing; for example, multi-axis control is often required. Furthermore, the systems used are becoming more complex and higher performance and higher speeds are now required in FA equipment. While Renesas has already released the SH7211, which uses the high real-time performance SH-2A as the CPU core and includes 512 KB of flash memory, we have developed and are now releasing the SH7216 group, which increases the clock frequency by a factor of 1.25 from the 160 MHz of the SH7211 to 200 MHZ. < Product Details >
The SH7216 adopts the SH2A-FPU, which adds an FPU function to the SH-2A, as the CPU core and can perform double precision floating point operations at speeds up to ten times faster than previous products. This new group also provides up to 1 MB of high-speed flash memory to store the increasingly large programs associated with the higher functionality required in the latest equipment. This new group also provides up to 128 KB of on-chip RAM so that the previously required external SRAM or SDRAM is no longer needed. This can contribute to miniaturization and lower costs in application systems. In these applications, high-speed communication functions have become indispensable along with the increasing performance. That is, industrial equipment must now support multiple high-speed communication protocols; earlier communication interfaces have now become inadequate, both in functionality and in communication bandwidth. While Renesas provides a product line of high-speed communication interfaces, such as Ethernet and USB, as products for use in ASSP devices, in the SH7216 group, these interface are integrated on the same chip in the same way the earlier serial communications interface was. Furthermore, in addition to Ethernet and USB, these microcontrollers also include RCAN and can implement a wide range of communication modalities when embedded in a wide range of applications. The Ethernet interface includes a media access controller (MAC*3) that conforms to the IEEE 802.3*4 standard, and can connect to a 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet. These devices also support the USB 2.0 full speed functionality. These devices are available in 176-pin LQFP (24 × 24 mm), 176-pin LQFP (20 × 20 mm), and 176-pin BGA (13 × 13 mm) packages. < Notes >
SuperH™ is a trademark of Renesas Technology Corp. CAN (Controller Area Network) is a network specification for use in vehicles, proposed by Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany. 3. MAC: Media Access Control. A sublayer within the data link layer. The frame send/receive methods, the frame format, data error detection, and other items are stipulated for the MAC sublayer. IEEE 802.3: IEEE 802 is a committee that was formed to standardize LAN technology by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA)). IEEE 802.3 is a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN specifications standard using the CSMA/CD technique. CSMA/CD is an abbreviation for carrier sense multiple access with collision detection. It detects the carrier prior to transmission and waits for a fixed period before resending if a collision is detected during transmission. Other product names, company names, or brands mentioned are the property of their respective owners. < Typical Applications >
• Industrial equipment: AC servos, FA equipment, sequencers, and communication equipment < Prices in Japan > *For Reference Price for Lots
of 10,000 Units
Flash Memory/
Product Name
RAM Capacity
[Tax Included]
< Specifications >
SH7216 group Specifications
3.3 V (single-voltage digital system power supply), 5.0 V (A/D converters) 480 MIPS (200 MHz, when the program is stored in the single cycle 400 MIPS (200 MHz, when the program is stored in flash memory) 512 KB, 768 KB, or 1 MB (with ROM caching function) 64 KB, 96 KB, or 128 KB (of which 64 KB is single cycle access RAM) SRAM and SDRAM can be connected directly. Idle cycles to prevent bus collisions can be inserted. Data bus width: 8, 16, or 32 bits (external bus) Multi-function timer unit 2 (MTU2): 16-bit PWM timer Multi-function timer unit 2S (MTU2S): 16-bit PWM timer 8-channel 12-bit A/D converter (4 channels × 2 units) Universal Serial Bus (USB) version 2.0, full speed, functions Ethernet controller × 1 channel (optional) General-purpose DMA controller × 4 channels I2C bus interface: supports master and slave modes Serial communications interface (SCI) × 4 channels Built-in FIFO serial communications interface (SCIF) × 1 channel Data transfer controller (DTC): Provides interrupt-driven data transfers 16-bit compare/match timer (CMT) × 2 channels 32 KB data storage flash memory (FLD) with background operation (BGO) function Clock oscillator circuit (CPG): with built-in PLL frequency multiplier I/O ports: I/O: 102 pins, input-only: 8 pins 176-pin LQFP (24 × 24 mm: 0.5 mm pitch), 176-pin LQFP (20 x 20 mm: 0.4 mm pitch), 176-pin BGA (13 x 13 mm: 0.8 mm ball pitch) *** Information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the press announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice. ***


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