The ninth wave continues after october 28, 201

The Ninth wave Continues after October 28, 2011 The Ninth wave Continues after October 28, 2011!
In earlier articles I have promised to get back to the issue of how the energies wil continue and what Mayan calendar, if any, to use after its “end”. What the October 28, 2011 “end”means here is that the thirteen baktun Long Count and the other eighth sequences of thirteenheavens have now al been completed. This “end” also means that the climb to the top of thenine storied pyramid has been completed and that the cosmos is not offering a higher level togo than this one of unity consciousness. The seventh day of the Ninth wave, October 11-October 28, 2011, was the first time in cosmic history that al the nine waves were activated ina state of light and in fact an excel ent opportunity for integration of their total energy field.
October 28, 2011, 13 Ahau in the tzolkin, was the fundamental shift of the ages and now forsome time the composite of these energies wil be playing out in our individual lives as wel asin the history of our planet at large. There is no turning back.
So what is the nature of the energies that currently maintains the energy field of the planet? To begin with it seems clear that we do not now at this point live moment by moment bymoment, but experience a continuity with the past. This means that al waves and cosmicenergy cycles have not come to an end, but some remain in existence creating an experienceof an ongoing flow in our lives. The question is then how these waves continue. Afterdiscussions with people, who like myself, can actual y feel the energies of the Mayan calendar,and by observing how these energies are now manifesting in the world I feel that I have nowgot clarity about in what form the cosmic energies are creating continuity. I would like to sharethis very briefly in this communication. The ful consequences of the shift of the ages wil haveto be dealt with later, maybe in book form. There are many consequences of this in the form ofleaving past traditions that are no longer relevant to instead enter something entirely new.
Most important in this moment is that the Ninth wave is continuing! As of November 16, 2011 we are now in what we might cal the eighth day of the Ninth wave, a day that wil continue fora total of 18 days and then turn into a night. The Ninth wave wil continue indefinitely, and, ifyou like, “grind” the new unity consciousness into existence, but since the Ninth wave is open-ended the same can be said about our future. Logical y speaking this implies that the same istrue for the other waves as wel , which on October 28, 2011 also al turned into nights (Hencethe calmness that many experienced after the shift). The other waves we wil however nothave to concern ourselves with until October 23, 2012 when the Eighth wave again turns to aday.
The fact that the Nine waves seem to go on indefinitely, indicated also by some Palenquean dates deep into the future, means that several metaphors that we have previously used todescribe our world at this time may not apply. There wil for instance not be any “birth” of a newworld as I may have worded it previously, because a birth is something that happens within adefined time-frame. Rather, as mentioned above, the new world wil be grinded into existencein a way where the scenarios can no longer be scripted in time. What happens depends total yon what course of action human beings choose. What this also means is that the seed-to-fruitprocesses that characterized the world before October 28, 2011 are no konger in operation.
Put in other terms, with the October 28, 2011 shift of the ages humanity is leaving behind the 7+ 6 = 13 scheme that has been at the heart of creation stories in Abrahamic religions, the holyseven of many other spiritual traditions and the number 108 of Hinduism and Buddhism. Thesenumerological definitions of divine creation processes were not false of made up. They were The Ninth wave Continues after October 28, 2011 real until October 28, 2011, but do not apply after this shift date. Looked upon in this waymaybe we can begin to understand how big the shift in fact was even if it wil take some timebefore it lands in people more broadly. What has happened is not only a conceptual orcalendrical change, but a fundamental shift in the reality that we are living and which calendarsshould describe. The end to the actual applicability of the religious creation stories and theirnumerologies coincides notably with a shift where the divine (God or Goddess) are nowcompletely to be found inside the human beings themselves.
This change applies just as much to Mayan religiosity as to any other and is also directly linked to the applicability of the tzolkin at the current time. In an article written before the shift Iraised the question whether the tzolkin would stil be valid after the shift. I now realize that thisquestion was not correctly posed. What now seems to be the case is that the twenty glyphsare stil valid to express the diversity of the energies of a twenty-day uinal (After al , the ninewaves are stil in operation and differ in frequency exactly by factors of twenty). Yet, as far as Ican tel the number thirteen and the trecena has now lost its energetic power as the cosmosbroke through the limit of 13 energies (We are now in Heaven 15 of the Ninth wave) and thewaves wil continue indefinitely. We may stil count days and nights, but the limit of thirteen hasdisappeared. In practice this then also means that the tzolkin of 13 x 20 = 260 days no longeris a relevant matrix of time, since only the twenty day signs retain an energetic meaning.
Needless to say, this is a means of approaching the Mayan calendar in order to recognize thetruth and is only partial y consistent with tradition. It is about finding a calendar that gives ameaningful understanding of the ongoing course of events in light of the presently dominatingcosmic rhythms. We should keep in mind that the Mayan calendar is not static, but hasundergone dramatic change several times in the past three thousand years. The reason issimply that the energetic reality of the cosmos has changed dramatical y over this period oftime.
I hope some may now better realize how significant the shift of the ages actual y was. What happened was that the energetic basis for al the world’s religions, or at least for their creationstories, has now disappeared. Until October 28, 2011 the limiting constraints of 7+6 = 13 stilexisted as a cosmic reality and many of my own presentations were also based on this fact. Asthis energetic basis has now been broken through, and the waves continue endlessly beyondthirteen, the divine outside of ourselves disappears and is moved entirely within ourselves. Notas a choice, but as a necessity. The ramifications of this are much too far reaching to developful y in an article like this, but before ending I would like to comment on the continued political-economic crisis in the world.
In my article of November 8, 2011, I described some very significant events that accompanied the shift of the ages in the external world. I then also pointed out the necessity ofkeeping an eye on the planetary midline of the 12th longitude East for those that want to trackthe course of events, because this is where duality was original y introduced. (As an indicationof the relevance of this, Berlusconi fel less than a day after I said it would happen). I feel thisfocus wil be equal y relevant when it comes to the continue grinding action of the Ninth wave.
Thus, in addition to the reactivation of the Occupy movement in the US as wel as the popularrevolutions of Syria and Egypt, a clear deepening of the Euro crisis took place at the beginningof the eighth day of the Ninth wave. I am convinced that key European politicians now ful yrealized that there is no way that the southern European nations wil be able to successful yfind a way out of their debt crisis. (Up until October 28, 2011 they stil thought they could find asolution to the situation.) As these nations also include, despite its shift n government, Italy, thethird largest economy of the EU, they also now realize that it wil not be possible to save theEuro and wil start to act accordingly no matter what they say publicly. Thus, it remains true The Ninth wave Continues after October 28, 2011 that it is the days of the Ninth wave that are carrying the unity consciousness and wil servemost clearly to erode the old system of dominance. I do not want to make any timedpredictions about the erosion of the world order of economic dominance, since this no longerseems possible. The point to realize is however that the Ninth wave is stil in operation and thatespecial y its days wil continue to grind unity consciousness into existence.
Carl Johan Cal emanImix (Notation starting with 1 rather than 0)November 18, 2011


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