Technical Data Sheet
TDS 1973 (IE)


Fungicidal and Insecticidal Green Wood Preservative
Effective against wood boring insects

For external applications, Protim Green E should be
Protects against wood-rotting fungi
applied during dry and if possible windless weather Suitable for use on all species of wood
conditions. Care must be taken to protect the immediate surroundings during application. Plants Easy to apply
should be protected from contact with treated For amateur and professional users
timbers until the treatment is thoroughly dry. For use on internal and external timbers
installation. It is preferable to purchase timbers that out of ground contact which will not be
have been pre-treated using a Protim industrial wood preservative. Alternatively, Protim Green E Organic solvent based
can be applied to replacement timber, (preferably by immersion). It is important that all faces of Imparts a green colour to treated wood
replacement timbers are protected, so where surfaces are exposed by cutting, drilling or other re- Supplied ready-for-use
working, they must be thoroughly retreated. DESCRIPTION
Wood should be bare, dry and free from paint, etc. PROTIM* GREEN E is a tinted (green) wood which prevents penetration. Finished or rough-sawn preservative for the treatment of new and existing wood may be treated. Preparation of all timber external and internal timbers which are out of ground should be completed before treatment ie: cutting, Protim Green E penetrates into the wood, protecting against wood-rotting fungi and wood boring insects and areas must be switched off during, and for 48 hours eradicating the latter. When dry, treated timber is not following treatment. Rubber electrical wiring must harmful to garden plants. The green tint aids be wrapped in polythene or otherwise protected identification but is not a lasting decorative finish. from contact with fluid. PVC electrical cables will not be affected by the fluid unless there is a long contact Protim Green E can also be used as a general purpose time. It is therefore advisable to wipe surface fluid wood preservative, where protection against wood rotting fungi and wood boring insects is required, where the green colouration caused by the tint is acceptable. refurbishment), sarking membranes should be removed during treatment. Where this is not Protim Green E is recommended for use on all timbers possible they must be protected from contact with above the damp-proof course including floor joists, the fluid. Roof insulation must be removed and only floorboards, stairs and roofing timbers. It is not suitable replaced when the preservative treatment is thoroughly dried. Water storage tanks must be PROPERTIES
hen trea ng, floor boards should be left up for as long as possible to assist ventilation. In all Flash point:
situations maximum ventilation should be provided. Density (g/cm3):
Drying time:
A plication
Protim Green E should be applied to clean dry timber by brush or coarse spray to obtain an application rate of 1 litre per 3 square metres or by dip or immersion for a minimum of 3 minutes. Protim Green E should not be over-painted. Where Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches treated timber is going to be over-coated, Protim Universal should be used instead of Protim Green E. Protim Green E must not be used on beehives. Animals or fowls should be quartered elsewhere Cleaning
Clean equipment after use with white spirit or similar All bats are protected under schedule 5 of the solvent. Dispose of washings safely. Wildlife Acts (1976 and 2000). Before treating any structure used by bats, consult the National Parks PACKAGING and STORAGE
Protim Green E is supplied in1, 2.5, 5 and 25 litre Always consult the label and Safety Data Sheet containers (25 litres are for professional users only). Store in cool, well-ventilated area. Keep container tightly closed. Must only be kept in original packaging. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Protect from extreme heat. Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Ensure accidental spillage This product is approved under The Control of Pesticides Regulations (Northern Ireland (1987) and under the European Communities (Classification, SAFETY INFORMATION
Packaging and Labelling of Plant Protection Products and Biocidal Products) Regulations 2001, May cause sensitisation by skin contact. HSE 8311. PCS No 94698.
Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Use only in accordance with the directions on the Harmful: may cause lung damage if swallowed. label. The approval holder in the UK and Ireland is Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use wood preservatives safely. Always read In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with the label and product information before use. plenty of water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of Periodic inspection of the treated area is Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves. This material and its container must be disposed of as Note: this product does not restore strength to
degraded timber.
If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: seek medical Protim Solignum Limited provides a range of advice immediately and show the container or label. products and technologies for the treatment, protection and enhancement of timber. Information PRECAUTIONS
and advice is available on all aspects of our products from the Technical Services Department. The handling and safety precautions shown on the product label must be understood and followed at all times. In general terms, care must be taken to avoid contact with eyes and skin, oral ingestion and inhalation of vapour and spray mist. For more information visit: Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face Avoid post-treatment machining as far as possible and do not allow wood waste which contains preservative to *Osmose and Protim are registered trademarks of Protim contaminate wood waste used for animal litter etc. Solignum Ltd. Protim Solignum Ltd trades as Osmose. An Avoid the formation or spread of mists in the air. Avoid Avoid contamination of the environment. Empty containers and contaminated waste must be disposed of in accordance with national and local regulations. PROTIM SOLIGNUM LIMITED
Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1LS. United Kingdom, Tel: +44 (0) 1628 486644 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 476757 Registered Office as above. Registered in England 3037845 Protim Solignum Limited’s products are sold subject to its standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, copies of which may be obtained on request. Whilst Protim Solignum endeavours to ensure that any advice, recommendation, specification or information it may give is accurate and correct, it cannot, because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation or information given by it save as specifically provided by its Terms and Conditions of Sale.


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