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Introduction The World’s Best Kept Secret
About the Author Jenny’s Story
Acknowledgements To True Friends
The humble beginnings of NPAN and the need for information
What compels, inspires and influences me as a woman, as a natural
progesterone advocate, consultant and author
Testimonials from women
Attitudes Towards Progesterone
Why are so many people unwilling to address or come to terms with
the hormonal problems afflicting women and men today?
The Spiritual Side of Progesterone
The essence hormone of being a woman
Natural Progesterone, and its relationship with other
What is progesterone?
Diagram of the Hormone Cascade and production of steroid hormones in
Women who are most likely to suffer with progesterone deficiency What is a progesterone receptor? Why do women need progesterone? If I am estrogen dominant, what are the benefits of using natural (to the body) progesterone? What is estrogen dominance? Symptoms of estrogen dominance How come I have estrogen dominant symptoms and yet I still ovulate? CHAPTER 5
Natural Progesterone and what to be aware of
What is a compounding pharmacist?
What is the difference between a compounding pharmacist and a herbalist?
How can I tell the difference between a Wild Yam cream and a
Natural Progesterone cream?
My naturopath tells me Wild Yam creams are safer than
Natural Progesterone because a chemical process required to make
Natural Progesterone could possibly be toxic to my body
Can my cream go off?
How do I know if the cream I am using is a reliable, high quality cream?
Sourcing Natural Progesterone and The Law
Drug laws in various countries
USA drug law does not apply to progesterone usage
Why is Progesterone labelled an S4 drug even though it is natural?
Can I buy my cream overseas without a script?
Can I get a rebate on cream if it’s bought on prescription?
Listing of various natural progesterone creams that are
mass-produced and are being distributed nationally and
internationally (detailed list chapter 22, page 405)
Approaching Your Doctor
The patterns I have observed in the prescribing habits of Doctors
How do I approach my doctor?
What happens if I am having trouble getting a script from my doctor?
Possible reasons why Doctors have become resistant and cautious
about writing scripts
Why are Doctors so reluctant to write scripts for natural progesterone?
This letter received from a lady recently is just one of the reasons
demonstrating the existing problems women are facing with their Doctors.
Winning over a working relationship with your Doctor
Suggested guidelines on how you may wish to approach your Doctor
How will the special test and my doctor’s examination benefit me
if I want to use progesterone? I feel guilty using progesterone behind my doctor’s back because I know he does not approve of natural progesterone. Is it harmful to withhold this information, being a natural product? My doctor will not prescribe progesterone on the grounds that I am testing positive to estrogen receptors and progesterone receptorsHow does the doctor know what progesterone dosage to put me on,and when to adjust it? How do I know whether to buy a 1.6%, 3.2% or 10% cream? Which is the one usually recommended? Now that I have my prescription how do I process it? CHAPTER 8
Measuring Progesterone with Saliva Assays versus
Blood Serum
The Late Dr. John R. Lee, M.D. Medical Letter – Saliva Vs Serum
or Plasma test for Progesterone
What a blood test measures
How progesterone travels in blood
Absorption of transdermal progesterone
How to use Saliva Hormone Assay to determine progesterone dosage
Achieving Balance is the Key
Progesterone levels and PMS
Progesterone and Endometriosis
Progesterone and Estrogen Receptors
Saliva Hormone Testing as Used by Researchers
Good Evidence Concerning the Absorption of Steroids Through
Human Skin
The Evidence of Red Blood Cell Transport of Progesterone
Direct Comparison of Plasma and Saliva Levels After Topical
Progesterone Application
Why not do a blood test to check progesterone rather than a saliva test?
Conversion formula for Saliva tables provided by Garth Birdsey,
Clinical Pharmacist
Cream Usage and Guidelines
Where does NPAN stand on progesterone dosage
Stages of Natural Progesterone’s Action In The Body
When can I expect to see results from using the cream?
First 10 days - Estrogen Dominance Wake Up Crisis 1-8 Weeks - Reaching Saturation 4 months - Stabilising & Settling7-12 months - Estrogen Dominance Wakeup Revisited 18 months - Fine Tuning Guidelines to cream applicationWhy do women expect progesterone to fix all their problems? I’ve started taking progesterone and I feel awful. I want to stop using the cream. Should I?What happens if I am allergic to the cream, e.g. rash?When is the best time to apply the cream and when do I start the cream? What do you do now that you have your creamWhere do I rub the cream? Some tips myself and women have found useful in cream applicationWhat is the right dose for me?When do I have a break from my cream? Barometers that may indicate progesterone overuse and the need to adjust dosageWhen should I use less progesterone? How would I know if I have to use more progesterone? What can cause progesterone shortageAre there any side effects using natural progesterone I have been on progesterone and it is not working. Why would this be? I feel nauseous on progesterone, why is this?Why is the liver so important in hormone balancing? Can I treat hormonal imbalance with nutritional and diet plan strategies alone?There are three scenarios to consider If using your cream without nutrition or supplementationIf using nutrition and diet without using progesteroneWomen using progesterone with nutritional supplementation CHAPTER 10
Contra indications with Progesterone and the most asked questions
with other medications and treatment
What drugs are not compatible with progesterone
supplementation (or contra-indicated)?
Caution / consideration when using medications in conjunction with
Most asked questions in relation to other medical treatments
Will progesterone increase my blood pressure and interfere with my blood pressure tablets?Can I take progesterone while I’m on my anti-depressant drugs?Can I take progesterone while I’m on thyroid medication? Can I take Tamoxifen and progesterone at the same time?Can I take progesterone through chemotherapy treatment?Can I take my bone building drugs such as Fosamax and Raloxifine (Evista) with progesterone CHAPTER 11
What to be aware of with your Natural Progesterone and the different
deliverance systems

Oral Creams Used Topically Creams Used Vaginally/Intravaginally Common guidelines to adhere to for vaginal applicationIndications when not to use cream vaginallyIn summary, advantages of intravaginal applicationLozenges / Troches Pessaries / Vaginal Suppositories / Vaginal Gel CHAPTER 12
Recommended Cream Dosage for Specific Problems
Uterine Fibroids / Heavy bleeding Endometriosis Migraines / PMS Cervical dysplasia Adrenal Gland Exhaustion (Adrenal Exhaustion) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Gentle Summary reminder in PCOS treatment using progesteroneNursing Mothers - Postnatal depression Fibrocystic breastsFertilityLiver functionOsteoporosis Hot Flushes CHAPTER 13
Golden Rules for Natural Progesterone Cream
Know golden rules and general summary of your natural progesterone creamBe Familiar with your Natural Progesterone CreamIntroducing natural progesterone back into your body Correct application of creamCyclic Use Capturing Your Data Be active in your choices to maximise progesterone’s performanceProgesterone versus Wild Yam cream usageNPAN’s Formula for Hormone Harmony as formulated by Jenny Birdsey CHAPTER 14
Questions and Comments in Relation to Specific
Premenstrual Syndrome/Tension (PMS/PMT)
What is PMS?
PMS controversy
How is progesterone used to treat PMS?
What aggravates PMS, and why are some months worse?
Will progesterone help my heavy menstrual bleeding, my PMS and
breast swelling and menstrual cramps?
Can I use progesterone to control my PMS mood swings?
Why don’t progestogens work for the treatment of PMS?
Does progestogen therapy do the same as progesterone therapy?
I am taking a progestogen to control premenstrual symptoms such as
irritability and depression. Is it the same thing?
Is my combination patch ‘natural’? My doctor has prescribed it to treat PMS.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? How do I know if I have PCOS? What causes PCOS, and how is progesterone used in the treatment of this disease?What are the signs and tests that will confirm I have PCOS? What is the guidelines dosage? How do I know when to reduce my dose? What may I expect to experience while using progesterone if I have PCOS? What else can I do to improve PCOS symptoms? Migraines / Headaches
I have always suffered migraine headaches, nausea and vomiting during the time of my period. Will progesterone help this? Will taking estrogen with progesterone affect my headaches? I suffer vaginal atrophy and dryness, and use estriol cream,Will this create hormonal headaches? I am getting very bad headaches/migraines on progesterone cream,I thought progesterone was meant to stop all this.
How can I use natural progesterone to control my headaches/migraines? I have been free of headaches for over twelve months on progesterone,but now they are suddenly returning again. Why would this be? I’m having migraines after my period, not before. What does this mean? I’ve been on progesterone for 4-7 months and have not experienced any relief from headaches.
Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
What is Fibromyalgia (FMS) and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?What causes FMS? What are the signs and symptoms of FMS? Can natural progesterone help ease, if not cure, fibromyalgia? Fertility / Infertility / Contraception / Postnatal Depression
Can I use progesterone for contraception? Can I use progesterone for infertility? If I’m not ovulating and not producing progesterone every month,how come I’m getting a period? Can I use progesterone for Postnatal Depression? Menopause
What are the symptoms of menopause, and what causes them?How can I stop hot flushes?What is the alternative treatment to menopausal symptoms other than conventional estrogen replacement therapy or HRT? What’s the reason behind estrogen replacement therapy at menopause? Is there a test to determine menopause? What causes menopause? Will progesterone interfere with this? When will I go through menopause?My doctor says I’ve had premature menopause. I’m a little bit confused.
What is meant by peri-menopause? What is meant by pre-menopause?How long does menopause last? Will my periods return if I have entered menopause and my doctor has prescribed estrogen in the form of HRT?Can natural progesterone replace synthetic progestogens at menopause if I’m on HRT? When is menopause not menopause? Are the ovaries beneficial or have any purpose after menopause?Where do you get estrogen from after menopause? And is it necessary to take estrogen therapy? Why have I gone through menopause early?Why is it I’m becoming more masculine since entering menopause? I thought once my periods stopped and I was menopausal that all my symptoms would stop. Why haven’t they? I’m entering menopause and my periods are erratic. What days would I apply cream? (Refer to bleeding concerns & menstrual cycles) What happens if I do not ovulate or I do not have ovaries?Vaginal Dryness (Refer to question I’m suffering bladder problems.
Is this connected with my hysterectomy? P174)Bladder Problems (Stress Incontinence) Urinary Problems Hysterectomy
What is a hysterectomy? How is a hysterectomy performed? What are the types of hysterectomy? What are the real facts about hysterectomy?I have had a hysterectomy, since then I’ve noticed that my vaginalsecretions are dry and my vagina lips have shrunk, along with a reduced sexual desire and inability to have deep, satisfying orgasms. What can I do? I’m suffering bladder problems. Is this connected with my hysterectomy? Bleeding Concerns & Menstrual Cycles
My cycles have changed since being on progesterone, and I do not know where I should be taking my breaks.
I’ve started using progesterone after using conventional HRT for some time. When I started natural progesterone I wasn’t getting any hot flushes and my periods were regulated on HRT but now theyhave returned with a vengeance. Why? I have just started my progesterone cream and I’m have breakthroughbleeding. What does that mean? My periods are all over the place, light and heavy. I don’t know when to start using the cream.
Will progesterone throw my hormone functions out of synchronisation?I’m reluctant to go on progesterone because I’m young and still have regular cycles.
What are some of the causes for heavy bleeding? Should I take my break every time I get a period? What happens if my periods stop or are very late? Will progesterone help me with heavy bleeding? Why would I need progesterone if I am having a period every month? Cancer Concerns
Will progesterone cause and/or promote cancer? Will my ovaries returnto normal after chemotherapy? Can I get ovarian cancer without ovaries?Will my ovaries return to normal after chemotherapy? Breast Concerns
I have lumpy (fibrocystic) breasts. Will progesterone help? Osteoporosis
I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. What does that mean? Risk Factors of Osteoporosis
Hormonal Imbalance Body Type/Build Antacids StressDiets too high in fibreTea and coffee consumption Family history, diet and lifestyle Cortisone Other contributing factors What is a Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test? Should I take progesterone if my bone mineral density test shows signsof osteoporosis but I’m not showing signs of estrogen dominance?I’ve got a good bone mineral density. Should I take progesterone? My doctor wants me to take Fosamax but I don’t want to. I want to improve my bones naturally. What is the best plan of attack? I’ve been on progesterone now for 2 years and my bone mineral density is worse. Help! I have been on progesterone for a couple of years and my bone density has not improved. Why?My doctor insists that I take HRT to prevent further osteoporosis.
Is this not the same as progesterone? Can I take my bone building drugs such as Fosamax and Raloxifine (Evista) with progesterone? What are some of the substances and factors that disrupt bone formation? Will the Contraceptive Pill interfere with my bones? Can I take The Pill if I have osteoporosis? What are some of the things I can do to improve my osteoporosis? Are there other ways of increasing my daily intake of calcium without using dairy products? Sources of Calcium
Ageing Concerns
Should my mother or my grandmother use Natural Progesterone? Thrush, Cystitis, Vaginal & Bladder Concerns
I have Thrush. What does this mean? Will progesterone help this problem? I have read that progesterone actually makes it worse.
Skin & Hair
Will progesterone make my hair fall out? I was on the Pill once and this is what happened to me.
Will my varicose veins worsen or my broken blood vessels on my face get worse with the use of progesterone? Usage of progesterone for skin careAbout Acne RosaceaDry gritty eyes Weight Issues
Will progesterone put on weight? I have been on other forms of hormonereplacement therapy in the past and have experienced weight gain Summary of factors that need to be taken into consideration withweight gainMy association with Dr Sandra Cabot and WHASHow do I know what nutritional supplementation, diet plan or eating plan I should follow when I am on progesterone? I have been on a diet and cannot lose weight. Why would this be? What happens when the body experiences stress? Why does stress upset my hormonal imbalance? Symptoms of Adrenal Gland Exhaustion Thyroid Concerns
What are fibroids?What causes fibroids? Who gets fibroids? Heavy bleedingWill my fibroids turn into cancer? What are the symptoms? Types of fibroids Will progesterone help with fibroids? Endometriosis
What is endometriosis? What causes endometriosis? Factors increasing the risk of endometriosis Factors reducing the risk of endometriosis What are the symptoms of endometriosis? Why is progesterone effective in treating endometriosis? Chronic Endometriosis Profile of an endometriosis woman by Jenny BirdseyCan you be suffering from endometriosis and fibroids at the same time?Will progesterone cure endometriosis? Will a hysterectomy cure endometriosis? Tubal Ligation
What is a tubal ligation? Will a tubal ligation affect my hormones? How can the problems after tubal ligation be treated? Can progesterone help? If I reverse my tubal ligation, will my symptoms go away? Does tubal ligation work for any particular woman? Memory Loss / Mental Faculty
I’m having memory loss and I can’t concentrate, focus and recall.
Will progesterone help? Musculoskeletal
Will progesterone help with my arthritic problems? CHAPTER 15
Charting Recommendations & Guidelines for Journal Keeping
Is it important to keep a chart?
Subtle changes
Share your charts with your doctor
Which Chart Suits You?
Monthly Score Sheet to Determine Progress / Effectiveness of Progesterone Usage Suggested dose guidelines for Monthly Score SheetHow to interpret your score and use it to Guide your progesterone dosage requirementsThe Importance of this chart- Estrogen dominance/Progesterone deficientMonthly score sheet chart to determine progressSample chartsHealth Observation Calendar for Monitoring Hormone Balance Calendar-style Notation of Symptoms Quick Tick Chart - Spreadsheet How to approach your charting
Addressing Questions to Assess your progress
Gynecological Symptoms Menstrual Cycles Skin & Hair & Ears Breasts Ongoing Chronic conditions, ears, nose and throat (including Auto Immune)Pain Disorders ReproductivePMSMuscular - SkeletalOther PainPain considerationsBladder Gastrointestinal Sleep Patterns Sex/LibidoMetabolic Cardio VascularFertility Muscular, Skeletal & Nerves VisionConcentration Memory PerformanceHeadaches Emotional WellBeing A time for reflection Taking control CHAPTER 16
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Natural
Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT)
Is natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT) addictive and
will I be able to come off it?
Is HRT the same as NHRT?
Is NHRT safer than HRT?
Possible risks and side effects of The Pill and HRT
More serious effects of The Pill and HRT
Possible risks and side effects of natural progesterone
Types of HRT regimes that might be offered by your doctor
How is conventional HRT usually taken?
How is NHRT usually taken?
Alternative therapies, changing tactics and trends
Women who are considered low risk and possibly do not require
hormone replacement therapy are women that:
Regarding hormone replacement therapy, I am confused about which
form of hormone replacement therapy I should use
Estrogen, Phytoestrogens and Xenoestrogens
What is estrogen?
What are estrogen receptors?
My doctor says I need estrogen and yet I’ve read there are different
forms of estrogen, I am confused
Do I need estrogen if I’m still having regular periods?
Do I need estrogen if I’m not having a period?
What is amenorrhea - What are the causes
What is the safest form of estrogen to use if I have to use an estrogen?
I want to use Natural Progesterone cream but my doctor wants me
to take a tablet. I’m totally confused
My doctor wants me to stay on estrogen for my bones and heart but
I get headaches and other problems. I don’t know what to do
Suggested guidelines when coming off estrogen replacement therapy
I have been on estrogen for hot flushes but would like to use progesterone
Will I need to stay on my estrogen?
I qualify for some estrogen because I am still having hot flushes and
vaginal dryness but I’m not sure when I am meant to be taking it
How can I reduce my estrogen dominance naturally?
Guidelines of an estrogen reduction program
What are phytoestrogens?
Other benefits of phytoestrogens
Why do estrogen dominant symptoms return 3-4 months later on
Supplement with a PREMIUM phytoestrogen formulation
What is the difference between phyto-hormones (phyto-estrogens) and
xenohormones (xenoestrogens/xenotoxins)?
How do I reduce my exposure to xenoestrogens and xenohormones
in my environment?
What are some of the foods containing natural estrogen?
Who would benefit most from estrogenic foods?
Men & Teenagers: Progesterone Usage
Men and Progesterone Usage
Why would men need to take progesterone?
Will progesterone help men with osteoporosis?
Suggested application sites for men
Teenagers and Progesterone Usage
Strategies to help correct hormone imbalance in teenagers
What are the circumstances that would require hormone
replacement therapy in teenagers?
The question is often asked “What are the circumstances that would require
natural hormone replacement therapy in teenagers?”
About NPAN and Jenny’s Work
History and Activity of My Organisation
NPAN is Collectively Every Woman
Political work instigated and conducted by NPAN, Jenny Birdsey
Political activity - and Jenny’s Lobby work
Politicians Make Women Sick
Grievance of inaccessibility to W.A’s manufactured cream
Supply :Why can’t I get it here?
The Late Dr. John R. Lee, M.D.
Progesterone Research Institute
Saliva Hormone Testing
Listing of fertility detector devices
Cleansing & Detoxification
Weight Control
Other invaluable websites
Sourcing and stockists of Jenny’s books
Recommended reading
Sourcing Natural Progesterone cream
Health Care Providers and Australian Compounding Pharmacists
that may assist you in sourcing Natural Progesterone and prescriptions
Australian Compounding Pharmacies
International Cream and Contacts
Other USA and International Contacts
Progesterone Drug Information Sheet
Medical References
Progesterone Absorption
General Articles on Progesterone Use Phytoestrogen Therapy Progesterone and the Breast Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Heart Long term combined oestrogen-progestin replacement


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