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Dispelling theMyths…How MuchOEA’s Proposal WillCost YOU OEA President Pat Frost-Brooks, her fellow OEA Officers Bill Leibensperger and Jim Timlin, and Executive Director Larry Wicks are selling lies and half-truths to their local leader-members in the midnight memorandum they sent to the OEA Board of Directors, District Leaders and Local Presidents on August 31. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s because explicit instructions in the first paragraph read “This memo is for your information. It is not to be distributed or forwarded.” Yes, that includes those In it, OEA attempted to publicize the bargaining positions of the parties. Sounds like a tactic you’ve probably seen school boards use, doesn’t it? In fact, it is exactly like the Unfair Labor Practice that the Harrison Hills board committed during the 2007 strike that the Harrison Hills Teachers’ Association just won in a decision from SERB last Don’t believe their anti-union propaganda. The truth is, OEA largely refused to participate in the bargaining process from the beginning. They refused to sign basic ground rules which had agreed-upon in numerous years past. They didn’t present PSU with a single written counter-proposal
until August 24 – five sessions after bargaining The dis-informative midnight memorandum also said that PSU’s proposal would increase dues by $80-$90. The reality is that raising dues that much would generate more than ten million dollars – double the amount OEA tossed out during bargaining about PSU’s initial proposal. What would OEA do with the remaining dollars?? (Besides, we all know that initial proposals are just So, while the OEA Officers and administrators focus on trying to mislead you about how much PSU’s proposal will allegedly cost OEA members, let’s talk It’s not hard to believe OEA would leave out some of the most incendiary and anti-Union parts of their proposal for PSU, namely the ones which would have tremendous consequences for local leaders One example is OEA’s insistence on removing transfer protections for PSU members. Imagine that one year your district assigns you to teach 8th grade science. The next year, they move you to 1st grade. The year after that, they reassign you once again to 5th grade reading. Sound like a recipe for But while even that may be possible to imagine, consider that PSU members work all over the state. So, to continue using our example, one year you would teach in Parma. The next year, you would teach in Defiance. And the year after that, you would teach in Athens! Meanwhile, your working spouse and kids would be either expected to follow you or live without you. In a statewide organization such as OEA, transfer-at-will simply does not work, to say nothing of being totally contrary to being a If PSU concedes to what Wicks and his cronies demand, locals will face constant chaos! Your local could have a new LRC every year. Imagine how that would impact the services you receive from PSU members! To further complicate matters, nothing in OEA’s proposal would prevent Wicks from moving our PSU headquarters members out into the
field to LRC positions or vice versa.
Certainly your LRC is more effective having developed relationships with you and your members. And of course their ability to facilitate understanding and apply pressure to your school administration and school boards increases with time spent working with your local? Transfer- at-will would make that a near impossibility.
This is just one example of the OTHER issues PSU is standing up and fighting on behalf of Union Values for, and if you think about it, it directly impacts YOU. The same thing holds true for the OEA Officer/administrator proposals on seniority, union representation, and job security. At the very least, think of the ‘field day’ school boards and their greedy attorneys will have if OEA is allowed to treat If you agree, then take action! Contact YOUR OEA elected Officers and the Executive Director now and demand they settle the PSU strike fairly and end the
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