Microsoft word - updated list of registered participants for poster presentation _award session__0412_2010


This is the UPDATED LIST of participants for POSTER PRESENTATION for AWARD SESSION. There are four awards for poster
presentations: STOX Gold Medal Award- 1, Ajit Verma Best Poster Award- 1, and MCT-University of Minnesota Research
Excellence Award- 2
. The Technical Programme has been uploaded on the Conference web site at the link: Delegates are requested to update their e-mail ID, if listed
incorrectly and send their abstract at the earliest.
Participants may follow the Instructions for Poster Preparation available on the Conference web site
( When on display, presenter is expected to be present to defend
his/her poster. The award jury may visit your poster any time during the session.
The Conference Secretarial may update this list when additional information from delegates is received. Registration Desk
volunteer may ask membership number from the STOX (India) members.
E-mail ID
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NOTE: As one of the conditions for eligibility for STOX Gold Medal for Best Poster Presentation, it is mandatory to submit full
paper as per the format of Toxicology International ( The last date of submission was October 20,
2010. However, we may consider receipt of paper up to December 4, 2010. Those who will not submit full manuscript of their paper
will not be considered for this award.



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