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R. J. Perry B.S., W. Chiang and J.S. Ilowite M.D, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY 11794, California Measurements,
CA 91024 and Winthrop-University Hospital, Mineola, NY 11501.

The BreatheRite (Ventlab Corp.)is a new aerosol holding chamber (HC), which has the advantage of col apsibility
and increased portability, potential y improving compliance among patients that benefit from holding chambers
but are reluctant to carry bulky devices outside their home. Prior to clinical use, new HC design characteristics are
bench tested. Therefore we measure the aerosol particle size and output efficiency of the BreatheRite and also of
the FDA approved AeroChamber® for comparison. Both devices were combined with beclomethasone, albuterol or
cromlyn MDIs and tested in triplicate using previous published techniques (Kim, C.S. et al., ARRD 1985; 132:137-
142 & 1987; 135:157-164) of cascade impacation (for particle sizing) and filter sampling (for output efficiency).
Cascade data was analyzed via log probability plot to determine the mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD)
BreatheRite in microns (µm) and efficiency data was calculated as the aerosol mass produced from each HC divided by the MDI dose per puff and expressed as a percent. Results are summarized in the following table.
MMAD (µm)±SD
0.99 ± .07
1.62 ± .03
2.59 ± .09
Efficiency (%)±SD
74.6 ± .7.3
61.5 ± 4.6
53.5 ± 3.2
For the three drugs tested, our analysis demonstrated a 42% greater efficiency of the BreatheRite over the
AeroChamber with nearly identical aerosol particle sizes. We believe that patients should have similar drug
aerosol desposition patterns in the lung with either HC and a significantly higher inhaled drug dose via the
BreatheRite. the clinical relevance of this data remains to be determined.

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Source: http://www.hennessyandsons.ca/files/8713/7035/8502/3_SAM018.pdf

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