Excerpts from Shimara’s Newsletter, THE COMPLETE SYSTEM OF HEALING WITH DIVINE ENERGIES Beloved friends,I think it is so incredibly amazing how well orchestrated the movement of Mother Earth and all of nature is, and how totally in alignment she is with the wisdom of the ancient ones.
Both the Hathors and the Mayan calendar gave the time of the 9th March as the beginning of the final wave of cosmic energy being sent to our sacred planet before the portal of 21.12.2012. opens up. [Erratum. In the last newsletter I must have been really spaced out as I gave incorrectly 23.12.12. The 21st is, of course, the true date which has been engraved in my consciousness for the last 30 years!! Apologies.] A universal wave movement of unity consciousness started on the date of this vital cusp., the 9th March. So . . . . What happened around that date which was predicted thousands of years ago by two ascended civilizations and was held by the wisdom keepers of so many ancient tribes? Over 100 volcanoes started erupting in the Philippines, Hawaii, and elsewhere. Powerful earthquakes happened in New Zealand and other Pacific islands then the major one in Japan, followed by the fateful tsunami and nuclear energy disaster.
This whole Pacific Rim area was thrown into chaos and trauma by these fateful movements of Mother Earth as she tried to cleanse, purify and realign herself. The whole area is still unstable. New Zealand land is due to rise up slightly as the tectonic plates around the Pacific realign. This is confirmed by the Waitaha Elders and was also forecast by many others, including Edgar Cayce.
This whole beautiful area was originally the ancient land of Lemuria, which, like its counterpart Atlantis, was destroyed as it sunk under the sea during former Earth movements. Now these Beautiful Islands are destined to become the future Garden of Eden, as is the whole of Mother Earth, and reflect the purity and sanctity of nature, which to a large degree they do already.
As for those of us in Europe, we feel so much for the suffering of humanity in these disaster areas, giving thanks to God that it is not us.
By sending our prayers and distant healing to the situation we are performing the role we agreed upon before incarnation, as one of our ways of holding the light on Mother Earth.
However, these occurrences which seem a world away on the other side of the planet can trigger off all our fears, even the subconscious ones we were not aware of. For the rest of the world is not immune, as we go through this, the most intense and powerful phase of our planets transformation.
We pick up on the fears generated by those suffering on the other side of the world. Their fears become our fears, for we are all ONE on this sacred planet. What one experiences we are all able to subtly feel and be influenced by.
This, therefore, is a very powerful experience for all as it helps us to acknowledge, love, and then transform the very basic energetic frequency fears of survival, pain, violence, suffering and death.
We all carry these fears, whether aware of them or not. These are the darkest and most deep rooted fears, held historically in our cellular memory.
You can work through five or more bottles of Inner Child Essence COURAGE
to clear away these, our deepest held patterns and core beliefs. I have taken more
than this myself and cleared lots of “stuff”.
These are also the subtle energies that block our base chakra and stop our connection with Mother Earth. Hence we lose our deep, inherent love, knowledge of her sacredness, and feelings of security that her vital, life giving force brings. We can also become scattered, disorganized, accident prone, lacking in energy and day dreamy.
Again, with these grounding issues, often the fears need to be cleared first before
working with either Inner Child Essence MOTHER EARTH or BE HERE
Both are slightly different in action which has been discussed before in
previous newsletters. If in doubt, read the literature, or try both to see which feels
right. Many of us need both and Courage, all three. But it is worth all this work on
ourselves to feel so good afterwards, braver, stronger, more connected and, the best
part of all . . . . Happier in ourselves and in our bodies, and able to thus anchor
much more Light & Love on Mother Earth. For the benefit of all humanity. This is
often a very new feeling for some after having many lifetimes of disconnection.
When we live in the Heart, (thinking, feeling and acting from the consciousness of Unconditional Love), we feel this Oneness with all humanity. Thus our love, sorrow and compassion are triggered in a most powerful way, helping to raise consciousness on Mother earth, and further opening & clearing our higher chakras.
It was a very interesting fear clearing experience which we undertook through our crisis healing groups at that time.
I was informed that a group of 'psychics' had predicted that after the major
earthquake hit Christchurch in New Zealand, an even bigger one would occur on
the 22nd of that month. I was asked if the groups could send healing and the Violet
Flame of Purification to clear all the negative thoughts and fears that this idea had
If these energies were not transformed, such is the power of mass consciousness,
these fears could have the potential to manifest another big earthquake on that day.
This rumour had spread like wildfire around New Zealand. Even those who did not
trust or believe in psychic gifts still picked up on the vibration of fear spreading
through the thoughts and auras of others. It is interesting to note that while these
psychics were getting a lot of notoriety and attention for themselves whilst
spreading these thought-forms that were creating mass fear, not one of them
offered any practical methods or solutions to avert any of the negativity they
When I tuned in I saw great banks of this negative energy in the lower levels of the
4th dimension. If these are not cleared away and transformed into light they
influence and affect everyone on earth and have the potential to manifest as physical and earthly disasters. As we are now in the overtones of the Fourth Dimension, where our thoughts & feelings manifest much more quickly than ever before, we have to be conscious about the reality we create for ourselves.
As Light-workers, we also, at this unique time, have the most powerful ability to
bend or influence reality for the benefit of All. Never before has the
power of so few been able to create pathways of Light to influence
'probable outcomes' and thus create a new, more beneficial reality for
All. We are the ones who will change the mass consciousness that
manifests negativity in our world.

Thank you and bless you for all your wonderful efforts which transformed this energetic vibration, the earthquake on the 22nd March did not manifest. It was, however, a day when many people held their breath and prayed in New Zealand.
The people who created that very powerful rumour have certainly ensured some negative karma for themselves, which, hopefully they will clear. Often these people think they are doing good work as they sometimes have a fairly open third eye, (brow chakra). The problems come when the Solar Plexus chakra, (the lower psychic centre), has not become balanced and clear. Then everything they perceive is jumbled up and inaccurate. This is exacerbated by a blocked Base chakra, as when ungrounded it is impossible to bring through clear psychic work. Do not listen to these misguided people as you will be totally giving your power away.
the Meditation on my TEMPLE OF THE HEART CD. This is the most powerful
way to get your own true inner guidance.
We have a duty to our soul to understand the lessons and patterns of each chakra;
to work through and clear their blockages and imbalances. This helps us to grow at
both a personality and a spiritual level and helps the consciousness of all on the
It was at this time that I was asked by the Ascended Masters to make more use of
the website. I was then guided to have my lovely web expert, to make an URGENT
on the top of the opening page. As I called on the groups to
send energy to NZ, Japan and the whole Pacific Region, this button was set up so
that anyone looking at the site could join in, then or any time in the future.
The new page that comes up is describing how ANYONE CAN DO EARTH
, regardless of whether they have been attuned to Gaia and Eternal
Light Rays or not. Alerts will come up on that button at heartsong.eu at any time
our help is needed anywhere on the planet. However, do not rely solely on this as I
may be travelling and out of contact.
Just do the Divine Service work that you enlisted for aeons of time ago. I
cannot stress strongly enough how VITALLY IMPORTANT THIS WORK IS
FOR THE SAKE OF ALL HUMANITY. The time you have been waiting for is
Finally I have had the time and space to devote to organizing the website along with my heaven sent specialist website helpers. The meditation CDs have been available on line for some time.
We are adding the possibility to purchase Aura Sprays, Vibrational Massage Oils, Creams and some new healing tools. All have even more pure, organic/bio ingredients and most have new beautifully designed labels.
We have added to our range of healing Aura Sprays, so check out these very powerful additions.
As always, I have also attuned all these Divine Creations to Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms, who will bring their energies through to help all who use them. • MOTHER EARTH Aura/Room Spray for grounding, becoming joyfully
present and for helping to clear and open the base and lower chakras. This
Spray combines the delightful fragrance of pure aromatherapy essential oils
and a powerful combination of flower and gem essences to work
energetically on the chakras, subtle bodies, and aura. All of the oils and
essences have been channelled from the Ascended Masters to work in the
specific areas of sacral, base, legs and feet. ATTUNED TO GODDESS

HEARTSONG Aura/Room Spray, with the glorious, heart opening
perfume of the essential oil combination which is used in the massage oil of
the same name. The flower, gem essences and oils were again divinely
inspired by the Ascended Masters, particularly Serapis Bey and Lady Nada.
This beautiful spray is working to help open the heart chakra and so to be
able to experience more Divine or unconditional Love, Peace and

• We also still have DIVINE STRENGTH Aura/Room Spray to
strengthen the solar plexus chakra and auric field, ATTUNED TO
- Also
DIVINE PURITY Aura/Room Spray, to cleanse and purify the aura &

All of these Sacred Aura Sprays may also be used as Room Sprays. They can lift the vibrational frequency, cleanse, purify and transform and bring a sense of beauty to any room.
with our unique 22 Vibrational Essence blend - Delightful and
Refreshing. Pure Rose Water obtained from the purest distillation process
which creates Rose essential oil. No chemicals are used in this process. Use
as a toner before applying cream, oils or make up. May also be used as a
cleanser or a spritzer to refresh the face. I love to spray my clean face when
it has really dried out and after 4 or 5 times during the day, my skin is
moisturised and soft. If you keep in the fridge during summer it will really
cool you down.
Hip oil is possibly one of the best anti-ageing and energising facial oils, which contains all the Omega oils our skin adores . Great for mature skin but loved by all ages. Mixed with Rose Essential Oil to make your cells dance with joy! • FULLY OZONATED ORGANIC/BIO OLIVE OIL - Some of you have
already been using this amazing oil and getting very interesting results. It has been promoted as an anti-ageing facial oil as it miraculously penetrates through all the skin layers, not just the surface, and oxygenates all those levels. We also found other uses for it; it’s properties heal very quickly wounds, cuts, bites, stings, burns, skin problems, etc. Other uses: A man healed the psoriasis on his arm when nothing else worked. He then gave some to a friend ill in bed who rubbed it on his painful bed sores which then cleared up. One woman got flu and put some up her nose to see if this would help clear her nose. The next morning it was completely gone while the rest of the family were still suffering. My friend had a long standing operation scar which has gradually disappeared using this oil. The making of this amazing oil takes a two month continuous process with oxygen concentrators, for it to become full strength. A wonderful product from our spiritual scientist friend. BEING PREPARED
It is now vitally important that we learn to take extra care of ourselves and our health. There are now so many pollutants, chemicals, strange viruses being pumped into our atmosphere that the very air we breathe is toxic. Do not put unhealthy cosmetics, shampoos etc. on your skin as the build up of chemicals end up in your organs. Unless we buy organic food or grow our own without chemicals the food we eat is unhealthy. Our piped water is full of chemicals. We are constantly breathing in toxic petrol and diesel fumes. We live in houses full of chemical paints, floor coverings and furniture which give off subtle fumes continually. The new energy saving light bulbs which we are now forced to use by the EU are giving off mercury fumes when used and we are being asked to use rubber gloves and not breathe in the fumes when there are breakages. Thankfully, due to the universal Law of Divine Truth which was anchored on earth several years ago, and which the Antares Healing Ray contributed to, more lies and half truths are being exposed. People are starting to wake up to the ways in which they are being manipulated and made ill, usually in the name of greed, control and misuse of power.
As we have known for years, the mobile phone frequencies emit a signal which creates disease and illness. Finally, some mobile phone manufacturers are putting in very small print, on the usage instructions, that the phone should be held at least 20 centimetres from the ear. This is nowhere near far enough to be a safe distance, but it is a start; and finally an acknowledgement from the industry that these frequencies are harmful.
Experts in this field tell me that it would be very simple to change the frequency to a safe one, but it will cost the companies money. By the way, the phones connected to a base, used to walk around the house with are at least as harmful, if not more so, than a normal mobile.
I have been trying out different gadgets to stick on the phone to transmute the negative energy as I am extremely sensitive and get a severe headache from them, so I am a perfect tester for them. I will be stocking the best one soon, and will put it on the website.
Stay healthy by strengthening your immune system. This is singularly, the most important thing to do, in addition to avoiding all the above as much as possible. Echinacea herbal tincture, propolis and good sources of vitamins and minerals will all help this process. Also good is the Thymus activation Light body essence. It is important to stay strong and healthy during these extremely testing times we are going through. It is then easier to stay positive and in a heart centred state and to complete our Divine Mission joyfully.
Don’t forget, if you missed it, the new upgraded Pluto Ray, given to us just in time to be anchored before the Japan nuclear disaster. Thank you Mother/Father God!

Source: http://www.heartsong.eu/docs/a8%20Etnews%20May%202011.pdf


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