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Below is a list of treatments that Healthcare at Home can provide to patients in the home. Abraxane ABVD (Doxurubicin,bleomycin,vinblastin,dacarbazine) AC (Actinomycin and Doxorubicin) Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide & Etoposide Visit Actinomyin (Dactinomycin) Visit Adriamycin/Doxorubicin Visit Adriamycin and cyclophospamide (Bolus injections) Abraxane,Gemcitabine,Herceptin & Zometa Albumin Infusion Visit Alimta, Carboplatin & Zometa Visit Alemtuzumab (MabCampath) & Methotrexate Visit Alemtuzumab (MabCampath) Visit Alimta Alimta & Carboplatin Alimta and Cisplatin Alimta & Vinorelbine Visit Alimta & Zometa Visit Antiemetic Injection Visit Aranesp s/c injection &Capecitabin Visit Ascitic Drain Visit Atzpodien Visit Avastin & Abraxane Visit Avastin, Abraxane & Zometa Visit Avastin & Capecitabine Visit Avastin, Carboplatin & Gemcitabine Visit Avastin & Carboplatin Visit Avastin & Day 3 Disconnection Visit Avastin & Docetaxel Visit Avastin, Docetaxel & Carboplatin Visit Avastin, Herceptin & Abraxane Visit Avastin & Ibandronate Visit Avastin, Ibrandonate & Capecitabine Visit Avastin & Irinotecan Visit Avastin, Irinotecan & Capecitabine Visit Avastin & MAYO Visit Avastin & Mitomycin Visit Avastin & Neulasta Visit Avastin & Oxaliplatin Visit Avastin, Oxaliplatin & Capecitabine Avastin, Oxaliplatin & Zometa Visit Avastin & Paclitaxel Avastin (bevacizumab) Avastin & Vinorelbine Visit Avastin & Zometa Visit Avastin, Paclitaxel & Carboplatin Visit Blood Test Visit Bleomycin days 8 & 15 Blood Test Visit - FBC Blood Test Visit - Magnesium 5 -Flourouracil Bolus Bortezomib (Velcade) Visit Bortezomib (Velcade) & Cyclophosphamide Visit Breast Wound Visit 1 unit blood transfusion 2 unit blood transfusion 3 unit blood transfusion 4 unit blood transfusion Caelyx Caelyx and zometa Campto regime Campto (Irinotecan), Avastin & Tomudex Visit CAP(Cyclo, doxorubicin,cisplatin) Bloods & Capecitabine Capecitabine Capecitabine & Lapatinib Visit Carboplatin & Capecitabine Visit Carboplatin and Doxetaxol Carboplatin & Epirubicin Visit Carboplatin & Etoposide Carboplatin & Gemcitabine Carboplatin & Herceptin Carboplatin, Ifosphamide and Mesna Carboplatin Carboplatin & 5FU Visit Carboplatin & Vinorelbine Carboplatin & Zometa Visit Carboplatin, Docetaxel & Zoledronate Visit Carboplatin, Etoposide & Neulasta Visit Care of vascular access device Caspofungin Visit Cetuximab & Disconnection Visit Cetuximab, Oxaliplatin & Capecetabine Visit Cetuximab & 5FU Visit Cetuximab & Capecetabine Visit Cetixumab (also known as Erbitux) Cetuximab,Irinotecan, Capecitabine Visit Cetixumab (also known as Erbitux) and Irinotecan Cetuximab & Oxaliplatin Visit Cetuximab & Zometa Visit Chlorambucil Visit CHOP CIOP (cyclophosphamide, idarubicin, vincristine, prednisone) Cisplatin, Avastin & Irinotecan Visit Cisplatin & Capecitabine Visit Cisplatin, Cetuximab & Capecitabine Visit Cisplatin & Docetaxol Cisplatin & Etoposide Visit Cisplatin, Cetuximab, Capecitabine Cisplatin & herceptin Visit Cisplatin and Continuous 5FU Cisplatin & Gemcitabine Cisplatin Cisplatin & Epirubicin Cisplatin weekly Cisplatin and Topotecan (Hycamtin) Cisplatin & Vinblastine Visit Cisplatinum, vinblastine and methotrexate Cisplatin & Vinorelbine Visit Cladribine s/c Injection Visit Clexane/ Nozinan Visit CMF 1 (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, 5 FU) CMF 2 oral cyclo CMF 3 days 1 & 8 CMF & Epirubicin Visit CMF & Herceptin Visit CMF high dose IV cyclo CMV - Day 1 Visit CMV - Day 8 Visit Cold Cap Delivery Continous 5-Flourouracil weekly change Cyclophosphamide, Thalidamide & Dexamethasone Cyclo,Vincristine,Prednisolon Visit Cyclophosphamide Fludarabine Visit Cyclophosphamide Visit Cyclophosphamide & Mesna Visit Cytarabin Cytarabin s/c bd visits Dacarbazine visit Dacarbazine and vindesine Actinomyin (Dactinomycin) Visit Dartmouth 1 Dartmouth 2 Dartmouth 3 Modified De Gramont Day 3 (disconnect) De Gramont regime Day1 De Gramont regime Day2 De Gramont regime Day3 De Gramont regime Day4 De Gramont regime with Oxaliplatin Day 1 De Gramont regime with Oxaliplatin Day 2 De Gramont regime with Oxaliplatin Day 3 (disconnect) De Gramont regime with Oxaliplatin Day8 Depo (provera) and Medrolnol IM injection Desferal infusion Disconnection/Re-connection Visit Disconnection/Line Care Visit Docetaxel & Capecitabine Visit Docetaxel & Cyclophosphamide Docetaxel & Epirubicin Visit Docetaxel, Cyclophosphamide & Herceptin Visit Doxetaxel Doxetaxel and Herceptin Doxetaxel and Zometa Docetaxel & Gemcitabine Visit Docetaxel, Gemcitabine & Zometa Visit Doxorubicin/ Adriamycin Visit Doxorubicin & Zometa Visit DTIC (dacardazine single agent) Epirubicin, Cyclophosphamide & Avastin Visit ECF (Epi, cispl, 5F-U) Epirubucin,Cisplatin, Capecitabine Visit Epirubucin,Oxaliplatin,Capecitabine Visi Enbrel Nurse Visit Epirubicin, Cyclophosphamide & Zometa Visit Epirubicin Epirubicin, 5FU & Oxaliplatin Visit Epirubicin/CMF (oral cyclo) per week Epirubicin with cyclo Epirubicin & Zometa Visit EPOCH-Etop,Vincr,Predin,cyclo,Doxo Visit Erythropeotin/ Eprex s/c injection Etoposide Everolimus & Blood Visit Everolimus Visit 5fu, Doxorubicin, Cyclophosphamide Visit Faslodex F.E.C. Day 1 (5FU, Epirubicin, Cyclophosphamide) F.E.C. Day 1 (5FU -Cyclo) FEC & Docetaxel Visit FEC & Herceptin FEC & Ibdandronate Visit FEC & Zometa Visit F.M.D. Fludarabine, mitoxantrone and dex) Day 1 F.M.D. Day 2 (Fludarabine only) F.M.D. Day 3 (Fludaribine only) BD Gancyclovir GCSF s/c injection Gemcitabine & Abraxane Visit Gemcitabine & Capecitabine Visit Gemcitabine Gemcitabine & Irinotecan Visit Gemcitabine & Erlotinib (Tarceva) Visit Gemcitabine and Treosulfan Gemcitabine & Vincristine Visit Gemcitabine & Vinorelbine Visit Gemcitabine & Zometa Gentamicin & Line Care Heparin S/C Injection Visit Herceptin,Carboplatin,Gemcitabine Visit Herceptin, Docetaxel & Carboplatin Visit Herceptin, Docetaxel & Cyclophosphamide Visit Herceptin & Docetaxel Herceptin & Gemcitabine Visit Herceptin Herceptin & carboplatin Herceptin and Paclitaxel Herceptin & Vinorelbine Herceptin, Paclitaxel & Carboplatin Visit Herceptin, Cyclophosphamide & Paclitaxel Visit Herceptin & Zometa Visit Herceptin & Zoladex Visit Humira visit Ibandronate Visit Ibandronate & Aranesp Visit Ifosfamide, Carboplatin & Etoposide Visit Imatinib Immunoglobolin Visit Interferon s/c injection Intravesical chemotherapy Irinotecan & Capecitabine Visit Irinotecan Irinotecan & Panitumumab Visit Irinotecan & Tegafur-uracil (Uftoral) Visit IV interferon IVAB Bolus BD IVAB Infusional BD IVAB Bolus OD IVAB Infusional OD QDS IV antibiotics Price per visit IVAB Bolus TDS IVAB Infusional TDS IV fluids. Depends on regime. Individual pricing IV Nutrients Lapatinib Line Remove Visit Lomustine Visit Magnesium Infusion Mayo 1 (5FU & folinic acid weekly for 3 weeks) Mayo 2 (5FU & folinic acid days 1-5) Methotrexate Methotrexate and Depo (provera) Methylprednisolone Visit MIC (Mitomycin, ifosphamide, cisplatin) Mitomycin & Capecitabine Visit Mitomycin C and continous 5FU Mitomycin C Mitoxantrone Mitozantrone & Zometa Visit M.M M.M.M (Mitomycin, methotrexate, mitoxantrone) MMM & Avastin Visit Modified De Gramont Day 1 Modified De Gramont Day 3 (disconnect) Modified De Gramont Day 8 line care Modified De Gramont & Avastin 1 Visit Modified De Gramont & Avastin 3 Visit Modified De Gramont & Avastin 8 Visit MDG & Cetuximab - Day 1 Visit MDG & Cetuximab - Day 3 Visit MDG & Cetuximab - Day 8 Visit MDG & Cisplatin - Day 1 Mod De Gramont with Irinotecan & Avastin MDG, Irinotecan & Avastin - Day 3 Visit MDG, Irinotecan & Avastin - Day 8 Visit Mod De Gramont, Irinotecan & Cetuximab MDG, Irinotecan & Cetuximab - Day 3 Visit MDG, Irinotecan & Cetuximab - Day 8 Visit Modified De Gramont with Irinotecan Day 1 Modified De Gramont with Irinotecan Day 3 (disconnect) Modified De Gramont with Irinotecan Day 8 line care Modified Degramont and Mitomycin C Day 1 Modified De Gramont with Oxaliplatin Day 1 MDG & Oxaliplatin - Day 3 Visit Modified De Gramont with Oxaliplatin Day 8 line care Mod DeGramont Oxaliplatin Avastin Visit MDG, Oxaliplatin & Avastin - Day 3 Visit MDG, Oxaliplatin & Avastin - Day 8 Visit ModDeGramont,Oxaliplatin Cetuximab Visit MVAC (methotrexate, Vinblastine,doxorubicin,cisplatin) M.V.P. (mitomycin, vinblastin, cisplatin) Myocet Visit Neorecormon Injection Visit Neulasta (24hrs post chemo) Neulasta & Disconnection Visit Oxaliplatin & 5FU Visit Oxaliplatin, Capectabine & Docetaxel Visit Oxaliplatin & Epirubicin Visit Oxaliplatin (single agent) Oxaliplatin & Tegafur uracil Visit Oxaliplatin and Capecitabine Oxaliplatin and Gemcitabine Oxaliplatin, Avastin & Tegafur uracil Visit Paclitaxel & Avastin Visit Paclitaxel, Avastin & ometa Visit Paclitaxel, Gemcitabine & Zometa Visit Paclitaxel & Ibandronate Visit Paclitaxel Paclitaxel with carboplatin Paclitaxel with Epirubicin Paclitaxel with Gemcitabine Paclitaxel & Zometa Visit Adult pain control via syringe driver Palifermin Visit Pamidronate Pamidronate (Zometa) Visit Panitumumab (Vectibix) Visit Pazopanib Visit Procarbizine Lomustine Vincristine Visit Peripheral bloods PICC line placement Platelets Visit Port Flush Visit Post Breast Visit Pre-Breast Visit Pre Treatment Visit Prothesis Rituximab (Mabthera) & CHOP Visit Rituximab (Mabthera) & CVP Visit Mabthera (Rituximab) Rituximab & Zometa Visit Sandoglobulin Visit Sandostatin Seroma Drain Visit Somatuline (Lanreotide) Visit Somatuline & Blood Test Visit Bloods & Sorafenib Visit Sorafenib Sorafenib (Nexavar) Adult subcutaneous hydration Bloods & Sunitinib Sunitinib Visit Sunitanib (Sutent) Docetaxel, Adriamycin & Cyclo Visit Bloods & Tarceva Visit Tarceva Docetaxol,Estramustine&Carboplatin Visit Temozolamide Bloods & Temozolomide Thyrogen IM Injection Visit Tomudex Topotecan (Hycamtin) Torisel (Temsirolomus) Care of vascular access device and peripheral bloods TPN BD visits. Per day cost Trabectedin Visit Training Visit Treanda (Bendamustine) Visit Treanda (Bendamustine) & Rituximab Visit Treosulfan Tegafur-uracil (Uftoral) Visit Urokinase Visit VAC Visit V.A.D. Day 1 (vincristine, doxorubicin, dexamethasone) V.A.D. Day 12 (line care) V.A.D. Day 19 (line care) V.A.D. Day 5 (disconnect) Venefor Visit Venesection Vepemb Visit Vinblastine Vincristine & Cyclophosphamide Visit Vincristine Vinorelbine & Ibandronate Visit Oral Vinorelbine & Blood Visit Vinorelbine Oral Vinorelbine Visit Vinorelbine & Zometa Visit Vitamin B Injection Visit Vitamin C Injection (Visit) Complex malignant wound dressings Zoladex (IM injection) Zoledronate (Zometa) Zometa & Aranesp Visit Zometa & Capecitabine Visit Zometa & Faslodex Visit Zometa & Neulasta Visit Zometa & Sandoglobulin Visit Image guided injection into Joint(s) Injection into Joint(s) without X-ray control Inj into S/C Tissue - L.Anaesth Ultrasound Scan 1 Area Ultrasound Scan 2 Area Ultrasound Scan 3 Area Vein Screening Inj into S/C Tissue - L.Anaesth (2) Steroid Injection

Source: http://www.hah.co.uk/sites/default/files/upload/files/Treatment%20list.pdf


University of Missouri – Kansas City Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee March 2013 ALTERNATIVE SEARCH DOCUMENTATION Federal regulations [Title 9, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, Subchapter A (Animal Welfare), Section 2.31 (d) (ii)] require the IACUC to determine that "The principal investigator has considered alternatives to procedures that may cause more than momentary

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WATER SPIRITS, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND POISONED OF A GOD Sacred illness is first and foremost poesis. Flesh rendered poem, praise song, lament. And so I begin and end this essay with poetry. This I wrote after my last multiple sclerosis exacerbation. Losing my legs, losing my mind with steroid therapy. Recovering my legs with steroid therapy and weaned from decadron recovering a portion of

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