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Short University Scenarios by Pythagoras (gurps.hardpoints.de) the PCs the feeling that they are part of a of PCs, fill up the rest with thefollowing students): v Beslen Dyrr (see NPCs of Ill
Obscuring Mist spell to hide thetraps in the labyrinth in order tocause others to fall into them. Hisprimary action is to prevent othersfrom achieving their goals.
v Loic Fond-De-Chaussure (see
NPCs of Ill Repute), is mostly comicrelieve. He is arrogant and reckless,ending up in some sort of trap soon.
v Lady Yasmin Virayana (see NPCs
of Ill Repute), will try to seem asfriendly and meek as possible. She that grants the 5 best students a familiar.
way that will not make her look bad.
v Chuck McNorris is a hulking, hairy
allowed. Other than that, anything goes.
will teleport in to rescue the person who ignores his competitors, blastingeverything non-student that comes v Antonio Battasta is a vile-looking
A familiar typically grants +2 to a singlemagical talent and +3 FP/day to use for Belcadiz elf practicing illusionism.
spells only. It is a loyal ally, except for imps, who follow orders to the letter but real loner. His spells are Dancing try to twist them as much as they can.
Lights and Optical Illusion. He usesthe latter to create illusions of competitors away from the real ones.
hands, giving the PCs a chance to grab it labyrinth as well. Each day, there is a 2 in 6 chance that one of the 5 familiars is found, bringing the test closer to its end.
Range 75/450, RoF 1, Rcl 2), whichhe uses to great effect against the but requires some patience to traverse.
smells damp and it is hard to breathe the An Observation+2 or Per+2 roll revealsthat there are tiny holes in the floor that smell of hot oil. Those entering thiszone will take 2d burn damage to their legs (1-3) or torso (4-5) or arms (6) (roll As above, but there are signs that thetrap has been triggered, leaving it harmless. One of the fellow students isnow wounded and might even still lie probably a good way to make a friend.
Climbing-4, a 5m jump, or by flight.
students will either mislead the PCs orfall for one of the traps. If things seemto take too long, one of these students smells of metal, smoke, and grease. It isalmost impossible to see the walls of the Mathematics-3 or a similar skill roll and there will be another roll for events.
minutes extra and costs 1 FP. Fire spells anything it spots and fight to the death.
What makes this scenario interesting isthat the fight takes place on a bridge that is moving (requires Acrobatics+2 or This part of the tunnels lies lower and is means that the PC falls to the next lower Naturalist+3 or a similar roll will reveal that it is a bad idea to go through herewithout holding one's breath. The spores blocks the way of the PCs. It is home tothree small poisonous monstrous is wounded or outnumbered will retreat.
clean, exposing bare rock, as if cleanedwith acid. A Per-2 roll reveals a faint bad idea, as it leads up to a hungry complex pattern. Three Acrobatics-1 orDX-1 rolls are required to get through, random location. A Mathematics+1 roll giving +3 on the Acrobatics rolls.
powerful and negative undead presence.
seemingly damaged by another student.
It takes another hour to get throught the These chambers look like beautifullibraries, filled with all kinds of (Illusionism)-4 roll is required to figure try to flee and will succeed if their are either fast (4 points of success and less than 2 points of failure with three rolls of Running) or stealthy (a single Stealth+2 roll, which also gives a brief gets interesting when a fellow studentshows up, who might alert the Wight of Per+Talent (Illusionism)-4 to figure outthat this is an illusion. If the roll is failed, a fear check has to be made.
talking skull (1), a spider (2), a dustparaelemental (3), a Will-O-Wisp in a lantern (4), an imp (5), or a tiny obsidian aisle. Make a Per+Talent (Illusionism)-4to figure out that this (and the carpet on Acrobatics roll allows to avoid this fate.
mechanical brass crab (1), a skeletal rat (2), a cinder rat (3), a floating feathered snake (4), an imp (5), or a cat with boots(6).
Let the Pcs make a Per test and tell themthat there was movement just under the These halls are lined with niches full of Unless the leading PC passes a Per-4, heis swept away by a strong underwatercurrent. 5 points of success in Swimmingare required to get out of the current,with each point of failure increasing thistotal by one. For every 5 rolls required,the PC takes 1 FP of damage. Giving into thew current causes 1d FP damageand leaves the PC stranded somewherein the labyrinth.
The PCs find the floating corpse of oneof their competitors, showing tiny bitemarks all over. Optionally, the student isonly unconscious and the PCs mighthelp him or her.
Roll a d6: The creature found is a princeturned into a toad (1-2), a waterelemental (3), a tiny water nymph (4), atransparent water-element creature turtle(5), or a mechanical beaver (6).

Source: http://gurps.hardpoints.de/downloads/fantasy/UniversityTests.pdf

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