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Web site name: Science Daily
Read “Weird ‘Engine of the Reef’ revealed” 1) What is Symbiodinium? _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ What evidence is there that corals “farm” these plants? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In what way are these algae “weird”? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Why would a decline in the algae be harmful? _______________________ _____________________________________________________________ What environmental factor has caused coral bleaching in the last 30 years? ___________________________________________________________ What percentage of CO2 entering the oceans is used up by these algae? ______ % Web site address: Science Daily
Read “Plodding amoeba” 8) What distinguishes eukaryotes from prokaryotes? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From where was this particular organism collected and isolated? _____________________________________________________________ What is the scientific name of this amoeba? 11) What is usual, or rare, about this particular species? ___________________ _____________________________________________________________ 12) How many protein-coding genes does the amoeba have? ________________ 13) How many genes may have been part of the first eukaryotes? What protein is important in flagella? _____________________________________________________________ Explain the “metabolic flexibility” that the amoeba exhibits. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Web site name: CNET news
Read “Start-up drills for oil in algae” 16) What is the source of the carbon fed to the algae? ___________________ What are the two potential benefits of the system? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why are algae used here and not photosynthetic plants? _____________________________________________________________ Apart from carbon dioxide, what other gas do the algae break down? _____________________________________________________________ What crop plant is currently used to produce biodiesel that works in existing diesel engines?___________________________________ What is one limitation of Greenfuel’s technology? _____________________________________________________________ Web site name: BBC News: Malaria
Read “Malaria – Ancient scourge” 22) How did “malaria” get its name? __________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Explain the difference between “airport malaria” and “imported malaria” Airport: ______________________________________________________ Imported: _____________________________________________________ Click on “How it Spreads” Why does only the female mosquito transmit malaria? _____________________________________________________________ What are three complications of severe malaria? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click on “Treatment” List the main parts of the world where malaria was endemic in 2003: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are the two advantages, and one disadvantage of chloroquine? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Click on “Further steps” What is the main focus now? _____________________________________________________________ Web site name: Science Dialy
Read “New possibilities for Hydrogen-producing Algae” In which habitat is this alga found? ________________________________ Which enzyme produces hydrogen? ________________________________ What chemical does this mutant strain of algae produce, which is a widely used industrial chemical? __________________________________ What three environmental factors can be extremely variable in soil? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Why is it better to produce hydrogen from algae, instead of ethanol from crops? _______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Web site name: Science Dialy
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Read “Ancient diatoms lead to new technology for solar energy”
What chemical makes up the shell, or outer wall, of a diatom? ________________________ Why are researchers still interested in using diatoms, even though they are more expensive than some existing approaches? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are two advantages of dye-sensitized technology compared to silicon? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Which chemical is used as the thin film semiconductor in this solar device? ________________________________________ Why are the holes in diatom shells useful? __________________________ ____________________________________________________________ How far back in the fossil record are diatoms found? _________________________________________


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Dr. Eric Hanson | 2820 NW 32nd St. | Newcastle, OK The Food and Drug Administration and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation have each issued a drug precaution for health professionals regarding a condition known as Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (ONJ). According to these precautions, this condition has been observed in cancer patients who undergo invasive dental procedures such as dental implants or


Megaesophagus References: Tams TR, Chapter 4, “Diseases of the Esophagus ,” in Todd R Tams Small Animal Gastroenterology, 2nd Etiopathogenesis: A. Anatomy and physiology. 1. Esophagus is divided into three parts: a. Cervical (upper esophageal sphincter to the thoracic inlet). 1) Cricopharyngeus mm + thyropharyngeus m = upper esophageal sphincter 2) UES always closed except to l

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