PO Box 1860 • Catoosa, OK • 74015 • 918.266.5764 Personal Profile (please fill out every space clearly and legibly) What Global Ventures Trip(s) have you been on? (Country/Year) Filled with the Holy Spirit? According to Acts 2:4 Have you ever received treatment or counseling for alcohol or substance abuse? Are you currently doing, or been involved with any of the following during the past 12 months: If you marked yes to any of the above, please explain on a separate sheet of paper.
Are you presently under a physician’s care for any illness? Are you currently taking any prescribed medication? If yes, please specify the medication and dosage? Are you currently taking any non-prescribed medication on a regular basis? Do you have any physical concerns or conditions that would prevent you from performing certain types of activities relating to interning for Global Ventures? Have you ever been accused or convicted of a criminal offense? If yes, please explain when, where, and for what: Personal History and Information? cont. Have you ever been accused, arrested, or convicted of child abuse or a crime involving actual or attempted sexual molestation of a minor? If yes, please explain when, where, and for what: Are you or have you ever been involved with homosexual/lesbian activity? Do you presently have any communicable diseases (including HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis C)? References Please give a reference from each of the following: Have you ever been involved in helps ministry before? If yes, please explain when, where, and for what: As an intern, you may take part in several of these areas, but what specific area(s) would you be interested in? List ANY training, eduction you have in relation to the areas listed above, or other knowledge/skills that could be beneficial to Global Ventures. In the virgin birth and deity of our Lord Jesus Christ? That Jesus is God’s Son, was born in the flesh and is the only sacrifice for sin? That man must be born again to receive eternal life? In an eternal reward for the believer? (Heaven) In eternal damnation for the lost? (Hell) In the rapture of the church prior to the 7-year Tribulation? That divine healing is part of redemption’s purchase and is God’s will for all who believe? In the infilling of the Holy Spirit (Baptism of the Holy Spirit)? That speaking in tongues is the initial physical evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? If you marked NO to any of the above, please explain on a separate sheet of paper.
Why do you want to be a Global Ventures Intern? Global Ventures holds high Godly standards and GV Interns are required to live by these standards. We believe that as a Christian leader in the body of Christ, we must abstain from drinking any alcoholic beverages or smoking substances of any kind. Please share in your own words why you would agree or disagree with this statement.
Qualifications for ALL Global Ventures Interns Global Ventures is a ministry of excellence. Christians who are in places of responsibility in this ministry are required to be examples in faith, conduct, and business affairs. Therefore, anyone who interns with Global Ventures is
expected to abide by the following:
• Must be in agreement with the tenets of faith of Global Ventures.
• Be loyal to the Directors and leaders of Global Ventures.
• Must commit to live a separated Christian life. Abstaining from all alcohol, smoking any substance and illegal • Must live a life of sexual purity. If not married, not involved sexually with either sex. If unmarried, not sexually involved with anyone but your spouse. No involvement in any form of pornography. • Consistently tithe to their church.
• Be faithful to attend regular church services at your home church.
• Be faithful to your assigned position. (Tuesday – Thursday from 8:30 – 4:00) • Be able to make a one-year commitment.
• Be neat and clean in your appearance. Wear modest clothing, since you represent Global Ventures. • Must abide by all GV Internship rules such as; no dating during the first year program, no rated ‘R’ movies, etc.
• Complete appropriate workers’ training course(s) required in your specific area of ministry.
• Must go on at least one Global Ventures trip during the internship year.
I have read the above qualifications and I am in full agreement with them. I agree to keep them to the very best of my ability. I clearly understand that failure to keep any of the above requirements is grounds for my being asked to step down from the internship program with Global Ventures. I state that all the above information that I have given is true to the best of my knowledge.
Global Ventures Internship Commitment Statement I acknowledge my agreement with the fundamental truths and the tenets of faith (statement of faith) of JSMI Global Ventures as set forth by the Word of God. I commit to be faithful and loyal to the Director and Leadership and to the Staff and Volunteers of Global Ventures during my time of volunteering. I commit to be faithful in my attendance and Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the bylaws and policies of JSMI and to maintain the standards as set forth by Global Ventures. I purpose to conduct myself in a manner becoming to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom in spirit, in word, and in all manner of personal behavior. I commit to live a moral life above reproach, acknowledging that I represent Global Ventures in everything that I say and do. As Paul said in Romans 12, I will offer my body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. I will see to it that there is never a cause for accusation made against me concerning the conduct of my personal affairs or public ministry. I remain willing to receive counsel and advice from GV, submitting myself in love, and understanding that Global Ventures and its leaders have the authority to withdraw my privilege to participate in the Global Ventures Internship and if ever my conduct becomes reproachable.
I sign this commitment statement of my own free will.


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