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Parents’ Newsletter
Have Faith in Yourself and in the Direction you have Chosen
(1) Interschool Badminton Competition
Congratulations to our girls’ badminton team.
They joined the inter-school competition and
won the 2nd runner-up in the group event and
Jocelyn Yuen (P.5S) got the Champion in
single event. They attended the prize-giving
ceremony on last Friday to receive their medals
and trophies.
(2) Mathematics and Science Exploring Competition – Guo Hua Bei (2012-13)
Congratulations go to Wing-sing Leung (P.5S) and Jack Wong (P.6S). They joined the captioned
competition for North-Western primary schools at QESOSA Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School on last
Saturday. With wide-range knowledge of science and mathematics, they were awarded the trophies of
merit. Ms Wendy should also deserve pats on her back for supervising the students.
(3) 2013 Child’s Utopia Drawing Competition
Congratulations to Cherry Xue (P.1B) who joined the captioned drawing competition which was
organised by ICE – International Colere Exchange (Hong Kong). Among ten thousands of participants,
Cherry’s drawing was ranked as the top 10% outstanding works. She was awarded the certificate of
Second Prize.
Beware of Heat Stroke
With the summer vacation approaching, you may be making plans to organize outdoor activities for your
children. The Department of Health would like to share with you a few tips to help guard against the hot
and humid weather. You are advised to pay attention to the weather warning issued by the Hong Kong
Observatory and take the following measures:
Wear light-coloured, loose and air permeable clothing to reduce heat absorption and promote heat Bring and drink plenty of fluid to prevent dehydration. Avoid drinks containing caffeine or alcohol because they will speed up water loss from the body Do not engage in prolonged activities such as hiking or trekking under extremely hot weather. Perform outdoor activities in the morning or evening, if possible. Choose an indoor venue with good ventilation by opening all windows and using fan or Re-schedule your work to cooler times of the day. If you must work in a hot environment, introduce shading in the work area where practicable, then start slowly and pick up the pace gradually. Take breaks every now and then in a cool area to recharge yourself. Do not stay inside a parked vehicle. Stop in the course of activity immediately and seek medical advice if feeling unwell.
Community News
The Hong Kong Public Libraries are going to organize paired reading workshops on “the World of
Newton”. They would be held at Tuen Mun Public Library and Ping Shan Public Library on 21 July and
10 August respectively. Each workshop would last for 90 minutes (2:30 – 4:00 p.m.). If P.1-P.3 parents
would like to attend the workshop with their children, please call the library for details and registration
(Tuen Mun: 24500671, Ping Shan: 21267520).

Tuen Ng Festival
Next Wednesday (12th June) is Tuen Ng Festival. We wish everyone has a joyful holiday with family.
The following students have excellent performance in May. They were awarded Superstar certificates as
recognitions of their achievements:
LAU Tsz Wan, Tammy (1S) CHEUNG Lok Yin, Benjamin CHEUNG Lok Yan, Hayley CHEUNG Lok Yan, Hayley Mathematics

Circulars and Notice that have been Distributed to Students during 3-7 June 2013

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VII. Access to Drugs and Formularies This section covers: • Pharmacy networks • Formularies • Cost-containment strategies • Transition policies Each Part D plan has a network of pharmacies from which an enrollee can routinely access his or her Part D drugs. Additionally, each Part D plan covers the prescription drugs that it places on a formulary, or list of covered d

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