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Via A. Bragazzi, 5 – 56123 Pisa (PI) – Italy Via Giuntini, 25 – 56123 Navacchio (PI) – Italy Design of digital electronic circuits for FireWire™ cameras used in scien- tific, medical and industrial applications.
V.le R. Piaggio, 25 – 56025 Pontedera (PI) – Italy Electronic engineer (Powertrain and engine innovation) Involved in the development of lithium-ion battery and BMS for Piaggio I.S.T.I. – CNR (National Research Council) Via G. Moruzzi, 1 – 56124 Pisa (PI) – Italy Development of software and web-services for workflow management in Via Toscoromagnola, 187 – 56021 Cascina (PI) – Italy Development of a web-based management software.
GIANNI VALENTI – CURRICULUM VITAE – 17 DECEMBER 2010 – PAG. 1/3 Via Malagoli, 12 – 56100 Pisa (PI) – Italy Development of the blog platform for the community of
Via P. Capponi – 56031 Soiana (PI) – Italy Development of e-learning platform and other web-applications.
Via G. Pascoli – 56100 Pisa (PI) – Italy CMS development and server administration.
M. Sc. in Electronic Engineering (final score 108/110) Thesis title: “Distributed Intrusion Detection for Secure Cooperative Mul- Facoltà di Ingegneria – Università di Pisa A. Fagiolini, G. Valenti, L. Pallottino, G. Dini, and A. Bicchi, “Decentral- ized intrusion detection for secure cooperative multi–agent systems,” in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Decision and Control, 2007.
A. Fagiolini, G. Valenti, L. Pallottino, G. Dini, and A. Bicchi, “Local moni- tor implementation for decentralized intrusion detection in secure mul- ti–agent systems,” 3rd IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, A. Fagiolini, M. Pellinacci, G. Valenti, G. Dini, and A. Bicchi, “Consen- sus–based distributed intrusion detection for multi–robot systems,” IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2008. GIANNI VALENTI – CURRICULUM VITAE – 17 DECEMBER 2010 – PAG. 2/3 Reading: C1 - Writing: C1 - Oral expression: C1.
(Self assessment based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) During my experience in Piaggio I was in direct contact with companies of international relevance and I learned to manage work relationships.
I developed my degree thesis in the Interdipartimental Research Center “E. Piaggio” and there I had the possibility to work with students of differ- ent nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, developing cooperation and During my experience in Wind I developed a good teamwork attitude.
During my experience in Piaggio I learned to organize my work and some- times that of my colleagues, meeting goals and deadlines.
During my experience in Y Group I learned to manage people and small VHDL (Xilinx FPGA, uBlaze soft-core processor).
C, C++, C#, basic knowledge of Assembly.
FMEA, international standards (IEC, ISO, UL).
Linux server administration (Apache, pHp, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ftp, mail Operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows.
I have been playing the tenor saxophone since I was ten years old. From 2003 to 2005 I also taught saxophone and music theory to the children of the “L. Mugnone” philharmonic in Navacchio (PI).
Currently I play the saxophone in an original-ska band with which I par- ticipated in several contests. We produced an album called “A fine blend of ska & rocksteady” that received some good reviews from dedicated maga- Occasionally I play and record songs with other bands in Italy and the GIANNI VALENTI – CURRICULUM VITAE – 17 DECEMBER 2010 – PAG. 3/3


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