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Get Organised this September
I find myself perched at the one end of a trestle table, sharing my leg room with a desk support and a dirt bin, deep in unproductive
thought as to whether my new office will be ready for that cliché time of year where we’re expected to sweep away the cobwebs
(literally and figuratively) as we step into Spring. Reassured by the drilling and banging, I’m quietly optimistic. Having read this
month’s newsletter article, “Productivity in the Real World”, I’m vociferously confident.
If you, like me, have found yourself moving around in circles (eating too many biscuits) instead of moving forward this winter, might I suggest you turn your phone to silent and read on… In this issue
Productivity in the Real World

Team Talk
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Productivity in the Real World
You get to the office and you are good to go; the caffeine is making you bouncy and your day’s projects are making you smile. Then you log in at your work station and the server’s down. You try and print and the share machine just ran out ofink. Your va va voom has literally got up and gone, and now you are wondering just how you’ll get through the to-do list ofthe day! Quick tips to help you find maximised productivity in the real world: Mix it up a bit
Set aside some time to re-think the way you work. Get some fresh perspective. Often we do things just because that’s the way we’ve always done them. Assess what’s working and what’s not. You’ll be surprised at how tweaking some old habits can have a big positive impact on your day. Know what productivity looks like to you
Organising is not about how it looks but about how it works. Productivity is not about being busy but about working smartly. You can be frenetically full of action, but if you’re moving around in circles instead of charging forward, there’s a problem. Make sure you are crossing things off your list and not just being distracted by “busy jobs” and time wasters that are not moving you forward towards your goals. Know your time style
Learning how you like to manage your time and embracing tips that complement your time style and help you stay organised can be very liberating. A Get Organised Consultant can help you discover if you are a Last minute Racer, Detail Dodger, Procrastinator, Perfectionist or Detail Dodger and give you some strategies to work within your dominant style. Anyone can learn how to be organised! Have a Weekly Blueprint
It really helps to start the week with a weekly blueprint for the “Big Blocks” of what kind of work you want to be tackling when. Remember to leave plenty of ‘wiggle’ room in your schedule, to pad your time and to make time for strategic tasksand planned unavailability. A general rule of thumb is to only schedule 50% of your week. Be Flexible
Life has a brilliant way of interrupting us just as we’ve made our plans. In the real world, things rarely go according to a “perfect” schedule. I like to always keep the “Big Picture” in mind and when needed, I use my weekly blue print like a big magnetic board of puzzle pieces. All the puzzle pieces remain, but they get shuffled around as life happens! Real world Lifesavers I can’t do without
So I saved the gems for last. Here are some other things that I just can’t do without … My Master list of everything I need to do and the To Do’s I’ve pulled off for action now – this is an anchor for me when things feel like they are spinning out of control and a smile maker when I can see what I’ve achieved at the end of the day. Banishing Procrastination. Don’t make things bigger than they are. Act when you can and turn “To do’s” to “Done”! An egg timer … It is amazing what you can achieve in ten minutes of focused time. An Organised Space that Inspires. Here’s to a Super September! And to taking charge of the time we have, and making the best of it! By: Team Talk
The GO team share some of their highlights from the month that was:
• “Making Every Second Count”, a talk to boost productivity and take charge of your time, at the Pietermaritzburg Women in Business Annual Conference. This was the first conference to be jointly hosted by SAWEN (South African Women Entrepreneur Network) and PMB Women in Business. •  (CT) has been keeping warm this winter by working up a storm. Well done on reaching 100 hours of 1-2-1 productivity consulting Kimberley. We love the positive feedback we hear from your clients as you help them take charge of their space, time and life. • – Fundamentals to business success. Based on the principle that things grouped in threes are inherently funnier, more effective and more successful than any other number of things, we learn that being productive is more than just time management. Join our team
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UntilOctober, happy organising!
Tracey & the GET ORGANISED team



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