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C AROLYNNE’ S C OMMENTS: U NEASINESS S URROUNDS W T O T ALKS Written by OEP Chair Carolynne Griffith At WTO, supply managed to match the supply of farmers. Through supply
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M AJORITY OF F ARM P RODUCTION S TAYS IN C ANADA [Reprinted from February 2006 Overall, Canada’s farmers Canada. M AJORITY OF F ARM P RODUCTION S TAYS IN C ANADA the importance of both the markets are important to domestic market and export farmers around the world. Moreover, of all the food vibrant one that encourages per cent is consumed locally. processing. Canada’s negotiators maintain a trade Only 10 per cent is exported farmers are the foundation position that acknowledges internationally. Domestic J OIN US AT T HE L ONDON P OULTRY S HOW industry can come together admission. Come and visit Wednesday, April 12 from 9 and showcase its products and services. Approximately booths 327 and 328 [aisle 150 exhibitors, the London Included with this create new OEP fact sheets, month. Bill was a past OEP *The 2006 Spring Poultry Producer Updates Eggs: Rich in protein for lasting energy brochure and marketers to sell them. in smaller eggs (1.9 - 6.1 g/ December 2005 issue of The So what are the prospects egg below controls). Egg yolk Cackler, producers received a for producing genuine “low cholesterol was reduced brochure on Facts About Eggs regulations require that to cholesterol in eggs need not have 20% less cholesterol that including garlic paste in produced in this way would cholesterol. When the garlic increasingly opposed to the comprised 10% of the diet, use of drugs in feeding treatments to make hens lay yolk cholesterol fell by about animals. levels. Most of this research the diet did not affect production over the six-week with genuinely lower levels Although no assessment was Nutritional strategies exist to authors quote other research clear. Consumers are known in which no differences were to be willing to pay It is fair to ask whether it [Kim et al, 2004, Poultry 1543] investigated the use of establish whether flavour statins [drugs used to lower and colour changes cholesterol” eggs. But a firm plasma cholesterol in human accompany the reduction in not possible; as long as some layers. None of the drugs people want to buy them, it tested reduced egg Technically Speaking contains information derived from sources believed to be accurate. However, neither the authors nor the Ontario Egg Producers can accept any responsibility for the consequences of applying information contained herein. Reproduction of the contents of this newsletter, in whole or in part, is permitted with suitable credit. Toronto Wine and
Cheese Show
Cottage Life Show
London Poultry Show
National Women’s Show in cooking techniques. Good Food Festival
and the Total Woman Show recipe is the official Sweets Expo
highlights the importance of Manitoba Egg Producers, is for lasting energy at consumer protein to good health and Functional Foods
Conference: Emerging
Markets for Livestock
Spring is a special time to decorating kits have been featuring egg decorating and decorating suggestions.



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