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Consumer Medicine Information

What is in this leaflet
Do not take FLUOXEBELL
together with pimozide, a drug
to treat neuroleptic disorders.
FLUOXEBELL should not be
used in children and
adolescents under 18 years of
age as the safety and efficacy of
FLUOXEBELL in this age group
has not been established.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if
you are not sure if you have
been taking one of these
If you have any concerns about
taking this medicine, talk to your
doctor or pharmacist.
Do not take FLUOXEBELL after
Keep this leaflet with the
the expiry date printed on the
Before you take FLUOXEBELL
When you must not take it
Do not take FLUOXEBELL if the
What FLUOXEBELL is used for
packaging is torn or shows
Do not take FLUOXEBELL if you
signs of tampering or if the
are allergic to fluoxetine or any
capsules do not look quite right.
of the ingredients listed at the
If you are not sure whether you
end of this leaflet.
should start taking
FLUOXEBELL, talk to your
Before you start to take it
Tell your doctor if you have any
allergies to:
Do not take FLUOXEBELL if you
are taking another medicine
called a monoamine oxidase
inhibitor (MAOI) such as
moclobemide (e.g. Aurorix),
phenelzine (e.g. Nardil),
selegiline (e.g. Eldepryl) or
Tell your doctor if you are
tranylcypromine (e.g. Parnate),
pregnant or intend to become
or have been taking a
monoamine oxidase inhibitor
medicine within the last 14 days.
How much to take
Tell your doctor if you are
breast-feeding or intend to
each morning. If your doctor tells you to take FLUOXEBELL twice a Tell your doctor if you have or
have had any medical
conditions, especially the
How to take it
Swallow FLUOXEBELL with a
full glass of water.
When to take it
If you have not told your doctor
about any of the above, tell them
before you use FLUOXEBELL.
Take each dose of FLUOXEBELL
at about the same time each day.
Use in children
Do not start taking any other
medicines for depression
without first checking with your
doctor. Do this even if you have
already stopped taking
How long to take it
Taking other medicines
at least 5 weeks because some of the medicine will still be in your Tell your doctor if you are taking
any other medicines, including
Do not take any monoamine
any medicines you buy without a
oxidase inhibitor medicines for
prescription from a pharmacy,
at least 5 weeks after you have
supermarket or health food
Continue taking FLUOXEBELL
How to take FLUOXEBELL
for as long as your doctor
Follow all directions given to
you by your doctor or
pharmacist carefully.
If you forget to take it
You should stop taking the
If it is almost time for your next
MAOI at least two weeks before
dose, skip the dose you missed
starting FLUOXEBELL.
and take your next dose when
instructions on the box, ask your doctor or pharmacist for you are meant to.
Otherwise, take it as soon as
you remember, and then go back

to taking it as you would
especially any feelings of severe
sadness or bursts of unusual
Do not take a double dose to
energy or anger.
make up for the dose you have
Do not take the herbal remedy St
If you are not sure what to do,
John’s Wort while you are being
ask your doctor or pharmacist.
treated with FLUOXEBELL.
If you have trouble remembering
Do not let yourself run out of
when to take your medicine, ask
medicine over the weekend or
on holidays.
your pharmacist for some hints.

Things to be careful of

If you take too much (overdose)

Be careful driving or operating

Immediately telephone your
machinery until you know how
doctor or the Poisons
FLUOXEBELL affects you.
Information Centre (13 11 26), or
go to Accident and Emergency
at your nearest hospital, if you
think that you or anyone else
has taken too much
FLUOXEBELL. Do this even if
there are no signs of discomfort
or poisoning.
• All thoughts or talk about suicide or Speak to your doctor before
Visit your doctor regularly so
drinking alcohol while you are
that your progress can be
Tell your doctor immediately if
While you are taking
you become pregnant while
If FLUOXEBELL is taken during pregnancy, newborn babies can Things you must do
Side effects
Tell all doctors, dentists and
Tell your doctor or pharmacist
pharmacists who are treating
as soon as possible if you do
you that you are taking
not feel well while you are taking
Things you must not do
If you are about to start taking
Do not give this medicine to
any new medicine, including any
anyone else, even if they have
medicine that you buy without a
the same condition as you.
prescription, tell your doctor and
pharmacist that you are taking
Do not use FLUOXEBELL to
treat any other complaints
Tell your doctor if, for any
unless your doctor tells you to.
reason, you have not taken your
Ask your doctor or pharmacist
medicine exactly as prescribed.
any questions you may have.
Do not stop taking
FLUOXEBELL, or lower the
Tell your doctor if you notice any
dose, without first checking with
of the following and they worry
your doctor.
Tell your doctor if you feel the
medicine is not helping your
If you are being treated for
depression, be sure to discuss
with your doctor any problems
you may have and how you feel,
Keep your FLUOXEBELL in a
cool dry place where it stays
below 25ºC.
Do not store it, or any other
medicine, in the bathroom or
near a sink.
Australian Registration Number
Do not leave it in the car or on a
window sill.
Tell your doctor immediately or
Keep this medicine where
go to Accident and Emergency
children cannot reach it.
at the nearest hospital if you
notice any of the following:
If your doctor tells you to stop
taking FLUOXEBELL or you find
that they have passed their
expiry date, ask your pharmacist
what to do with any capsules
that are left over.
Product description
What it looks like
cause difficulty in swallowing or breathing FLUOXEBELL capsules are available in packs of 28. The capsules are coloured light green and ivory. Ingredients
Active ingredient:
Other side effects not listed
above may also occur in some
patients. Tell your doctor if you
notice anything that is making
you feel unwell.
Inactive ingredients:
After taking FLUOXEBELL
Keep your capsules in the blister
pack until it is time to take them.
iron oxide yellow CI77492 quinoline yellow CI47005


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