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EJECTION means told to leave, stop taping, shut out, or physically threatened.
All programs were broadcast on Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles Public Access For information on these programs or original Hi-8 master stock contact galleryBeat at: #1 Gallery Beat 1
Chris Burden at Gagosian, “Medusa’s Head” Stephen Prina at Luhring Augustine and Hodes #2 Julian Schnabel at Akira Ikeda
#3 Whitney Biennial 1993
#4 Poor Artists/Big Dealers
#6 We Beat the Galleries
Yves Klein at Larry Gagosian, “Fire Paintings” Richard Long at Gagosian, “New Sculpture” #7 Gallery Beat 7
Fashion: Richard Tyler ‘93 runway show at Group show of: Zowe Leonard, Molly McCarty, #8 Gallery Beat 8
#9 Red Car I
#10 Red Car II
Anselm Kiefer at Marian Goodman (EJECTION) “Coming to Power” (woman artists on pornography) #11 Ejection City
Anselm Kiefer at Marian Goodman (EJECTION) Artist designed candy bar (with Brain Wallis) #12 Gallery Beat 12
Slyvie Fleury at Postmasters (Music Video) #13 Arachnosphere
Roberta Smith’s only appearance on Gallery Beat Lunch at Time Cafe with Dike TV’’s Lori E. Side #14 Walter’s Show
John Ahearn + Rudy Burhardt at Brooke Alexander #15 San Francisco Show
Thresholds and Enclosures at the S.F. Moma David Cannon Dashiell at the S.F. Art Institute Queer Mysteries at the S.F. Art Institute #16 Hamptons 1993
#17 42nd Street
Creative Time’s 42nd St. public art project #18 Visit to the Whitney Museum
#20 Block Park ‘93
David Herskovits (editor of Paper) for Mayor #21 30 Shows / 30 Minutes
#22 Many Downtown Shows
Philip Pearlstein at Hirschl and Adler Modern #23 Paul in Drag
#24 Gallery Beat 24
#25 Day Without Art 1993
#26 Red Ribbon
Postal Service steals Visual AIDS red ribbon #27 Day Without Art ‘93
Barney’s: artist designed clothing and accessories Jean-Michel Basquiat at Shafrazi (EJECTION) #28 Christmas Show ‘93
Jean-Michel Basquiat at Shafrazi (EJECTION) #29 One Named Artists
#30 Bad Girls I
#31 Bad Girls II
#32 Gallery Beat 32
“From Media to Metaphor, ‘Art about AIDS’ with: Robert Maplethorpe, Lauren Colfatt*, #34 Valentine’s Day ‘94
Openings: Doukopil at Shafrazi and Mike Flier #36 Guggabore/Mardi Gras
#37 Perlguggafrak
Argument with Guggeheim employee (EJECTION) “Coast to Coast” at Maranushi Lederman #38 Wheelchair Access (with Alexander Wood)
#39 Wheelchair Access II
#40 Sculpture Month / Barbara Lehnman Tribute
#42 Close-up and Awful
#43 Deconstructing Masculinity
#44 No Brainer
#45 Max Fish
Group show curated by Angie Eng at Max Fish #46 The Vulgarians
Picasso’s Weeping Women at the Metropolitan #48 Bongo Park
Hunter Reynolds at The Contemporary (Simon Watson) (curated by Maurice Berger) at Ronald Feldman #49 Old Dried-Up People
Sam Weiner/Angelina Tabasco at Alternative Museum #50 Tunick/Scott
Spencer Tunick’s 30 Nudes at the U.N.
#51 Made in Japan/Nonlinear/WBAI
#52 Hamptons ‘94
#53 Lunch with Lauren
#54 SoHo Block Party
Bill Owens/Vito Acconci at American Fine Art #55 Leftovers/Block Party II
#56 Goners/Artist Alive + Uptown
Francesco Clemente/Andrew Lord at Gagosian Jules Olitski/Luisa Mattiasdottir at Salander O’Reilly (Regina Frank, LIz Young, Skip Arnold, etc.) #58 Winter of Love/Bob Flanagan
#59 The Cathy Show
#60 Free Beer/Apology
Tom Marioni and David Ireland at Artists Space #61 Day Without Art 1994 (Sixth Annual)
Demonstration outside Metropolitan for Day Without Art “Blow Up” at Thicket (Barbara Pollack) “Deadpan” curated by Carl Ostendarp at DNC law firm #62 Chirstmas Show ‘94
LIttle Red Schoolhouse auction at Barney’s #63 Christmas Show II/Psychedelic Solution
Little Red Schoolhouse auction at Barney’s #64 Prognostication I
Prognostications by: Jerry Saltz, Kiki Smith, #65 Prognostication II
Prognostications by: Robert Atkins, Stephen Westfall, Preview of Andres Serrano at the New Museum #66 The Reverntial Show
#67 Valentine ‘95
#68 Wee-Chee II
#69 Deals! Deals! Deals!
Alan McCollum and Louise Lawler at Brooke Alexander #70 Onslaught-We are All Connected
Stephen Watson’s book party at Grey Art Gallery #71 Whitney Biennial ‘95 - The Crowd
Tony Bennett, David Ross, Klaus Kertess, John Waters, Lawrence Weiner, Thelma Golden, Brian Wallis, Andrea Ziettel, Jack Pierson, Judd Tully, Tom Finkelpearl #73 Dysfunctional Family?
Salon des Refuses by Bill Bace on Greenwich St.
#74 Painting versus Sculpture
Barbara Pollack’s book party/Scott Jacobson at #75 From Painting vs. Sculpture,Gramercy Art Fair
Gramercy Art Fair: magazine row, American Fine Arts (with Paterson Beckwith), Pat Hearn’s Room (with Pat), Matthew Marks’ room, Paul Morris’ room, London’s Jay Jopling and Tracey Emin, Bathrooms! #76 From Art Fair to FUNHOUSE
Gramercy Art Fair: More Jay Jopling and Tracey Emin, Jeffrey Deitch’s Emerald Room, Alissa Friedman of AC Projects, Boston’s Barbara Krakow, 303 with Lisa Spellman, David Zwirner’s room, Christopher Grimes’ room, hi to Spencer Tunick and friend, Potato Art, Gallery from Zurich (our host Peter), HO Gallery from Hong Kong, Gallery from Brussels, Alexander Wood says hi. FUNHOUSE with our host Saul Ostrow (Edward Prulhiere, Betsy Friedman, Barbara Pollack, KK Koxik, Joyce Pensato, Jane Fine, Tomaselli, and many more) #77 Brooklyn Forever
#78 Interviewitus
MAZE interactive-CD ROM: ARTV on CD ROM on ARTV #79 Gallery Beat 79
#80 Art Machine
#81 SoHoFest Oct 95
Ejection from Kiki Smith at Pace Wildenstein #82 World Famous 57th St. etc.
#83 Dramamine
#84 Gallery Beat 84
#85 Gallery Beat 85
#86 Gallery Beat 86
Choice Opening Minute: Any Moses at Leonora Vega Sylvie Fleury/Lauroie Simmons at Postmasters #87 Gallery Beat 87
Beth B at 113 Crosby + artist’s talk at PPOW Walter’s Office Department: Boogie Woogie #88 Gallery Beat 88
Entertainment Puppets-”It’s Happening” #89 Gallery Beat 89
Paul de Marinis at Bravin Post Lee and Vanessa Beecroft at Breenberg Deitch Reel Live Artist: Ted Victoria on Grand + Greene Sts.
#90 Die Richter Minuten
#91 The Grateful Beat
“Lush” and Elizabeth Berdann at Cristinerose Parness, Burckhardt, Aufiero at Chassie Post Reel Live Artist: Alice Aycock at the studio #92 The Family Beat
Reel Live Artist: James Nares at Paul Kasmin Dennis Kardon (opening announcement at Anderson) #93 Into the Hopper w/ Schnabel
Michael Jenkins at Casey Kaplan (continued) Reel Live Artist: Dennis Hopper at Shafrazi #94 testing, testing
#95 Ed Had To Die First
#96 REVOLUTIONARY Gallery Beat
Alternative Press, curated by Brian Wallis and Exit Art Alternative Spaces, curated by Julie Ault, Sugar Mountain curated by Paul Ha and Andrea Scott #97 WE’RE NOT GEORGE
(featuring: Elena Berriolo and Raphael Rubinstein) Keily Jenkins and Depthography at Livestock #98 The Unseen Hosts
Donald Traver and Joann GreenBaum at Arean #99 No Hosts/More Art
#101 Episode
#102 A Day at the Fair
Gramercy International Art Fair with: Artnet, Gracie Mansion, Postmasters, Morris Healy, Pat Hearn, #103 The 001 Party
Group show-Art in General curated by Yasmin Ramirez Cat Stevens (the artists formerly known as Bickerton) #104 Paul and Walter on Wall St. (The Art Exchange)
4C Gallery - Denis Gordon Wil Woman Dealer John Good - Gloria Park, Dru Artstark Gallery #105 The Tallest Artist in the World
#106 Odyssey with Secret Sauce
Three Person Show Elizabeth Harris, Akiwa Mahdoz, Walter Marin Paloma Munoz at P.P.O.W.
Spencer live photo, 100 Nudes in Central Park #107 Odyssesy II the CRAPSHOOT
Voyeurs Delight at Franklin Furnace
#108 Galleria Beata Dia
Calvin Siebert, Paul Henry Ramirez - Arena #109 Queen Kong vs. Godzilla
Don Bonham, Walter Redinger, Jeff Rubinoff at Venus in the Mirror, curated by Tom Jones at CRG #110 Groovy Action Art Now!
#111 One is Sick and the Other is Blonde
“The Shape of Sound” at Exit Art, curated by Ben Neill Paul discusses artists FA-Q in Prison Life Magazine The Real Basquiat by the Real Tony Shafrazi part 2 #112 Gallery Beat 112
#113 Chocolatiers Gone Bad
#114 The Editor Falls
Syndicated NY Press cartoonist Kaz studio visit #115 Shopping
Strange communications with Steven Keister Kaz book giveaway to winner Nicole Eisenman Up & Co. and the London artists boutique #116 The Famous and the Homeless
#117 Brooklyn Museum
Curator Charlotta Kotik gives us the Grand Tour Curator Sarah Fauce gives us the Corot Tour Corot and Italian Landscape at Brooklyn Museum Stephen DeCillo and Julie Langsam at Clementine #118 This is Not a Urinal
#119 Museum of Modern Art
De Kooning at MoMA with curator Robert Storr Group show at Joseph Helman: “Small Works” Group show at the Rotunda in Brooklyn: “Suture” curated by Annie Herron European comic art at Thread Waxing Space: #120 Question of Authority
Glenn O’Brien’s TV party with Paul and Cathy #121 Gallery Beat 121
Beth B at Deitch Projects, “Portraits and Playthings”, Interview: dealer Ronald Feldman, B’s model Kathy Brew, Jeffrey Deitch present Julian Schnabel clip #122 The Grateful Beat
Interview: Glenn O’Brien, fashion writer Nabil Nahas at Sperone Westwater #123 Gallery Beat 123
Interview: Willie Lenshki at O’Hara Gallery #125 The Biennial Picnic
Interviews with: Director, David Ross and Co-curator Louise Neri Artists there: Tony Oursler, Jason Rhodes, Richard Phillips, Bruck Connor, Matthew Richie, Jennifer Amy Gartreau at 303 Gallery, alien autopsy #126 Painful Swelling Productions & Animals
Oleg Kulik at Deich Projects, performance and installation: “ I Bite America and America Bites Me” L.C. Armstrong at Bravin Post Lee Gallery #127 Naked and Obedient
Matthew Morello film “Il Ponte Contemporanea” Bob and Roberta Smith, “Sculpture to Take” Hunter Reynolds at Boesky and Callery Gallery #130 Gallery Beat 130
Sylvie Fleury at Postmasters, “Skin Crimes” Interview with Jaon Fox at Feature Gallery Interview: Richard Kern at Feature Gallery #133 Gallery Beat 133
Warren Neidich at Stepahnie Martz, “Brainwash” #134 Chelsea ShowsYou’ve Missed
but You Can See Now
#135 Tonight! No Way!
Interview with Frederica Taylor at TZ Art Gallery Domlaxine Walsh at Annicka Sundrick Gallery #136 Painful Swelling Productions
“Self Portrait Porno Series”, live performance #140 Gallery Beat 140
Interview: Spencer Tunick at I-20 Gallery #141 The Return of the Gramercy Arts Fair
Cecily Brown at Deitch Projects, “High Society” #142 Gallery Beat 142
Maria Marshall at Team, smoking kid video #143 Gallery Beat 143
Yayoi Kustamo* & Andy Warhol at D’Amelio Terras Helen Marden at Morris-Healy, Interviews: Chuck Close, Francesco Clemente, Brice Marden, Mary Dona McAdams booksigning for “Caught in the Act” #144 Chelsea Preview (Pilot) Ejection in front of DIA
Interview: Cindy Sherman at Metro Pictures interview: Mike Smith at New Museum also with: #145 9.9.99 SoHo and Chelsea
#146 Sensation! Openings & Demonstrations
Brooklyn Museum blockbuster of young British artists (press preview, VIP opening, and demonstrations) Interviews & cameos with: Tony Shufrezzi, Robert Storr, Cindy Sherman and Steve Martin, art critic Robert Atkins, David Ebony, Tracy Erin and Jay Jopling video clip from ‘97, Stephanie Seymour, Ronald #147 The Spirit of Norman Rockwell
Chris Ofili at Gavin Brown Enterprise EJECTION #148 Gallery Beat 148
#149 Gallery Beat 149
#150 & #151 Cecily Brown - profile
A series of interviews leading up to Cecily’s show #152 Gallery Beat 152
#153 Chelsea Galleries
Richard Long, Giulia Paolini, and Jannis Kounellis Roland Fischer at Von Lintel & Nusser #154 Cindyworld - Cindy Sherman profile
A series of interviews leading up to her exhibit #155 Whitney Biennial 2000
#158 SoHo/Chelsea Openings
Nicole Eisenman’s ‘Garage Sale’ at Jack Tilton
Interview with Nicole Eisenman
Do-Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin
Group show at American Fine Arts
Christine Hill’s ‘talk show’ at Ronald Feldman
Interview with hosts Christine Hill and Dave Harvey
Nicola Constantine at Deitch Projects
#159 ElsewhereFestival - Williamsburg
Mark Innerst at Paul Kasmin
Interview with Mark Innerst
Crewdson student Katie Grannon,‘Dream America’, at Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren
Claude Wampler at Postmasters


Voorwoord Deze MasterClass+ Hepatitiden & hiv, afgekort MC+ is tot stand gekomen in nauwe samenwerking tussen L&W MasterClasses en Soa Aids Nederland (expertisecentrum voor HIV/Aids en andere SOA). Samen zijn zij verantwoordelijk voor de opzet en inhoud van deze module. Ter voorbereiding op de ontwikkeling van de module is afstemming gezocht met het netwerk van Leververpleegkundigen

Zolpidem and driving impairment

Barry K. Logan, 1,2 Ph.D. and Fiona J. Couper, 2 Ph.D. REFERENCE: Logan BK, Couper FJ. Zolpidem and driving im- (10 ng/mL), propoxyphene (100 ng/mL), barbiturates (100 ng/mL),pairment. J Forensic Sci 2001;46(1):105–110. benzodiazepines (50 ng/mL), and tricyclic antidepressants (100ng/mL). The GC/MS methods are described elsewhere (2,3). ABSTRACT: Zolpidem, a non-benzodiazepine hypnot

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