• UPL is a research-based, high-tech supplier of – UPL does everything except new product discovery – UPL does develop and register new pesticides – UPL markets both proprietary and generic products – Basic manufacturer with research in process – GLP labs for chemical characterization, residue • UPL makes 162 active ingredients worldwide • World’s 10th or 11th largest CP business • Emphasis is on low-cost, volume production • Seeks to provide value through the chain, and to the end user, without compromising quality • UPL does not sell products we do not make • UPL provides field support for what we sell, including local sales and technical support.
• Plans call for aggressive growth over next • Excellent formulations-consistent for five years• 4F is a quality liquid formulation that mixes and performs well; available in 250’s and 2x2.5’s • Easy to use with fertilizer impregnation, and in • Liquid formulation eliminates need for slurry• Comparable ai rate: 1 lb. dry = ¾ pint liquid • All labeled crops on both liquid and dry labels • UPL owns all Manzate labels since 2010, • In 2013, UPI will continue to sell both • Penncozeb 75DF has less “sticker” than Manzate Pro-Stick, but both have less than virtually all flowables. • The flowable formulation is Manzate 4F • Topsin: WSB and Flowable formulations • Excellent white mold control: beans and potatoes • Microthiol: disperss® micro-encap sulfur • Powdery mildew control: sugarbeets, fruit, hops • Cuprofix: disperss® technology copper • Max. copper benefits, min. mixing and toxicity issues • Assail: foliar neo-nicotinoid insecticide • Post-plant, pre-emergence use on onions • Low cost at up to 12 oz rate for added help in • Allows for additional growth time on onions • Assists residual herbicides in controlling later • 12 oz rate allows for six-month plantback • All methyl parathion: 2013 last year for • UPI is sold out of product and cannot sell in 2013. Cannot accept product return.
• Can be sold in the trade until Aug 31, 2013 • Thrips on onions – 13 day REI, 15 PHI • Small grain & Corn – 31 day REI/PHI UPI Insecticides
UPI Insecticides for the Western
Acephate – same chemistry as Orthene, Id. State seed labels
Assail (acetamiprid) – patented neonicotinoid product
Lambda-Cy - same chemistry as Warrior
Bifenture (bifenthrin) – same chemistry as Capture, for corn,
potatoes, and other crops, Idaho state seed crop labels Perm-UP (permethrin) – same chemistry as Pounce
Up-Cyde (cypermethrin) – same chemistry as Ammo
Vendex – (fenbutalin oxide) – tree fruit (miticide) will be
Emphasis on high quality at value pricing • Super Tin – early & late blight potatoes • Surflan – herbicide in permanent crops • Meteor – fungicide for tree fruit and onions • Collide – herbicide for trees and onions • At least 2-3 additional products coming Thank You


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Graceland Emergency Preparedness Guid e This document, while written in response to a possible worse-case swine flu pandemic, can be a helpful guide to prepare for any type of severe community emergency that disrupts our normal standard of living. Swine flu: Information, prevention & preparation We have every indication that the swine flu will return in the fall and it will be much

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