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This part of the test consists of a mini-dialogue, of which you will hear only A’s part. Your task is to choose among the three alternatives (a, b, c) the one which is the best response B would give. Each sentence will be spoken just once, so pay careful attention to it. After you have made your choice, mark your answer directly on b. He’d better take an aspirin. you should fill in the space corresponding to letter (b) on the answer sheet. Good luck !
Now go to the next page. You will hear A’s part of a mini-dialogue. Choose the alternative which corresponds to B’s part: 1) a. He's tall, has brown hair and green eyes. c. He's been working at the company for over 10 years. 2) a. It's true. Classical music is definitely fascinating. b. You're right. It's too boring to listen to classical music. c. I agree with you and I normally listen to it when I'm by myself. 4) a. No, I don't. It must be ready at 5 p.m. c. No problems. I'll need it ready only next month. 5) a. He'll probably be like this for the rest of his life. a. That's great. I'm looking forward to watching it. c. What a pity. What might have happened? 8) a. Congratulations! When's the wedding? b. When are you going to give him an answer? c. You'll enjoy your new position at the office! b. I know that, but it's really hard to be the way I should. c. They behave well because I'm not lenient with them. 10) a. Poor Laura! When did the accident happen? b. Yes. She's been flying in it almost every day. LISTENING COMPREHENSION
In this part of the test, a long sentence and a question following it will be spoken once. After you hear the question, read the three alternatives and decide which one is the best answer to it. Then, mark your choice on the “Samantha works as a clerk in a flower shop while Grace, who is Samantha’s half-sister, is a teller.”
on the answer sheet you should fill in the space corresponding to letter (a).
Good luck !
Now go to the next page. You will hear a long sentence and a question following it. Choose the sentence that best answers it: 11) a. When he has to concentrate. 13) a. Because the smoker has a filter in his cigarette. b. Because he doesn't have anything to filter the smoking air. c. Because cigarettes are full of chemicals. 18) a. We should brush our teeth with water and toothpaste. c. We should have our teeth cleaned with a toothbrush and water. 20) a. They may lose weight but get unhealthy. LISTENING COMPREHENSION
In this part of the test, you will hear a sentence only once. Read the alternatives and decide which one has a similar meaning to the sentence you heard. Then, mark your choice directly on the answer sheet. “No matter how hard she works, her boss always finds fault with her.” a. She must work harder to please her boss. b. Her boss misses her when she is absent. c. Her boss is never satisfied with her work. you should, on the answer sheet, fill in the space corresponding to letter (c).
Good luck !
Now go to the next page.
Choose the alternative which is closest in meaning to what you hear:
21) a. Meg doesn't have any superstitions.
b. Meg believes a four-leaf clover brings good luck. 22) a. Professor Benson's couldn't put his ideas across because his students were confused. b. Some students could understand what the lecture was about. c. Professor Benson's students got mixed up with his lecture. 23) a. We were asked where Brian's nephew was playing soccer. b. Brian's sister asked us where Brian was playing soccer. c. Nobody knew where Brian's son was playing soccer. 24) a. Only the funniest books were chosen by her. b. She got amused by the books she saw in the library. c. There are many interesting books at the library. 25) a. The event was canceled because the president was absent. b. The event wasn't canceled because the president arrived there. c. The event was postponed because the president arrived some minutes later. b. I got surprised because I didn't know Lisa liked to drink beer so much. c. I thought Lisa would give me all those bottles of beer. b. The plane left late because of the weather. c. The plane didn't leave because of the weather. 28) a. The neighbors are seldom greeted by the lady next door. b. The lady whose house is next to mine is sometimes nice to everybody in the neighborhood. c. The neighbors are always meeting the lady next door. 29) a. The thieves were so smart that the detective didn't find out what happened. b. The clues were found because the thieves weren't smart. c. The detective found the clues in spite of the thieves' cleverness. 30) a. It's necessary to be sensitive to make the correct decision. b. We should be rational when making a decision. c. There's no need to cry to make a decision.


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