RenewPassion.com researches Herbal Sex-Pills vs. Viagra
Irvine, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/May 20, 2003 --- Because of the widely publicized side effects of Viagra, manycompanies are cashing in selling male sex-pill alternatives of various ingredients and dosages.
A strong libido and sex-drive is such an important part of a man’s self-confidence, it seems many men arepaying just about any price to achieve it. Viagra works from a functionality standpoint, but does not necessarilyincrease desire & pleasure.
The baby boomer’s now in their forty’s and fifty’s are being bombarded with advertisements on radio, throughdirect mail, newspapers and even e-mail for male sex-pills and formulas claiming to be “the best― solution - someas far as to state an actual ‘cure’ for impotency by using that particular product. Prices can range from $19.95 to$149.95 per bottle for a 30-day supply.
Studies on impotency have helped to change the thinking about the most common causes of sexualdysfunction. As recent as the last decade many physicians thought most erection failures were psychological inorigin. Most experts now believe that 80-90% of impotency is related to organic or physical causes. Nutritional approaches to improve sexual function have been routinely ignored by the traditional medicalcommunity. One reason is the common misconception that diminished sexual function is a naturalconsequence of aging. Many physicians have inadequate training in sexual behavior and may also have a biasagainst natural alternatives that might prove beneficial. Bill Byhower spent two years diligently interviewing homeopathic practitioners and respected herbologists inboth Europe and Asia. Bill also interviewed many successful adult film stars for their 'secret recipes' to findwhat works best for them. This provided a wealth of knowledge since these people are paid to perform. "The Insider's Guide To Male Potency Formulas & Performance Herbs― consolidates this information in a low-cost, easy-to-read publication allowing any man at any age to increase passion and desire quickly andeffectively helping to restore his romantic self-confidence.
For more information about "The Insider's Guide to Male Potency Formulas &Performance Herbs" please visit http://www.RenewPassion.com.
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