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Epsom General Hospital, where the staff abuse your “right to life”. Would you want to send your child to a hospital where human rights of children are abused, seemingly on a routine basis? With Human Rights Abuses this common, it must be time for a hospital closure! Would you want your unwell patient, friend or relative to be housed in a dirty, ill-equipped, fire hazard of a ward in Epsom General Hospital, where they will feed them starvation rations of pet food and restrict their access to fluids to drink, where they can’t even be bothered to keep the drinking water dispensers in operational working order. Come to Epsom General Hospital and see a circa 1890s hospital, that looks like it has not been refurbished since the 1950s. Epsom General Hospital, where the staff do not care about patient welfare. Epsom General Hospital, where life is cheap! Visit Epsom General Hospital, where the old and infirm go to die, of horrible neglect. Get better treatment in the community, than in hospital as an inpatient at Epsom General Hospital. Spend some time as an inpatient in Epsom General Hospital and have your “right to life” put at risk, because the staff are not competent enough to order for you, from the pharmacy, the routine medication you require to keep you alive. Epsom General Hospital, where Asthma patients go without Ventolin, because of hospital procedures, where an Asthma patient without an Asthma inhaler does not warrant a member of staff opening up the pharmacy on a Saturday morning. Epsom General Hospital where patients die through lack of medication, the hospital of DEATH. Epsom General Hospital, where inpatients have to drive themselves to their local hospital, Weybridge Hospital for an Asthma inhaler from the pharmacy to save their lives. What is the problem? can’t the NHS in Epsom afford to buy patients their routine Asthma medication? Epsom General Hospital where diabetic patients are given overdoses of diabetic medication by qualified nurses. Is it Euthanasia through incompetence or corruption in Epsom General Hospital? Epsom General Hospital where they charge you £138 a day to park your car onsite, whilst an inpatient, when at the same time some visitors pay only a concession of £5 a week. The “Pay as you go” NHS has arrived in Surrey; in the worst hospital we still have operational, Epsom General Hospital, the hospital of DEATH. If you agree that the NHS in Surrey needs services and hospital sites to be proud of, join me and write to [email protected] and tell him to stop flogging a dead horse, close Epsom General Hospital and divert the funding and profits from the resale of the Epsom hospital site, into competent hospital complexes in Surrey, where the funds can more correctly be used to improve patient care and facilities, support life, support the NHS in Surrey. Show your support for the NHS in Surrey and join the campaign to close the worst district general hospital in the county, Epsom General Hospital, the hospital of DEATH. Leaflet by “THE CAMPAIGN TO CLOSE EPSOM GENERAL HOSPITAL”


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