Patient Assistance Programs
Superus Pharmaceuticals
Patient Savings & Support Program
Medication covered: Oxtellar XR and Trokendi XR Pfizer, Inc.
Teva Cares Foundation Patient
Assistance Program
Dilantin (extended phenytoin sodium Capsules) Pfizer Helpful Answers
Eisai Banzel Patient Assistance Program
Questcor Pharmaceuticals
Acthar Support & Access
Program (ASAP)
Janssen Prescription Assistance
Recordati Rare Diseases
Reimbursement Hotline
Shire Cares Patient Assistance & Support
UCB Patient Assistance Program
Meda Patient Assistance Program
Medications covered: Keppra, Keppra XR, Vimpat Valeant Patient Assistance Program
Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation
VNS Therapy Access Program
Patient Assistance Programs

The following are Web sites for information regarding medication assistance:
NeedyMeds.org is a private nonprofit web site that lets you search for patient assistance programs by drug
name. For each drug on the list, NeedyMeds.org gives the program name, phone number, application link,
eligibility guidelines, application requirements, and program details.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

or (888) 477-2669
The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is a joint effort of American drug companies, medical
organizations, and government agencies to inform patients about patient assistance programs. The PPA offers a
toll-free helpline as well as online application wizard and program information.


This is a free resource designed to help connect patients who cannot afford their prescription medications
with patient assistance programs.

RX Hope-
This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication.
or (877) 267-0517
This is a website with information, news, and a database that are all designed to help you find out about
ways to get affordable, or free medications. The database includes information on the pharmaceutical
companies’ patient assistance programs, or programs that provide free medication to low-income patients.
RxAssist was created by Volunteers in Health Care, a national, nonprofit resource center for health care
programs working with the uninsured. Email: [email protected]

Together RX
or (800) 444-4106
This is a website with information, news, and a database that are all designed to help you find out about
ways to get affordable, or free medications. Eligible individuals can enroll until December 31, 2013 and
continue to use their Together Rx Access Card until the program end February 28, 2014.

Veteran’s Affairs Veteran’s Benefits

This website provides information about benefits for veterans.
The following provide brand and/or generic medications at a discount: (Talk with
your doctor before substituting a generic for a brand name drug you are currently taking)
Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services
Rx Outreach Medications
(800) 769-3880 orMail order pharmacy providing affordable medications for people in need.

Medicine Shoppe Xubex
(866) 699-8239 orServices include the Patient Assistance Program for generics medications, Discount Drug Program,
Free Medication and Diabetes Care Kits & Supplies, Discount Diabetes Supplies and Co-pay
Assistance Program.

Source: http://www.efnj.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/12/Patient_Assistance_Programs-November-2013-2.pdf

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PRIME MINISTER MINISTER FOR HEALTH AND IMPORTANT NEW MEDICINES LISTED ON THE PBS More than 160,000 Australians per year will benefit from the Australian Government’s decision to provide subsidised access to 48 medicines, including treatments for serious heart conditions including heart failure in infants and children, rare but serious infections like tuberculosis, and


LUNGENFIBROSE Liebe Patienten, die heutige Medizin weiß von 30.000 Krankheitsbildern und 1/3 davon kann sie gut behandeln bzw. heilen. Die Lungenfibrose wie andere Erkrankungen (Fibromyalgie), die an den autoimmunen Formenkreis erinnern, ist schwer zu behandeln. Die Ursache ist unbekannt, gelegentlich als Folge von einer allergischen Lungeerkrankung (Alveolitis) oder Sarkoidose. Wa

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