Soft Tissue Augmentation with Fillers
Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvéderm®
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Pre-treatment Instructions

Congratulations on your decision to have soft tissue augmentation (fillers). Your appointment will take 30-60 minutes. Plan to
arrive on time and we will do our best to keep to your schedule as well as ours. We are looking forward to helping you
improve your look.
A little thought and preparation can improve the success of your treatment. This treatment involves injecting a filler material
beneath the skin in the areas that you have discussed with us. If you want to consider additional treatment areas or want to
learn more about other treatments that will complement and improve your filler results, just give us a call in advance so that
we can answer your questions and better prepare for your treatment. Botox Cosmetic is frequently performed at the same
time and skin care programs and treatments will also complement your filler results. If this is your first filler treatment you may
find the following information particularly helpful. For those having ongoing treatments, please take a moment to review this
material as well.

Prior to your treatment you must avoid all aspirin (ASA) and aspirin like anti-inflammatory products (such as Advil and
Motrin) for one week prior to your appointment. These medications greatly increase the risk of bruising and can compromise
your results. If you forget, and take one of these medications by mistake, contact the office as it may be necessary to
reschedule your appointment. Similarly, alcohol (including wine) and excess Vitamin E should also be avoided. Prior to your
treatment, all makeup on the face, including eye shadow, must be removed. It is helpful if you remove this before coming to
the office or you should plan to arrive early so that this step can be completed. Clinical photography will be taken on all
patients prior to all new treatments and is an important part of the clinical record.
We will use all our skill and experience to minimize discomfort that occurs during these treatments. You may find it helpful to
take (2) Extra-Strength Tylenol™ (not ASA, Advil or Motrin) about 1 hour prior to your appointment. Most of our patients find
the small injections much easier than they imagined. If you have had trouble with fainting or are afraid of injections, please let
us know. You may be surprised at how quickly and easily these treatments can help you to look your best. Make sure you are
well nourished and hydrated prior to your treatment. If you are anxious about your treatment, consider having a friend or
relative come to drive you home after we are finished. Please remember to not bring children with you to the office as we can
not supervise them when you are having your treatment.
After your treatment, nearly every patient will have some degree of redness and swelling visible for several hours after
treatment. Occasionally a bruise will be visible for a few days. Bruising and swelling is increased with activities that increase
circulation such as exercise, heat and drinking alcohol, so you will need to avoid these for the rest of the day. Using a cold
pack on the treated area(s) right after the treatment for 20-30 minutes, may help reduce swelling and the risk of bruising. You
can re-apply your own makeup after your treatment if you desire. If you prefer, our team of make-up experts will be glad to
assist you using our therapeutic Glo™Minerals line of products. With these details in mind, please schedule your
appointments and your social activities so that you will not be inconvenienced by minor, temporary and unavoidable visible
signs of having had a treatment.
Do not hesitate to call the office if you have any new questions. We are looking forward to your appointment.

Source: http://www.drmosher.com/downloads/pre-treatment-instructions.pdf

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