Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Part II :- Subject : Biology
Day and Date :
: 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm
Tuesday, 08 May 2012
Total Marks : 100
This is to certify that, the entries of MHT-CET-12 No. and Answer Sheet No. have been correctly written and Verified Invigilator's / Parents Signature Instructions to Candidates
This question booklet contains 100 Objective Type Questions in the subjects of Botany (50) and Zoology (50).
The question paper and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Answer Sheet is issued seperately at the start of the Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate.
Candidate should carefully read the instructions printed on the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet and make the correct entries on the Answer Sheet. As Answer Sheets are designed to suit the OPTICAL MARK RECOGNITION (OMR) SYSTEM, special care should be taken to mark the entries correctly. Special care should be taken to fill QUESTION BOOKLET VERSION, SERIAL No. and MHT-CET-12 Roll No. accurately. The correctness of
entries has to be cross-checked by the invigilators. The candidate must sign on the Answer Sheet and Question Determine the correct answer from out of the four available options given for each question.
Fill the appropriate circle completely like this , for answering a particular question. Mark with Black ink ball point
pen only.
Each answer with correct response shall be awarded One (1) Mark. There is No Negative Marking. No mark
shall be awarded for marking two or more answers of same question, scraching or overwriting.
Use of whitener or any other material to erase/hide the circle once filled is not permitted.
Avoid overwriting and/or striking of answers once marked.
Rough work should not be done on the Answer Sheet.
Immediately after the prescribed examination time is over, the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet is to be returned to the invigilator. Confirm that both the candidate and invigilator have signed on Question Booklet and Answer Sheet.
No candidate is allowed to leave the examination hall till the paper gets over.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Inactivation of nitrogenase enzyme is prevented by _________.
Which of the following facilitates the entry of pollen tube into the embryo sac ? A bark of Cinchona tree produces an important drug _______.
Commonly used virus based vector plasmid is _______.
Leaf juice of which plant is used in diarrhoea, dysentery and rheumatism ? The protein avidin in corn inhibits the synthesis of _________.
A relic - endemics Metasequoia is found only in _________.
The ex-albuminous and dicot seed is ______.
Hemorrhagic fever is caused by ________.
The loss of water in lenticular transpiration is about.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Leaves of Adhatoda zeylanica contain an alkaloid called___________.
How many mitotic divisions are required to form 50 triploid endosperm nuclei? In Bt cotton transgene is taken from _______.
A photon of light ray with short wavelength contains ___________.
The first cell of development of male gametophyte is _______.
The water is lost in liquid form through hydathodes is called ________.
The plant species recommended for plantation is __________.
Transformation of devernalised seeds into vernalised seed is called _______.
The only 5C compound occurs in Krebs cycle is ________.
The female flowers with long and coiled pedicel are found in ________.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
The GM plant which produce beta carotene is ______________.
How many molecules of RuMP are regenerated from 10 molecules of PGAL ? The central large cell of egg apparatus is known as __________.
________________ is endangered species.
Seed dormancy caused due to the presence of immature embryo can be broken by _______.
In glycolysis dephosphorylation of substrate occurs ____________.
Semipermeable membrane allows the movement of __________ .
DNA fingerprinting helps in medical science for analysis of ___________.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Which of the following is a poisonous mushroom ? A 100 bp long DNA molecule contains 15 deoxyadenylic acid residues. Total number of H-bonds in that DNA Which of the following act as co-factor for hexokinase enzyme during glycolysis ? ________ hormone is useful for closing of stomata during shortage of water.
Which is the most convenient and cheap method of propagation ? In Hill's reaction, unknown hydrogen acceptor is ________.
Apical dominance is counteracted by _________.
A double layered wall of pollen grain is called _________.
In mushroom cultivation, introduction of basidiospore in compost is called as ________.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
"' replication takes place in ___________.
A) plants The amount of energy available to cell by hydrolysis of ATP is __________.
Which of the following do NOT play any role in photolysis of water ?
In plant, root shows _________ growth.
Solidifying agent used in tissue culture medium is obtained from ________.
__________ inhibits the uptake of K+ ions and Cl- ions by changing the permeability of guard cells.
Who maintains red data book or red list ? End product of EMP pathway after ETS yields ___________.
How can we convert genetically dwarf variety of plant in to normal sized variety ? Callistemon and Bombax are _________.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Which of the following process is useful for water conservation ? Pineal body secretes _________ hormone concerned with biological rhythm.
Standard of living mainly depends on __________.
Cardiac muscles receive blood supply through ___________.
The pathogens of ___________ disease are transmitted by droplet infection.
Most of the fish production of the world is largely from ___________.
Somatogastric nervous system of cockroach consists of _________.
C) highly soluble in water and highly toxic Deeper Web Paper - 2012
In male, _________ is a common passage for the flow of urine and semen.
Corynebacterium is used to obtain ________.
Herring's bodies are present in _________.
In simple reflex arc, intermediate neuron is located in _______.
Adolescence, suffering from anxiety and become conscious about their health, is called _________.
The decalcification of bones is caused due to ________.
In chilling method of fish preservation, which system of fish is removed? Process by which egg or ovum is formed in ovary is called _________.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Paracoel are connected to diocoel by ____________.
Serious thought of suicide is a symptom of ________.
___________ hormone is responsible for spermatogensis.
Which one of the following is a water borne disease ? Wernike's area of human brain is concerned with __________.
'Chloromycetin' is an effective drug against _________.
Yellow colour of urine is due to _________.
Which software program has been developed to identify the function of new gene ? Syngamy is an important stage found in the _________.
Which of the following disease is known as slim disease ? Deeper Web Paper - 2012
A precursor of thyroxine hormone is ________.
In a haemometer, haemoglobin gets converted to a brown coloured suspension by _____.
During each heart beat, venticles pump _______ ml. of blood.
Innate immunity is provided by _________.
The frontal and parietal lobes of cerebrum are separated by ____________.
Closing of the cuspid valves produces first heart sound called _______.
In human being, the zygote is called embryo, about 6 to 8 weeks, after ______.
The topmost layer in a vermibox is of _______.
Structural and functional unit of kidney is _________.
The disease NOT tested on the basis of antigen - antibody interaction is ______.
Deeper Web Paper - 2012
Sodium ion concentration in body fluid is maintained by __________.
The normal arterial blood pressure in healthy adult human is ________.
Salmonella paratyphi A possess ________.
_______ are somatic receptors which directly receive stimuli from external environment.
Water regulation and internal ionic concentration helps in ________.
Which of the following cells are responsible for inflammatory respose ? Which one of the following is NOT the function of haemolymph in cockroach ?
The ruptured Graffian follicle secretes _________.
Endogeic species of earthworm feed _________.


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