Knock-Out Mice Reveal Tissue-Specific Roles of P2Y Receptor Subtypes in Different Epithelia M ACCELERATED COMMUNICATIONS
HO Loss of Nucleotide Regulation of Epithelial Chloride Transport in the Jejunum of P2Y4-Null Mice Bernard Robaye, Esam Ghanem, Francoise Wilkin, Dominique Fokan, Willy Van Driessche, Stephane Schurmans, Jean-Marie Boeynaems, and Renaud Beauwens ARTICLES
Nuclear Translocation of Nuclear Transcription Factor-KB by o:-Amino-3-hydroxy-5-niethyl-4-
isoxazolepropionic Acid Receptors Leads to Transcription of p53 and Cell Death in Dopaminergic Gabriel A. de Erausquin, Krzyztof Hyrc, David A. Dorsey, Daniel Mamah, Mehmet Dokucu, Daniel H, Masco, Timothy Walton, Krikor Dikranian, Mario Soriano, Jose Manuel Garcia Verdugo, Mark P. Goldberg, and Laura L. Dugan Mutation of the Androgen Receptor at Amino Acid 708 (Gly—»Ala) Abolishes Partial Agonist Activity of Beatrice Terouanne, Philippe Nirde, Fanja Rabenoelina, William Bourguet, Charles Sultan, and Brominated Derivatives of Noscapine Are Potent Microtubule-interfering Agents That Perturb Mitosis Jun Zhou, Kamlesh Gupta, Shefali Aggarwal, Ritu Aneja, Ramesh Chandra, Dulal Panda, and Involvements of Voltage-Independent Ca2+ Channels and Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase in Endothelin-1- Yoshifumi Kawanabe, Nobuo Hashimoto, and Tomoh Masaki A Leishmania major Nucleobase Transporter Responsible for Allopurinol Uptake Is a Functional Homolog of the Trypanosoma brucei H2 Transporter Mohammed I. Al-Salabi, Lynsey J. M. Wallace, and Harry P. De Koning Unexpected Induction of the Human Connexin 43 Promoter by the Ras Signaling Pathway Is Mediated George D. Carystinos, Mustapha Kandouz, Moulay A. Alaoui-Jamali, and Gerald Batist Mechanism of Action of Gq to Inhibit Gj3y Modulation of Cav2.2 Calcium Channels: Probed by the Use Federica Bertaso, Richard J. Ward, Patricia Viard, Graeme Milligan, and Annette C. Dolphin Involvement of Organic Cation Transporter 1 in the Lactic Acidosis Caused by Metformin De-Sheng Wang, Hiroyuki Kusuhara, Yukio Kato, Johan W. Jonker, Alfred H. Schinkel, and Anthracyclines Induce Accumulation of Iron in Ferritin in Myocardial and Neoplastic Cells: Inhibition of the Ferritin Iron Mobilization Pathway Gemcitabine Potentiates Cisplatin Cytotoxicity and Inhibits Repair of Cisplatin-DNA Damage in Mazin A. Moufarij, Don R. Phillips, and Carleen Cullinane Characterization of Celecoxib and Valdecoxib Binding to Cyclooxygenase William F. Hood, James K. Gierse, Peter C. Isakson, James R. Kiefer, Ravi G. Kurumbail, Karen Seibert, and Joseph B, Monahan P2Y Receptors Modulate Ion Channel Function through Interactions Involving The C-Terminal Domain So Yeong Lee, Samuel C. Wolff, Robert A. Nicholas, and Scott M. O'Grady Activation of Endothelial Nitric-Oxide Synthase by Tumor Necrosis Factor-a: A Novel Pathway Involving Sequential Activation of Neutral Sphingomyelinase, Phosphatidylinositol-3' kinase, and Rico Barsacchi, Cristiana Perrotta, Stefania Bulotta, Salvador Moncada, Nica Borgese, and 7-Hydroxybutyric Acid and Diazepam Antagonize a Rapid Increase in GABAA Receptors a4 Subunit mRNA Abundance Induced by Ethanol Withdrawal in Cerebellar Granule Cells Paolo Follesa, Luisa Mancuso, Francesca Biggio, Maria Cristina Mostallino, Annalisa Manca, Maria Paola Mascia, Fabio Busonero, Giuseppe Talani, Enrico Sanna, and Giovanni Biggio The Cannabinoid CBX Receptor Antagonist SR141716 Increases Acrp30 mRNA Expression in Adipose Tissue of Obese fa/fa Rats and in Cultured Adipocyte Cells M. Bensaid, M. Gary-Bobo, A. Esclangon, J. P. Maffrand, G. Le Fur, F. Oury-Donat, and Species-Specific Transcriptional Activity of Synthetic Flavonoids in Guinea Pig and Mouse Cells as a Result of Differential Activation of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor to Interact with Dioxin-Responsive Elements Jun-guo Zhou, Ellen C. Henry, Christine M. Palermo, Stephen D. Dertinger, and Thomas A. Gasiewicz 915 Resveratrol Increases Serine15-Phosphorylated but Transcriptionally Impaired p53 and Induces a Reversible DNA Replication Block in Serum-Activated Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Ursula G. B. Haider, Dan Sorescu, Kathy K. Griendling, Angelika M. Vollmar, and Antitumor and Cellular Pharmacological Properties of a Novel Platinum(IV) Complex: trans- [PtCl2(OH)2(Dimethylamine) (Isopropylamine)] Jose M. Perez, Lloyd R. Kelland, Eva I. Montero, Frances E. Boxall, Miguel A. Fuertes, Carlos Alonso, and Carmen Navarro-Ranninger 933 Opposite Regulation of the Human Paraoxonase-1 Gene PON-1 by Fenofibrate and Statins Cedric Gouedard, Nadine Koum-Besson, Robert Barouki, and Yannick Morel 945 Correction to "The copper transporter CTR1 regulates cisplatin uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" 957 Correction to "High affinity antagonists of the vanilloid receptor" 958


Pii: s0168-8510(01)00162-2

Rationalising rationing: economic and otherconsiderations in the debate about funding ofElly A. Stolk *, Werner B.F. Brouwer, Jan J.V. Busschbach Institute for Medical Technology Assessment , Erasmus Uni 6 ersity Rotterdam , PO Box 1738,3000 DR Rotterdam , The Netherlands Received 30 May 2000; accepted 10 May 2001 Abstract Although the cost-effectiveness of Viagra for the treatmen

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Universidade de Évora – Departamento e Centro de Química Luísa Marques O Ibuprofeno é um fármaco do grupo dos anti-inflamatórios não esteróides (do sub-grupo químico dos derivados do ácido propanóico), fármacos que têm em comum a capacidade de combater a inflamação, a dor e a febre. Tal como os outros anti-inflamatórios não esteróides actua inibindo a produção d

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