The Dayenne Skin Care Range
Here’s the story
A pharmacist searched the world for many years for a skin care product that would help his troubled skin. He had oily skin with pimples and slight acne. He tried every kind of skincare cream, lotion, over the counter medication and a variety of other treatments, but to no avail. His efforts for a treatment that worked heightened in the months before his wedding as he wanted to look his best on that special day. With luck on his side he discovered a skin care range which has been formulated by researchers at the University of Munich in conjunction with a French hospital.
The team of researchers, who were highly experienced in the field of skin care, whilst researching the benefits of beer yeast realized that the young cel s of brewers yeast had a beneficial effect on oily, problem and acne prone skin. The team then developed and patented a process to stabilize the young cel s of brewers yeast, which could be safely used in the DAYENNE skin care range.
The Pharmacist tried the DAYENNE skin care kit a week before his wedding and to his amazement and delight his skin not only cleared up but looked radiant as wel . He was so delighted with the results, that he has brought the range to the UK and Ireland total y confident that this is the solution to oily, problem, sensitive and acne prone skin.
But the story does not end there:
The pharmacist was so excited by the DAYENNE skin care range that he introduced it to his customers. They al came back reporting amazing results, and begging for more. Once they’d tried DAYENNE, they were delighted by the results which were instantly evident. Here’s the best bit:
The DAYENNE skin care range is for both men and women, young and old. It is easy to use and effective. More importantly, it does what it says! Many men have been shouting for more as they have al testified that their skin stays oil free al day and looks a lot healthier. Furthermore, their skin does not feel irritated after shaving. So how does DAYENNE help oily, problem and acne prone skin?
1. DAYENNE helps restore and maintain the pH level of the skin at a healthy mark of 5.0. This forms a protective mantle on the skin that prevents bacterial activity which could otherwise exacerbate acne. 2. DAYENNE regulates the level of sebum produced by the skin. Excessive sebum production is one of the main factors of oily and acne prone skin. Young cel s of brewers yeast assist by ensuring that a healthy amount of sebum is produced, rather than excessive amounts that may block the skin’s pores.
3. DAYENNE encourages natural skin cel renewal and regeneration. The life cycle of skin is between 21 to 28 days. Proper skin care is essential to ensure that each layer of skin is healthy. The young cel s of brewers yeast possess precious features which encourage skin cel renewal and regeneration. DAYENNE not only conditions the skin but also soothes damaged and scarred skin natural y and effectively.
4. DAYENNE makes the skin appear younger. The young cel s of brewers yeast help enhance the total health of the skin, restore the natural balance of the skin and reduce the signs of aging, thereby making the skin appear younger.
5. DAYENNE stimulates oxygen consumption by the skin. The deep penetration of the young cel s of brewers yeast into the lower layer of the skin’s cel s creates a respiratory action. This increases oxygen utilization of dermal tissues.
So what does DAYENNE do?
1. DAYENNE helps deal with existing acne and pimples and proactively helps prevent future breakouts before they even 2. DAYENNE contains natural ingredients and soothing botanicals that make the skin feel healthy and hydrated.
3. DAYENNE encourages healthy cel renewal and regeneration4. DAYENNE balances pH5. There are no known side effects of the DAYENNE skin care range The DAYENNE skin care range consists of the fol owing
DAYENNE Cleansing Milk
This milky soap-free cleanser is excel ent for deep skin cleansing. Enriched with pure natural plant extracts of Echinacea,
Rudbeckia, St John’s Wort and young cel s of brewers yeast. This deep cleanser gently removes dead skin cel s and other
impurities whilst penetrating pores to attack bacteria. This super cleanser deals with troublesome spots and blemishes and
assists cel renewal leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
DAYENNE Natural Soap
A non-greasy soap bar made from natural ingredients like Palm oil, Echinacea, Cocoate and young cel s of brewer’s yeast in
a fine coconut oil base. This soap bar is excel ent for cleansing areas of the face, neck and shoulders that may be prone to
breaking out in acne. Men can use it as a shaving soap, in which case DAYENNE Tonic Lotion should be used in place of an
DAYENNE Face Masque
This uniquely formulated mask cleanses and regenerates natural y to rejuvenate skin. The formulation contains no
preservatives. It is made from young brewers yeast cel s, Vitamins B1, B2, B6 Nucleic acid, Amino acids and Biotin. Regular
usage of this mask greatly assists with acne reduction over a relatively short time. Usage of this mask turns a dul , tired and
blemished complexion into a healthy glowing one. MASQUE DAYENNE REDUCES THE LEVEL OF SEBUM by 20%. It makes the
facial skin look fresh and radiant. This easy to use face mask not only deep cleanses the skin but its special ingredients also
regenerate skin cel s for a younger looking complexion. It gently removes impurities and refines the skin’s texture.
DAYENNE Tonic Lotion
The Tonic Lotion helps to tighten pores making them look smal er and more refined. It also plumps up the skin cel s with
a fine layer of moisture which is then sealed in by the DAYENNE Day Cream or the DAYENNE Night Cream. This wonderful
toner contains soothing antibacterial properties, derived from natural ingredients such as Echinacea, Calendula, Camomile
and young cel s of brewer’s yeast.
An excel ent moisturiser, this day cream regulates the secretion of sebum. Enriched with natural plant extracts such as
Echinacea, Carotin and young cel s of brewer’s yeast it provides soft skin protection for the entire day by forming a light film
over the skin whilst dealing with blackheads and blemishes and preventing future breakouts. The day cream is suitable for all
skin types including oily and problem skin.
DAYENNE Night Cream
This rich night cream moisturises and nourishes the skin whilst you sleep. It strengthens irritated skin tissue, nourishes jaded
skin throughout the night and inhibits inflammation. It contains pure natural ingredients such as Echinacea, Camomile, St
John’s Wort, Vitamin E and young cel s of brewer’s yeast.
DAYENNE Cover Stick
The perfect cover up! Made with Al antoin, beeswax and young cel s of brewer’s yeast, it can be used successful y to camouflage
anything from dark circles under your eyes to troublesome spots and blemishes.
Dayenne can be bought separately, but for best results we advise the customer to buy the complete kit which is just under £100. We think this is amazing value for a skin care range that does what it says.

Source: http://dayenne.co.uk/02-01-05.pdf


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