What’s new in blood pressure measurement? A workshop ofthe European Society of HypertensionEoin O’Brien Blood Pressure Monitoring 2004, 9:281–282 Received 4 October 2004 Accepted 4 October 2004 Chairman of the European Society of Hypertension Working Group on BloodPressure Monitoring.
A workshop on what’s new in blood pressure measure- range from a low of 8% to a high of 49%, and that ABPM is ment was held in Paris in June 2004 at the 14th European a prerequisite for its diagnosis, explores the character- Meeting on Hypertension of the European Society of istics of the condition that might assist in identifying Hypertension. Since its foundation in 1999, the Working Group has held annual workshops devoted to bloodpressure measurement and Blood Pressure Monitoring has In 4939 treated hypertensive patients in the SHEAF published over 80 papers from the proceedings of these study the prevalence of masked hypertension varied workshops. These papers and those published in this from 8.9–12.1% depending on the number of measure- issue reflect the underlying ethos of the Working Group, ments made, and Jean-Michel Mallion and colleagues which is that accurate and informative measurement is (Grenoble, France) shows data suggesting that for office mandatory for the diagnosis and management of hyper- measurement at least three measurements at two visits tension and for research into hypertension. If the and for home measurement three measurements twice a measurement of blood pressure is inaccurate it follows day over 2 days are required to diagnose the condition that all other considerations, be they related to patient management or scientific enquiry, must be inappropriateand erroneous.
Eamon Dolan et al. (Dublin, Ireland) presenting data from5714 patients referred over a 22-year period with an Observing that the many guidelines for the management overall prevalence of white-coat hypertension of 15.4%, of hypertension largely ignore the information obtained shows that older adults, females, and cigarette smokers with automated devices used for self and 24-h ambulatory are more likely to have the phenomenon [6].
blood pressure measurement (ABPM), Martin Myers,(Toronto, Canada) proposes a new algorithm incorporat- Elly Den Hond and colleagues (Leuven, Belgium) using ing automated measurements for use in patients with data from the THOP Trial in which 400 hypertensive uncomplicated essential hypertension [1].
patients had blood pressure-lowering therapy adjusted onthe basis of the self-measured pressure at home or Paul Padfield and colleagues (Edinburgh, Scotland) conventional measurement measured at the doctor’s present evidence that a direct access service for ABPM office, shows that therapy guided by home blood pressure for general practitioners in Edinburgh has significantly led to less intensive drug treatment and marginally lower influenced the management of patients most notably by a costs, but also to less blood pressure control [7].
20% reduction in the number of patients treated withantihypertensive drugs that would result in a financial Takayoshi Ohkubo et al. (Sendai, Japan) presents saving more than adequate to pay for the technology evidence from the Ohasama study to show that home blood pressure is an independent predictor for haemor-rhagic and ischaemic stroke in the general population George Stergiou et al. (Athens, Greece) reviewing the compared to conventional blood pressure [8].
evidence for blood pressure measurement in children andadolescents, concludes that ABPM is already finding a role Thomas Mengden and colleagues (Bonn, Germany) using as a supplementary source of information in children and telemonitoring of self-measurement of blood pressure in a adolescents, whereas at present home measurements should trial of olmesartan medoxomil shows that the technique not be used for decision-making in this population [3].
allows for the early identification of responders anddemonstrates that olmesartan provides effective and Paolo Palatini (Padova, Italy) remarking that prevalence reliable blood pressure lowering throughout the 24-h of masked hypertension in the general population may Copyright Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited.
Dolan E, Stanton A, Atkins N, Den Hond E, Thijs L, McCormack P, et al.
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Detection of masked hypertension by home blood pressure measurement: is Mengden T, Ewald S, Kaufmann S, vor dem Esche J, Uen S, Vetter H.
the number of measurements an important issue? Blood Press Monit 2004; Telemonitoring of blood pressure self measurement in the OLMETEL study.
Blood Press Monit 2004; 9:321–325.
Copyright Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited.

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