Costa rica packing list

Costa Rica Packing Check List
o Serious naturalists might want Janzen's Documents
o amphibian hikers or river/reef sandals o hiking/walking shoes o money belt or passport pendant-somewhere to o dressy sandals or light-weight dress shoes o money, credit/debit card, traveler’s checks. o insurance card and contact information. o 3-5 T-shirts, one or two long sleeved for bushwhacking and to protect your sunburn. Miscellaneous
o 1-2 dress shirts or blouses o 3-4 pairs of shorts. One or two pairs of quick drying nylon and one or two pairs of dressy cotton shorts or tropical weight/length skirts. o active/sports swimsuit and a tanning suit You may also want a sarong or other casual beach o 1-2 pairs of long pants. Something dressy and something for the bush. If you can find a pair you like, convertible pants (zip-off legs) can o Croakies® or other glasses retainer system for o Jacket- It is the tropics, but you will need Toiletries
o Personal prescriptions should be filled before o If you wear prescription glasses, pack a spare First Aid Kit (Basic)
o band aids® Butterfly closures are useful to Books & Maps
o eye drops- Artificial tears (e.g. NeoTears®) o Imodium® OTC or Lomotil® (by o Guidebook-Either Moon, Fodor or Lonely prescription in the US) to treat diarrhea o neosporin® (over the counter) or terramycin® Other things to have handy in your first aid kit
(by prescription in the US) to prevent infection of small cuts, scrapes, and insect emergency it might be the only light you have o tape- waterproof, flexible, breathable surgical o insect repellent- > 95% DEET for mosquitoes, o emergency contact information (our names, and Avon's Skin-so-Soft® for no-see-ums. addresses and phone numbers- in case we're o pain relievers/fever reducers (Acetaminophen, unconscious, and those of our parents, and o sun screen- at least SPF 20, waterproof o $US 20 bill (if you want more emergency o ear plugs- the compressible foam ones are by First Aid Kit (Advanced)
o alcohol pads & benzalkonium sterile wipes Unpacking List
o Aloe Vera gel- 100% pure, no perfume or color added; relieves the pain and speeds the Xerox of your passport, drivers license, credit o anti-histamine tablets- there are all sorts of cards, airline tickets, and any reservations that new pollens to react to, and these can help control the swelling and pain from insect, o There is no point in carrying all of your keys. o Wallet contents- If you're going to carry your wallet, you can probably remove ¾ths of the o Purse-Look at what's in yours to decide if you want to lug it around, and if there is anything o electrolytes- to ease dehydration due to o Sheets/Sleep sack-great for hostels in Europe, o mole foam- to prevent and protect blisters o peroxide based water purification system o scissors o sutures o scalpel or razorblade o sterile surgical gauze o stainless steel nail file o super glue- emergency repairs of equipment o tampons- for the obvious reason, and they also work well in a pinch as relatively sterile absorbent wound packing (o.b.®, no applicator).



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