Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong
Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong is a Family Physician who totally committed to hair restoration using the most advanced, state-of-the-art techniques in hair transplant surgery to replace hair and re-establish hair lines. He is a Graduate Fellow in Hair Restoration Surgery certified by ISHRS which successful completed in fellowship training in 2007 and an active member of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He has trained extensively with Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich who is pioneer in open technique of donor harvesting which is the finest method gives lowest hair transection combine with lower edge Trichophytic closure and retention stitch to minimize donor scar. He also use the coronal incision (lateral slit) technique for creating the most natural-looking hair transplant you have ever seen and he does mega-session with cosmetic density (35-45 FUGs/cm2) to make you look good in one pass. Education Background
Prince of Songkla University
MD 1993-1999
Songkla, Thailand
Board Certification
Diplomate Thai Board of Family Medicine, 2006 Diplomate American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, 2010 Medical Licensure
Thailand License since 1999 (License No. 23810) Graduate Training
General Practitioner
Surathani Hospital, Surathani, Thailand
General Surgery
Pramongkutklow Army Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Hair Restoration Surgery
DHT Clinic under director Damkerng Pathomvanich, MD, FACS, Bangkok,
Work Experiences
Consultant Physician
Private Practice at Absolute Hair Clinic
Kathu, Phuket, Thailand
2008 - Present
Attending Physician
DHT (Stough) Clinic
Bangkok, Thailand
2007 - 2008
Attending Physician
Mission Phuket Hospital
Phuket, Thailand
2004 - 2006
Eyebrow Transplantation in Asians Kongkiat Laorwong, Damkerng Pathomvanich, Kristine Bunagan, Dermatologic Surgery, Volume 35, Issue 3 , Pages496 - 504 2009 American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Eyebrow transplantation using donor hair from sideburns Kongkiat Laorwong, Damkerng Pathomvanich, Radha Rani Palakurthi, Hair Transplant Forum International; March/April 2009, pages54-55 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Post-operative Edema in Mega to Super-mega Session: A prospective Study in Preventive Protocol and Risk factors, Kongkiat Laorwong, MD, Damkerng Pathomvanich, MD, Bertram Ng, MBBS; Hair Transplant Forum International; Volume 19, Number 3, May/June 2009, pages 84-85 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery “Eyebrow Transplantation” in Hair Transplantation in Asians Textbook D.Pathomvanich and K.Imagawa (eds), Sprinker 2010 : p215-226 A case report on the reactivation of alopecia areata and wide spread non-pigmented hair regrowth after hair transplantation surgery, Kongkiat Laorwong,MD; Hair Transplant Forum International; Volume 21, Number 1, Jan/Feb 2011, pages 10-11 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Poster Presentations
15th Annual Scientific Meeting, ISHRS, Las Vegas, September 2007

- Optimal Aesthetic Result of Eyebrow Transplantation in Asians

- Recipient Area Folliculitis following follicular Unit Transplantation: A
Retrospective Analysis of Associated Factors
16th Annual Scientific Meeting, ISHRS, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 3-7
September 2008

- Post-operative Edema in Mega to Super-mega Session: A prospective
Study in Preventive Protocol and Risk factors

- FUE in Chinese Population-Importance Factors to Consider
- The Open-FUE Technique: A New Combined Approach in Harvesting of
Invisible Hair Follicles
- The Double-Guns Technique for Difficult Follicular Unit Extraction
- Donor Site Effluvium: Retrospective and Prospective Studies to Define
the Incidence, Pattern, and Associated Factors
- How to Minimize Donor Site Wound Closure Tension and the Effects of
Age, Scalp Elasticity, and Donor Strip Excision
15th Annual Scientific Meeting, ISHRS, Las Vegas, September 2007 14th Orlando Live Surgery Workshop, Florida, April 2008 16th Annual Scientific Meeting, ISHRS, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 3-7 September 2008 17th Annual Scientific Meeting, ISHRS, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 22-26, 2009 New Advances in Asian Hair Transplantation, Bangkok Thailand, June 25-27, 2010 1st AAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting, Bangkok, June 24-26, 2011 - Speaker: Single oral dose Etoricoxib 120 mg. for post-op pain relief in hair transplantation - Moderator in live surgery workshop

Guest lecturer in hair transplantation at Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Ear Nose and Throat department, Chulalongkorn Hospital; Mae Pha Lhuang University, Bangkok. 2007 Memberships
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons Active member of International Society of Hair
Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

Skill and Training and Today’s Hair Restoration Doctor

Surgical hair restoration is a specialty of cosmetic surgery that requires specific training
and experience in addition to the general training received by all surgeons. Its body of
knowledge has been growing for decades and has been incorporated into formal medical
education programs. Its growth into a unique body of knowledge marks the evolution of
hair restoration surgery into a unique surgical discipline. Some surgeons who specialize in
hair restoration do no other type of cosmetic surgery. In other instances, hair restoration
surgery may be performed in an overall practice of dermatologic or plastic surgery. In
either case, the surgeon who is qualified to perform surgical hair restoration must have
received the requisite training and experience in an approved training program. When
choosing a hair restoration surgeon, it is always a good idea to ask specific questions
about the surgeon’s training, experience.


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