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Concordia Santa Fe is one of the jewels in the cultural a 501(c)(3) charitable organization crown of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. As we continue to create this unique musical experience, “New Mexico’s Wind Ensemble” Concordia Santa Fe has received local, state and national Concordia Santa Fe relies on public support to help assure the success and integrity of our artistic vision, which to bring the wind ensemble repertoire, played by professional musicians, to audiences in northern New Please join us on our musical journey by becoming a Yes! I would like to become an Ensemble Guild member and support Concordia Santa Fe at the level indicated: All contributors are acknowledged in our concert programs.
Those at the Partner level and above are entitled to a
directory ad in our programs. PLEASE PRINT
Pictures at an Exhibition, September 2011, by Mark Frossard Janet Yaker Murray, Secretary/Treasurer Kip Bishofberger, Member-At-Large  Payment enclosed in the amount of $ I’d like to pay by credit card (You will receive an email message with instructions) Concordia Santa Fe
a 501(c)(3) charitable organization The mission of Concordia Santa Fe is to enrich Concordia Santa Fe 2012 concert season Each Concordia Santa Fe concert features a the cultural life of northern New Mexico by guest conductor of national or international performing and promoting music of the highest renown who provides clinic-like educational These concerts feature musicians from the full caliber, and to provide an opportunity for opportunities to our musicians. In 2012, three ensemble, as well as other major soloists, in musicians to perform in a professional wind the promotion of chamber music pieces for ensemble that serves a culturally diverse woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. population and aids in the music education of Ranging from traditional brass or woodwind Santa Fe and the surrounding communities. combinations of wind instruments, chamber 2:00 PM March 25
music pieces provide a contrasting counterpart Dr. Sarah McKoin,
to the experience of wind ensemble music. 2:00 PM April 22
2:00 PM September 23
2:00 PM November 18
2:00 PM June 24
Dr. Paul Shewan,
 To be recognized locally, nationally and internationally as a premier woodwind, brass and percussion ensemble fostering music appreciation and the life-changing  To familiarize listeners and performers 2:00 PM October 14
 To provide opportunities for continuing Dr. Robert Ambrose,
All concerts are performed 2 p.m. on Sundays New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe.


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