Tobacco-Free Discount
Who does this apply to?

 This information applies to all U.S.-based CenturyLink and Savvis benefit-eligible employees, excluding legacy Qwest represented employees The Company offers a 7.5 percent tobacco-free discount off the cost of medical premiums deductions if you and your eligible dependents covered under CenturyLink Health Care Plan do not use smoking/tobacco products or are actively trying to quit. You qualify for the discount if:  You are enrolled in a CenturyLink medical plan  There are no smokers or tobacco users covered on your medical plan  All smokers/tobacco users covered on your medical plan are enrolled in a Company-recognized tobacco cessation program at the time you complete annual enrollment
Discounted medical rates remain in effect for the entire plan year. As a result, no changes are allowed
following annual enrollment since changing smoking/tobacco use mid-year is not an eligible status
Employees who previously answered the tobacco-free discount question will retain the same status
reflected in your prior enrollment. If your status has changed, you will update your tobacco free discount
election during annual enrollment.

About Company-Recognized Tobacco Cessation Programs
Company-recognized tobacco cessation programs vary based upon available resources in your area. You
can find information on programs through the following resources:
 Your CenturyLink wellness program administered by the medical plan administrators.
UnitedHealthCare (UHC)
A member and or a dependent over the age of 18 must call (877) 784-8797 to speak with an
enrollment specialist who sets up an appointment with the tobacco cessation wellness coach
within approximately 2-3 weeks. Once the member speaks with the tobacco cessation wellness
coach and formally enrolls in the program, authorization is submitted to UHC on the same day for
the prescription medication (i.e., Chantix, Wellbutrin or Zyban). UHC has a two business day turn
around on the authorization for the medication.

Highmark BlueCross/Blueshield

Telephonic Smokeless® is a one-year telephone-based program with five scheduled phone
calls conducted by a professional tobacco cessation specialist who helps guide participants
through the process of quitting tobacco. An eight-week supply of discounted nicotine replacement
products (gum or patch) is also available to Smokeless participants at a discounted price of $25.
Call (800) 345-2476 to enroll.
 offers a free online smoking cessation program called “Freedom From Smoking.” Links on their website include an Action Plan and resources that can be ordered.  The Quit For Life® program, brought to you by and Alere Wellbeing, Inc., helps you tailor a quit plan with a Quit Coach® while offering free 8 weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and telephonic coaching calls. For More information please call (866) 784-8454 or vRegistration and Quit Coaches are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A tobacco cessation program developed by the smoker’s personal physician. You are responsible for any costs associated with a smoking cessation program or for any items that may help you or a family member to stop using tobacco products. Additional Information
Details about the Tobacco-Free Discount will be available in the 2013 Annual Enrollment Guide on the
Health and Life website starting November 5.

Source: http://www.centurylinkbenefits.com/docs/pdf/000617.pdf

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